Cloud storage is one of the great inventions of our age. We now are capable of storing large collections of data on a cloud. What’s a cloud? It’s not a literal cloud, although that would be really amazing, it’s just a term used by people to refer to a large storage space used by multiple people and reached through the internet. Cloud storage has multiple benefits and has improved our lives in various ways, some we won’t even recognise. pCloud is a cloud storage service that runs on iOS, Android and Windows.

What is cloud storage?

Like mentioned above, cloud storage is a place for users to store data from anywhere and access it afterwards from anywhere. If you use a cloud storage service, you’ll see that you can access that service from almost any pc anywhere in the world. This way you can also share files with friends that use the same service.
Usually, on a cloud storage service you sign up and you’re given a certain amount of space that you can use. When signed into this service on a pc or mobile device, you can upload any file that is on that device on to the cloud. If you happen to find yourself somewhere without the device that has the original file, you can simply use another device and access the file through the cloud. That’s not the only benefit of cloud storage and like all things it has some downsides.

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage

There are many advantages that cloud storage has given us, yet nothing is perfect and there are some things that might make your experience less than pleasurable.


The users can store and access files anywhere and at any time. (If there is internet connection).
Instead of a hard drive that can only be accessed by one device at a time, generally speaking, users now have more space that can be accessed remotely.
The prices are affordable per gigabyte. (Some of them go for as low as 5c per Gigabyte)
Great for back-ups of important records in case of a data crisis that you might encounter along the way.


Let’s start with the most obvious one first. If you have no internet connection, you don’t have any access to the files.
Security is a large concern these days in the wake of all the security breaches and leakages that have happened recently. The people of the world don’t trust large online companies as they used to as a result of the recent scandals.

pCloud APK for Android

Upon downloading the application you’ll be given 10GB free. This means that by downloading the app you can expand the storage of your Android for no extra charge. Save all those priceless photos, videos and memes that you don’t want to lose, in case your phone gets stolen or lost. The 10GB is also a way for pCloud to give users a trial run of its service. If you like the way the application works you can buy up more space from the cloud.

The application has some handy functions like automatically backing up photos and videos. Users can sync files over all their devices in order to make everything more accessible. This makes it more user-friendly than other similar applications.

When it comes to security, the team of pCloud is on it like flies on dung. The service runs some high-grade encryption for more sensitive information a client wants to store. This is an added layer of protection that you won’t find on many other services.

The application includes its own media player. This removes the hassle of using another media player in between. The videos and audio files will be played quicker. However, you’ll miss some of the features that most media players have. Compared to other cloud services, pCloud apk is rather fast when it comes to uploading files to the cloud.

Why would you want to consider using the pCloud application?

Don’t you think it’s time to join the modern age of technology by trying out a cloud service? Here are some questions that people frequently ask about the pCloud application.

Is pCloud safe? Yes, as explained above there is an option to encrypt sensitive data. They claim that the encryption is almost military grade.

Is the pCloud application free? Not only is the productivity app free to download, but you also get 10GB cloud storage space free. Upgrade the storage of your mobile device without adding a memory card or buying a bigger one.

How does the pCloud application work? The application is free to download on Android devices. After downloading the application you will be given 10GB free to use. If you’re going to exceed the data limit you’ll need to subscribe and pay for more space.

In the end

The application has many benefits. The encryption of important files is one of the major attractions that draw people to this app. Feel better about your private information than you would browsing Facebook. The free 10GB go a long way if you’re just using it for a mobile device. That’s hours of videos and music that you can store for free. The prices for the additional space in the cloud won’t bankrupt you. Like some other online services do.

The downsides are very little because this app takes care of the security issue very well. The only large downside to this application is that like all cloud storage services you need internet access to get all the features of the application.

Cloud-based storage services make our lives a lot more convenient. pCloud is a great service that has received good reviews. The application is easy to use and has some great built-in features. I would recommend this app to anyone for personal or business use. Cloud services like this can help a business function more effectively. Sharing files with pCloud has never been easier. There isn’t even the need to email them the complete file, just share the link with the person and see that they have their own account or you can grant them access.

pCloud is a trusted application that is safe to use and install on your device. Click on the green button on this page to download the application.