Snap, gram, share. There are so many camera and free photo editing apps on the market now. The explosion that Instagram caused in this field is yet to cool off as apps continue to come to the fray offering new editing features to make your shots come alive. Photography apps allow users to make photos from their smartphones appear as if they were taken from a DSLR standard camera, which makes sharing them on social media all the more pleasurable.

To put it into focus (pun totally intended), these apps open up a creative box within Android and iOS that ultimately leads to you being able to capture the best moments in your life in HD quality with smooth edits. Alternatively, you can look back at your best years and wonder why you don’t still have a giant yellow smiley face following around all the time.

PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor – a photography app that allows you to post-edit your photos, as well as add stickers and clip art to them, or just completely remake the background to make it appear that you’re in space when you’re actually sat on your bed in your underwear.

What is PicsArt Photo Studio?

The photo editing app is currently the most popular one on the market, with more than 500 million downloads. There’s good reason for this. It comes with a social media function so that users can share their edits within the wider community and on top of this it was the first app that allowed users to ‘remix’ other people’s photos by taking them out of the feed, re-editing them, and then putting them back into the feed.

The app also comes with various challenges and contests for users to show off their awesome skills and even win prizes and have their work features to the rest of the community. What’s more is that the app offers these challenges daily as a way for users to find continued inspiration with different editing modes. You’ll find it difficult to get bored when using it. Did we mention that PicsArt Photo Studio is free to download?

Whether you’re looking for an app to touch up your photos before shipping them off to Instagram, or for a whole new community within which to share your work, or even if you just want to make your shots look great for your own personal pleasure – you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed with the PicsArt Photo Studio app. Let’s take a look under the hood…

Best Features of PicsArt Photo Studio App

Alongside the great features mentioned above, the latest version PicsArt Photo Studio for Android has an array of useful little buttons and dials that come together to make it the most popular photo editing app on the market today.

Editing Tools

PicsArt for Android comes with tons of neat little editing options, including hundreds of filters for images, HDR options, vigante, white balance and the ability to micro-edit small portions of the image with a brush. You can also adjust the borders, add frames, and insert text in a multitude of different fonts. As far as editing apps go, this one is certainly sitting near the top of the pile – its inclusion of some DSLR-like modes alongside the general fun and creative additional editing features like emojis and borders come together to make this app a truly remarkable choice for any smartphone photographer.

Sticker Maker

Not only can you insert stickers on your photos in PicsArt Photo Studio apk, you can also make them yourself for free with the clipart and sticker maker. Simply take a photo and then cut out the part that you want to include in the sticker. Make some edits, and turn it more ‘cartoonish’ if you want, then viola! You have yourself a wonderful sticker that you can save into your device and share with your friends on Messenger or wherever else you want.

Photo Remixing

Take pictures from other members of the PicsArt Photo Studio on Android community and make edits to them yourself, then share them back and see what people think. You can also use the photo remix chat to do this back and forth to your friends. Hilarious results are sure to follow!

Contests and Challenges

What better way to keep things interesting that to compete with other members of the community. In PicsArt Photo Studio you can take part in daily challenges and less frequent contests to see who’s got the best photo editing skills. This is a sure-fire way to get some grand inspiration and have a lot of fun in the process. It also adds a layer of meaning to the whole experience of using the app.


As mentioned many times above, there is an active community in the latest version of PicsArt apk that shares, comments, likes and chats with one another. This is great as it gives you an alternative to other popular social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. It’s also much more purpose-built around photo editing, so you can be sure to connect with people who you can share your work and thoughts on editing with.

PicsArt Gold

If all the aforementioned free features aren’t enough for you, then you can go gold for a small monthly/yearly fee. This option gives you access to even more premium content – worth around $3,000 – and removes all ads from the app. This is great for people looking to make their shots stand out in the community, and for those who just want even more fun frames, stickers and editing tools to play around with.

Download the latest version of PicsArt Photo Studio

To get the latest version of PicsArt Photo Studio on Android, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to Google Play Store where you just need to press “install.” The app doesn’t take up much space, although if you’re running on a low-performance Android you might want to make sure it isn’t going to eat into that well-rationed out RAM.

The app is free and we’re sure it will keep you entertained for hours. Let us introduce you to your new best friend on Android!