If you’re looking for an awesome date, you could do far worse than OKCupid. The dating app is one of the oldest on the market, with 14 years under its belt. The original website was one of those things that people were embarrassed to admit that they used (for young readers, you should be aware that there was once a time when online dating was reserved for people in the tech industry, those with autism and people who wore sunglasses inside). That’s all changed now and OKCupid has done a great job at staying in the foreground of the online dating world.

Why Use OKCupid?

OKCupid dating app has a clever interface that makes checking out other users a charm. The app connects you with people that it thinks you’ll actually be interested in, rather than just throwing a vanity fest in your face. Fill out questions and answers to give more of an idea of who you are to potential dates. They’ll do the same and you’ll be left with a match made in the fragmented reality that lies somewhere between heaven and your WiFi router.

The premise of the app is more or less the same as other dating apps – it uses 15 questions with multiple choice answers to set your preferences, then shows you people who have similar answers based on a percentile match rate. In other words, if you put: “Smoke, drink, looking for one night stand,” then you’ll see other people with a similar mindset. If you put “Logical/mathematical intelligence, willing to get married, liberal,” then, again, you’ll be met with similar matches. Coming from an app like Tinder, Bumble, or Badoo, it can be quite surprising to see such honesty and accuracy coming out right off the bat.

The OKCupid dating app also allows you to select a wide range of gender orientations – including CIS, gender fluid, gender binary, trans or whatever else. You can match with people who are specifically looking for that or who also identify as your desired gender. On top of this, you can choose age, sexuality, political and religious leanings and more. There are several of these options that you can also choose not to fill out and not to use as a preference when searching for other people, if you’d prefer it that way. After all, just because the choice is there, not everyone specifically wants some who loves “Debating politics and religion,” so, keep your preferences your own.

You can also choose to look for people searching for long term or short term relationships, one night stands or life partners. Apparently people actually go on dating apps looking for life partners now, well, we all need someone to measure ourselves against.

The interface of the app is very interesting, with cool and casual animations that sort of set the scene for the app itself. What’s more, the messaging system ensures that you only end up talking to people that you’re actually interested in (whereas before, this wasn’t the case), this update makes the app more user friendly and stops losers from spamming you when you clearly have absolutely no interest in them whatsoever. OKCupid really does give you a LOT of control over who you see, who you talk to, and of course, who you ultimately meet (not that other dating apps send SWAT teams to your house to drag you to unwanted dates).

Best Features of OKCupid Dating App

Now you know a bit more about the app itself, let’s have a quick look under the hood.


Connect with those you really want to talk to, not just those who want to spread you over a kitchen worktop.


Why pay for a dating app? See some ads along the way and if that drives you nuts, or if you just really want to see who’s liking you, then go for the premium version.


The people, not the inanimate blob of coding suspended in cyberspace. The questions that OKCupid prompts you force you to give away some of your personality and the more you give (and the more honest you are) the closer matches you’ll find. This is probably the most important aspect of any dating app.


If there’s no one to meet then the rest of the features go out of the window pretty fast. OKCupid has millions of members active all around the world, so, no matter where you are, you should be able to find a match.


The app looks good, feels good, and makes love good. Livin’ in Americaaaa!


It’s nice to get an idea of someone’s quirks before you’ve actually met them. With OKCupid, you can find your ideal weirdo right down to the details before you’ve even spoken to them. Normal is boring.

Tips for Using OKCupid

So, you’re sold on using this awesome dating app? Well, here are some tips to get you started. We highly recommend you use them – if you don’t, you’re basically an ass.

Be Honest

Looking for a hookup? Well, if you say so, then you’ll be shown other people looking for the same thing… so why lie? The details of OKCupid only work if you’re honest, otherwise what’s the point? Be honest in life, otherwise you’re basically a weasel with no strength of character and no one will ever want to stay with you unless they’re so desperate and hate themself even more than they hate you for your patheticness. Honesty is key, folks.

Be as detailed as possible

Fill out the bits and bobs, fill out some of the optional questions, add more photos – why keep it half done? The more you show, the better the match.

Don’t try pick up lines

They died with your hopes and dreams in high school. Don’t be such a wet blanket and come up with something original that actually reflects your taste and humor. Which brings us to…

Be funny (but don’t be desperate)

Also, accept that not everyone will get your humor. But if they do get it, then making someone laugh is worth a lot more than yelling at them about some political crap that you’re never going to actually do anything to change, or about food you like that EVERYONE likes.

Don’t pay

The free version is good enough, ads are minimal. Why pay for six months when you might meet your partner in six days? Just keep things simple, ey? 😉

Download OKCupid for Android Free

If you want to get this app on your phone for free then simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” and it’ll be put on your device. Try it now. Nothing to lose, much to gain. Enjoy.