Everything looks better when it’s PDF, right? It’s a known thing among employers that someone who sends their CV on a Word document clearly hasn’t had much experience in an office before. Making sure your CVs and cover letters, as well as any other professional document you’re sending, is in a PDF format is an important step in making it more professional (and harder to edit).

While you can easily convert files to PDF on your computer, this is much less easy on an Android device – even though you may well be using your Android more and more often for professional purposes in recent years. To make sure you’re not unable to do your work while you’re on the go, download PDF Converter apk for Android free now.

There are tons of formats available for conversion in this app, which is what makes it such a useful tool to have on your Android. You can convert from MS software, images, Open Office, scans, and more to PDF with minimal effort and most importantly, high accuracy to the original document.

One of the best features of PDF Converter for Android is that you can take a picture of any receipt, bill or ticket and have it turned into a neat PDF, which can then be sent off to accounting for expenses. In short, if you’re job involves this sort of thing, then PDF Converter apk is an ideal companion for you.

Why are PDF files useful?

In case you’re reading this wondering why on earth you’d ever actually need to convert a file to PDF. There are actually some pretty serious reasons why these little files are important. First of all, PDF means portable document format, and these files cannot be edited without leaving an electronic footprint. That means that they’re appropriate to use in a court of law, as well as in business, as it will always be visible if someone has tampered with the information.

With a PDF, you can set a user password to access the document itself, meaning that it has great security for dealing with business and personal related queries. You also don’t have to worry about the receiver of a PDF document not being able to open it – this is the document format of choice to send and receive information related to business and law. Thing is, you don’t just get to rely on the format’s popularity, you can also rely on the fact that it is compatible across every device. Literally every computer, mobile, and tablet can open PDF files, meaning no one will ever be stuck to see the information you’re sending them. This is a great way to guarantee you’re message is getting to where it needs to go. On top of that, the software to view PDF files is freeware, so no one has any excuse not to be able to open it. The PDF is also the go-to format for most governments around the world, further ensuring that it’ll last the test of time.

Finally, converting a file to PDF format compresses the data to a much smaller size, making it easier to send files via email and share them via other platforms as well.

Why use the PDF Converter app?

Considering what was mentioned above, we’re sure you’re now totally sold on using PDF files – yay! However, there are a few PDF converters out there – including one from Adobe (who originally invented the PDF), so why should you consider downloading this one?

In short, PDF Converter saves you the trouble of having to download multiple apps. With Adobe, you download one app to view a PDF, then another to convert something into a PDF, and another to scan something, and so on. It’s a pain in the ass, and it takes up way too much space on your device.

PDF Converter works very simply by converting images you take on your phone into PDF files, that can then be password protected or sent via email and so on. The app also supports a long list of document formats to convert into PDF.

The app is laid out in a simple and easy-to-use fashion, allowing for you to get your work done and converted with minimal effort. It can be used on the go, in a restaurant, on public transport, in a cab, in a bar, wherever you want.

You can also store all of your documents within the app and organize them as you see fit, making it easy to find the specific files you’re looking for in the future. You can manage reports, invoices, and projects when you’re on a business trip or just while you’re outside of the office.

If you’re using PDF Converter for personal use, then you can arrange your tasks and keep track of your personal spending easily by keeping a copy of receipts in PDF format so that you can show them later on if you need to replace something you purchased. That means you don’t have to stuff a load of receipts in a draw and keep them for years (always make sure that you can use a scan of a receipt and don’t need the original to make returns or claim a warranty). This is a great way to keep receipts for claiming back VAT – in most cases, you can use scanned copies of your receipts to claim back tax!

Finally, this app is totally free to download, and while it comes with some in-app purchases, for the most part, you can use all the features without having to part with your hard earned cash. Why pay for the pleasure of PDFs? No need with PDF Converter apk for Android.

Download PDF Converter app for Android free

To get this awesome app, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” to get it totally free. You won’t have to use your computer to make PDF files anymore, and you won’t have to worry about keeping a drawer full of receipts – scan everything with your camera and convert it all into PDF files to use later on down the line. Simple.