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The name Netflix is already becoming a big household name in the entertainment industry.  Netflix is one of the most important videos on demand (VOD) platforms in the world and through which you can choose the movie or series you want to watch at any time. Long before now, the company, Netflix had merely existed as a North American company that started off with renting of DVDs and home delivery of DVDs. This they did by sending them directly to their customer’s mailbox.

Today, and after 18 years of resounding success, 36% of Internet traffic consumption in the United States is attributed to Netflix. Currently, Netflix can be accessed in North America, Latin America, a large part of Europe and other 200 other countries with Asia included in the list. You could say that Netflix is revolutionizing the entertainment industry.



How does Netflix work?

Basically, Netflix works as a monthly payment service that allows you, legally, to watch hundreds of movies and series over the Internet. The platform provides its users with catalogs in which they can access to check out their favorite movies and series. However, it is important to note that what a user can get from Netflix is limited sorely to movies and series and never TV channels. Netflix does not offer that service, at least, not yet.

One of the many features of Netflix is its ability to detect a user’s preferences. Once a user accesses the service for the first time and makes a pick of at least three movies of their choice, Netflix goes on to offer recommendations which are based on movies and series that are likely similar to the ones the user had access.

The first thing a subscriber must have in mind before making use of the Netflix catalog is that, logically, you may not necessarily find all the latest releases and all the cinematographic productions existing around the world on the platform. Well, on the contrary, the platform, although it has recent films in which the vast majorities are productions of the year 2013, has been based mainly on series that have already finished and that can be offered completely.


Netflix features

Netflix Pricing

Before a user can get access to movies on Netflix, they would have to subscribe to the platform. So by simply paying the price set by the company, the user can access all the contents of the platform in an unlimited way.

However, different rates are depending on the number of devices that will be connected and the quality of multimedia content available to each user, the rates are:

  • Basic rate: with this option, the client will have access to all the series and films of the Netflix catalog for 7.99 Euros per month. The contents will be available in standard quality and can only be accessed from a single device.
  • Standard rate: this option offers users the right of content viewing from two devices, an upgrade to the basic feature. Users also have access to their favorite movies and series in high definition.
  • Premium rate: with this offer, the client will pay 11.99 Euros and thereafter will receive all the contents of the Netflix catalog in Ultra HD, 4K.  Added to this is the option of being able to connect to the platform from four devices simultaneously. This rate, due to the 4K quality, will require a 15MB connection and will be compatible with Smart TV, game consoles, mobile phones, tablets, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and the rest of the devices that can integrate the Netflix application.

Contrary to what we are used to, Netflix rates vary depending on the viewing quality and the number of compatible devices available at the same time. All packages have access to the same contents.

How to Download and Install Netflix

For Computers

First of all, you should know that Netflix only allows you to download content on smartphones and tablets with iOS 8 (or higher) or Android 4.4.2 (or higher). In the case of PCs and laptops, you need at least Windows 8.

You should also make sure that you have the latest version of the Netflix application installed on your mobile, laptop or computer. Keep in mind that the download option is only available from the official app. You will not find it if you use the web service.

To install Netflix on your computer, visit this link and download the installation package to your desktop, then install the downloaded package and run it, it’s that simple.

For Mobile Devices

From an Android tablet or cell phone

According to the Netflix website, the application is available on devices that have Android 2.3 and up. However, the current version requires Android 6.0. If you have an earlier version of Android, you can download a previous version of Netflix.

  1. Enter the Play Store to download the Netflix application.
  2. Press the magnifying glass that allows you to search for an application and enter Netflix in the search bar.
  3. Select the Free option and click OK.
  4. Once you receive the message Successfully Installed Netflix, you will know that the application has been downloaded and installed successfully on your phone or tablet.
  5. Exit the Play Store and look for the Netflix app in your applications.
  6. Enter the credentials of your account, and you can start enjoying Netflix on your Android phone or tablet.

This procedure may vary a bit depending on the manufacturer of your device.


Netflix download

From an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

You must bear in mind that in order to download the latest version of the Netflix application you must have iOS 8 and upwards. If you live in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand or Latin America, the Netflix website explains that you can download an earlier version of Netflix that is compatible with your device as long as you have iOS 5.0 and up.

  1. Open the App Store from the main menu of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  2. Search Netflix from the search bar of the App Store.
  3. Select Get to download the Netflix application.
  4. Once the application is downloaded, the icon will be with the other applications on your device.
  5. Enter the application and enter the credentials of your Netflix account to start watching your favorite series.

Benefits of Using Netflix

Overvalued or not, the truth is that Netflix has come to revolutionize the world of television entertainment through many of its essential benefits. Among them are:

  • A more attractive catalog than the competition

Netflix has a bigger catalog of films than any other alternative out there, both recent and older and with an excellent catalog of series. In turn, the company has created its own success series, such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

  • Compatibility with devices

You can watch your favorite movies not only from your computer but also on other devices. Thanks to the great flexibility of the platform, you can connect to the service from almost all devices: Smart TV, game consoles, Chromecast, smartphones, tablets, iPad, Apple TV, etc

  • Internet flexibility

While it is true that the Netflix platform works through the Internet, it does not necessarily have to be a high-speed fibre optic connection or a special device. Netflix has the ability to adapt to different types of connection and speeds.

  • Flat rate and without surprises

Unlike other services, to access the Netflix platform, you only have to pay a flat monthly fee that gives you unlimited access to the entire catalog. You wouldn’t have to pay too much for premiere films or special series. Everything is included.

  • Simple platform

Accessing Netflix is very easy. The user interface is simple, and you will not have to spend hours trying to find the movie you want to watch.


Movies on Netflix

Common Netflix Problems and Solutions

  1. Unable to download movies

This could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • My phone is rooted: if you have made any system modification to your device, it is very likely that Netflix will not allow you to download content to view without your Internet. Return your phone to the normal state and try downloading again.
  • If your phone is not rooted: check that you have the latest version of Netflix. If so, check that you have enough space on the phone. You can free up space by deleting files that you no longer need or cleaning the application cache in settings> device> storage> Cache.
  1. Android error 12001

When faced with an error like this one, all you have to do is restart your device; however, if this error persists after the restart, then you have to clear your application data. To do this, go to the Settings> personal> applications> Netflix> storage> clear data and cache menu.  If still the error persists, you will have no choice but to uninstall and reinstall it. At least it’s free!

  1. Black screen in Netflix on my pc

If you have ever tried to play a movie or series on your PC and you are faced with this error, then you should do the following:

  • Clear the browsing history of the browser you are using. This way, the cache will be cleaned, and you will be able to see the content again in a normal and fluid way.
  • Try viewing the content from another browser that is not the one you’re using, be it Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera.

With these two simple procedures, you should already be able to see your favorite series or movie without problems.

  1. Problems viewing subtitle
  • Change the source of the subtitle
  • Add parallel shadow, embossed, remove the shadow, etc.
  • Add a solid colour frame to all the text to make it stand out more
  • Modify the font size to match your vision ability

With the many features and benefits available on Netflix, it is arguably the biggest and best entertainment platform out there and may maintain that status for a long time. This, however, will be determined by their level of customer commitment and the improvements that they bring to the platform in the near future.