Looking to watch free TV and movies? There are tons of free streaming websites and apps out there, and most of them would land you in a spot of trouble if your internet service provider found out you were using them. Okay, Netflix isn’t the most expensive thing in the world – a month can be purchased for cheaper than the cost of a single DVD – but that being said, there are 101 little costs to shell out at the end of every month, and they add up.

If you’re looking to get a great source of free movies and TV shows at your fingertips on Android (or practically any other device you use), the Pluto TV is certainly something you should check out. It features over 100 uniquely crafted TV channels that show movies, sports, news, comedy, anime, horror flicks and more – and it’s totally free and totally legal.

That’s right, Pluto TV is totally legitimate. And we’re sure you can guess exactly how it’s managed to pull that off. That’s right, advertisements. But fear not, reader – they’re present but they’re not over-the-top. Considering the sheer amount of content that you get for free with Pluto TV, even the most passionate haters of ads can surely see that this is a fair trade-off?

How does Pluto TV work?

Pluto TV apk is designed to work like a TV guide on a regular cable TV package. You have a selection of more than 100 channels – each dedicated to its own genre and style. You can flick through the channels and watch all sorts of movies, TV shows, anime cartoons, documentaries, performances, and more. What’s more, there’s also an On Demand section, where you can choose from a variety of movies and shows that can be watched on demand at any time you want.

If you’re looking for a fully kitted out free TV solution, then Pluto TV is the best choice. No other app follows this unique layout, offering you with an entire selection of daytime TV options as well as movies for the evenings.

What’s on Pluto TV?

You can tune into channels like Anime All Day, which as the name suggests, shows anime all day, or you can jump into familiar channels like CBSN, RT and NASA TV. There are channels dedicated to live poker, replays of famous sporting events, news, gaming, comedy, and more. There’s also an increasingly impressive selection of movies to choose from.

Pluto TV has received funding from Sky UK, as well as the right to stream Hulu’s free content, and permission from Sony to have an app on the PlayStation 3 and PS4.

Pluto TV features some pretty mental channels that you’d never find anywhere else – unless the world’s YouTubers had their way. Channels like Cats 24/7 literally just show programs about cats, all day, every day. Vibes 24/7 shows a bizarre assortment of what could either be considered a load of crap or pure gold dust like weird short movies set to load techno soundtracks and people doing weird stuff on bikes.

Other channels include the aforementioned Anime All Day that provides a platform for anime lovers to glue themselves to a sofa and binge-watch an entire series of Dragon Ball.

Pluto TV vs Netflix

The comparison has to be made, seeing as Netflix dominates the streaming market right now (and likely in the foreseeable future, too). Obviously, a free streaming service isn’t going to be able to match Netflix (unless it’s breaking the law, and even then the interface and streaming speed would suffer). That being said, if you’re not looking to pay for watching TV – or if you just want something to use in tandem with Netflix to ensure you have as much content as possible at your fingertips – then downloading Pluto TV is a great idea.

What really makes Pluto TV stand out is the fact that it has channels. This takes the edge of choosing something to watch on Netflix, which if you’re anything like us, takes you at least 20 minutes.

Netflix has a lot more content, plus the Originals and lots of kids content. Netflix is also more pleasant to use overall. However, Pluto TV has original channels which are really entertaining to flick through. If you’re looking for something light and maybe even something for great background TV, then try it out.

Best Features of Pluto TV

Now that we’ve had a look at Pluto from the ground, let’s get the Hubble Space Telescope out and get a much closer look. We know you enjoyed that pun – here’s the best features of Pluto TV.


As mentioned, Pluto TV is totally legal. The fact that it features ads means that it can fund its business (that along with millions in funding from other companies that feature their content on the app).


With more than 100 unique channels to flick through, many of them offering content that you wouldn’t find on a regular TV package, no one can accuse Pluto TV of not having any unique selling point. The channels on the app are really fun to browse through, making it a worthy download.


If you’ve ever watched a TV, then you’ll feel comfortable using Pluto – especially if you’re using on your TV. The interface is neatly laid out and you can easily scroll through channels, the on demand section, and trending shows and movies that you won’t want to miss.


From thrilling movies, abstract anime, cat shows, music, documentaries and just about everything in-between and on the periphery, Pluto TV has a diverse mix of content, meaning it can satisfy even the most eccentric users.

Download Pluto TV apk for Android free

To get this awesome free movie and TV app on Android free, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” to get access to the 100+ channels of diverse and original content, completely free. Enjoy!