Puzzle games are all the rage on the Google Play Store. Recently, coloring games have become popular. Adults turned soulless by endless hours of work and commuting have decided to regress back to childhood to take cover under the simple decisions like whether to stick within the lines or not. Kids are also playing these games, with notably more moral justification than their parents. Either way, we’re loving coloring games and we’re no longer fussed about what our boss might think of us as a result of that.

Pixel Art: Color by Number takes this to a whole new direction with a clever little system of providing an empty grid filled with numbers. You color the picture by allocating colors to different numbers until it fills in with a pixel-like picture.

The great thing about this app is that you can upload your own shots to it and it’ll pixelate them and then give you a grid with colors to fill in (and a reasonable amount of guidance on how to do so). You can also choose from various artworks within the app and a wide variety of other templates.

If you’re looking for something to do on your break that requires minimal effort and will totally take your mind away from the mountain of paperwork and 457 unread emails that you have to drudge through, then Pixel Art: Color by Number APK in the perfect puzzle game for your Android.

Why Download Pixel Art: Color by Number Online?

In case you’re not already bouncing off the walls to color in a picture of a duck on your phone while blocking out the anxiety induced by your waning professionalism and failing marriage, here are some more excellent reasons to download Pixel Art.

Fun Graphics

Your middle-aged existential crisis will wither away once you recapture your youth by coloring in pictures and sending them to your loved ones in a desperate attempt to get some positive approval and maybe even have it printed out and stuck on the fridge. You’ll love the fun colors and pixel blocky pictures that this app offers – they’ll make the clouds open and the sunlight beam down on your face.

Fun Sounds

All the little deep and bloops that make these games so addictive and keep you from addressing real-world concerns are present in Pixel Art. You can concentrate on making a low-resolution version of the photos your took with your DSLR on your last vacation and then take a five-minute break to check emails before getting back to the more paramount concern of changing the color of your partner’s hair to ginger and sending it to them.

Upload any image

Anything on your Android device can be uploaded to the app for pixelization. You can color pictures from the net, from your day-to-day goings on, or just anything that the app gracefully provides you with. With more than a million ratings on Google Play and a close-to 5 star rating, this is clearly something that people have found a desperate need for in the modern cosmopolitan environment.


There’s nothing quite like milking an app-developer for all their worth and then complaining when the app doesn’t get updated on time. With the Pixel Art: Color by Numbers game, you won’t have to pay a penny to get coloring in random stuff – but don’t worry, the app is still kept up-to-scratch thanks to those pesky ads. If you seek to protect you or your child’s brain from being warped by targeted ads, then we recommend you wrap duct tape around a pair of sunglasses and then wear them all the time.


We’re not going to claim to be able to cite actual papers on this, but we’re ready to assume that playing creative puzzle games like this one will improve your cognitive function and raise your children’s IQ by at least 25. You’re basically halfway to become the next Van Gogh if you spend a little time every day playing Pixel Art: Color by Number on Android. How did those old artists ever manage without these apps? We’ll just never know.

3D Art

Choose to make your masterpieces in either 2D or 3D with this awesome game. Your life will never be the same once you’ve seen a small lizard on a stick in pixel 3D. That’s just too much. But hey, technology will eventually make dummies of us all, right?

Share with Friends

Your friends are busy and have families to keep together and work to complete, but they definitely want nothing more than to see your pixelated pictures that you colored in all by yourself. Now you can share them with your friends over social media and in emails so that they can stare at the marvelous 3D dog you drew and wonder what life choices you’ve made that have led to such sacrifice that you actually have the time to be doing this. They’ll be hella jealous.

How to Download Pixel Art: Color by Number on Android

To download this popular coloring game, simply press the button at the top of this article to be taken to the Google Play Store where you can press “install” to get it onto your device for free. The app contains ads, so beware if you’re someone who thinks that consumerism is the bane of all existence and was hoping to find sanctuary in a virtual coloring book. You’ll find none here, my friend.

As far as coloring games go, which really isn’t very far, Pixel Art: Color by Number online is without doubt the top of the heap. Download it now to experience the life changing experience of coloring stuff in. You’ll be able to relate more to your kids after using this app, as they also love coloring in, because that’s who the activity is made for. Procrastination and a healed family, what more could you possibly want in an app?!

Download it now for free today and let your friends known you’re taking life by the horns.