Get paid to play video games? That sounds like every gamer’s dream job. With Nimo TV, you can make it a reality – simply download the app and start broadcasting your gaming sessions and if you get enough subscribers and log enough hours then you can earn up to US$1,000 per month.

Streaming games has become increasingly popular in recent years and now so many people do it that it’s not uncommon to see people watching others playing games on YouTube. Some of the biggest YouTubers, including the most watched YouTuber PewdiePie, either play or comment on games to earn a living. Now you can too.

Nimo TV – which now has investment from Tencent Games (PUBG), is China’s answer to the western streaming platform Twitch. The platform allows you to subscribe to gamer’s channels and watch them play and compete live in a variety of games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota 2 and more. The app seeks to grow a community of players, commentators, fans and competitors to thrive off of interacting with one another.

What is Nimo TV?

The basic premise comes from the fact that people love watching and commenting on other playing video games. With this in mind, Nimo TV has created a platform on which gamers are incentivised to continue logging hours and building a loyal following, and will earn money as a reward for doing so. Nimo TV isn’t the first to do this – it’s already a popular trend, although, they are still one of the major players in the market, especially in Asia.

The app has a great interface which allows users to jump straight into the action. It features the current most popular streams from different games on the homepage in a neat and minimalistic design. Once you select a game, you’ll see a list of streams, with the most popular ones at the top – you can then choose one and you’ll be able to watch it in a YouTube-esque format, with the option for full screen and comments underneath the video.

What makes this app unique is the fact that it already has so many active users logging hours broadcasting games. Ultimately, this is the most important factor on any games streaming app as if there aren’t the players and the audience then nothing else matters much. Luckily, Nimo TV has had the right investment from the right people to build it into something truly global and populous.

Best Features of Nimo TV

Now that you have more of an idea of what to expect from Nimo TV, let’s look into the best features of this gaming broadcast app.


Watch thousands of streams from all the top most popular games at the moment. Whatever your fix – be it action, battle royale, RPG or strategy, you’ll find a stream for the best games in its category on Nimo TV. The app is overflowing with streams of top gamers and esports tournaments as well, so you can guarantee you’ll be entertained for hours.


Learn from the top dogs. There are lots of pro gamers on Nimo TV, so you can watch them work their magic and learn a thing or two about how to master your favorite games in the process. There’s nothing quite so fun as the feeling of being amazing at a game and the best way to improve is by watching other pro-gamers in action. Take some lessons from them and then unleash them on your friends. If you get good enough, you can start your own streaming channel and earn money.


Earn up to US$1,000 per month by streaming your gaming to a wide audience – you only need a few hundred subscribers to start raking in the cash. If you’re a dedicated gamer and you have free time on your hands then why not invest it into making some money for yourself by doing something that you love? Surely, that’s better than the alternatives.


The app is laid out in a very smooth and minimalist way so that finding top streams is easy and watching them is a pleasure. You will see some ads in the app (this is how they afford to pay people to broadcast their games) but these aren’t invasive and don’t get in the way of your streaming experience.


Aside from just watching some pro players clean up the battlefield, you can also jump into esports tournaments on Nimo TV. This is the ultimate goal of being a pro-gamer and the prizes of some esports tournaments range up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Watching these tournaments is a nail-biting, intense, action-packed experience. Try it out!

How to Earn Money With Nimo TV App

To make bank using Nimo TV apk, you’ll need to progress through a certain amount of ranks which depend on how much you put in and how many subscribers you have. If you get enough, you’ll be pretty loaded by the end of the month. Quite a way to earn some hard cash. Here’s how it works.

Beginner with 200 subscribers (20 days / 60 hours per month) – $50
Rank B with 800 subscribers (22 days / 80 hours per month) – $180
Rank A with 2,000 subscribers (22 days / 80 hours per month) – $350
Rank S with 6,000 subscribers (22 days / 90 hours per month) – $1,000

Download Nimo TV app for Android Free

To get in on the action and broadcast your games for the chance to earn some real money, or to connect with a flourishing community of gamers and learn from the pros, simply download the Nimo TV app for Android. To get the app, press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” to get into the fun. Enjoy!