Open Camera apk is an excellent alternative to the default Android camera. The default cam takes up a whopping 20MB (whopping, at least, to those with low-end devices), while Open Camera takes up just 500KB – which is, to be fair, a ridiculously small amount of space.

The camera stands among many alternative camera apps for Android that provide you with a whole range of dressed-up features like present filters, editing tools, photo sharing, and more. The potential for capturing captivating images has never been higher – especially when some of these camera apps are moving into mimicking professional-standard DSLR cameras.

The Open Camera app is among this new generation on the market, straying from the usual territory of preset filters, and instead moving towards complex manual settings, not too dissimilar to what you’d find on a pro Sony or Canon.

A New Generation of Camera Apps

Ever since Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter came to dominate the lives of so many of us, we’ve been obsessed with sprucing up our pictures before sharing them with friends. Hell, I even edited pictures of my new apartment before sending them to my technophobe dad.

There’s good reason behind this: The default camera on Android phones is usually, well, lacking…

It rarely does images justice. With food photography, it fails to capture the viewer’s appetite because everything looks almost greyed over. With landscapes, it doesn’t capture the scale. With portraits, it doesn’t pierce into the character of the model.

Open Camera, like many apps of its kind, was set up to resolve this issue. To turn this review upside down, let’s start with what this app DOESN’T do:

Open Camera doesn’t provide you with hundreds of preset filters. The developers decided to move away from this already over-saturated concept, and instead go for something a little more disciplined.

So it was, Open Camera made the move to mimicking DSLR cameras. They’re by no means the first to do this – Camera FV-5 and others have been very successful with the model, however, none of them are free. This is where Open Camera stands out: It provides most of the same features as its premium buddies, but it doesn’t charge you to use them – nor does it run a single ad in the app.

How, oh how, does it provide such greatness for free, you ask? Basically, the developer, Mark Harman, is just a really nice bloke. He accepts donations from any willing patrons to keep the app being developed. If you download the app and decide you want to donate to the cause, then you can do so through his Google Play page.

Best features of Open Camera apk

As you’re probably already starting to see, Open Camera has some real weight over the competition. But we haven’t even scratched the surface of what you can do with it, yet. Let’s take a closer look under the hood of the Open Camera app for Android:

DSLR Features

When in shooting mode, you can adjust the shutter speed, white balance, ISO, exposure, antibanding, and more. This makes Open Camera a great choice for anyone looking for a more professional shooting experience. One point worth noting is that novices may struggle with this – although, you can find out all you need about each function online – you’ll still need to play around with it for a while before getting the hang of it.

Open Source

The clue is in the name, really. Open Camera is open source code: They’re having a party in Google Play Store’s pants, and everyone’s invited. No seriously, you can make contributions to better the app if you please. This ensures that users can address any shortcomings (assuming they know how to code) and keep the app in a perpetual state of development.


We don’t need to go into detail here as we’ve already explained how the app funds itself. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” – well, actually that saying refers to the fact that someone else had to cook your lunch before you could eat it. The labour of others, it’s worth noting, and with this app you have to take your hat off to the developers. That being said, it’s still free.

Keeping it Simple

Traditional photography is the be-all and end-all of Open Camera apk. There’s no options to make your cheeks red, or to have a squirrel massage your back or to have the sun from the Teletubbies beaming out from the back of your photoshopped face. Quite simply, this is an app that photographers, and those interested in the art, can use on the Android phones and tablets to take great photos. You can focus on the editing process later, if you want. And as for the social aspect, well, go to a social media app if that’s all you’re here for.


No app is perfect and at top1apk we pride ourselves for making sure you know exactly what to expect from any of the apps in our store – and that includes any weak points. Here’s where Open Camera doesn’t stand up tall:

Features Limited on Some Devices: This is to be expected. Not all devices have the necessary tools to use all the features on Open Camera, although, this will only be an issue if you’re using an older, low-performance Android device. The developers have made a point that they can’t test the app on all phones, so users will have to test it for themselves to see how it works on their device.

The Final Cut

Overall, Open Camera is a great replacement for the default camera on Android devices. If you’re more interested in taking great photos than you are applying preset filters, selfie beautification, and crackpot emojis, then download Open Camera now, totally free, for the most natural photography experience on your Android device.