The 2K series, developed by 2K, Inc, now goes hand-in-hand with basketball culture. The series of games is to basketball what the FIFA games are to football, and many professional NBA players eagerly await their rankings in the latest installment of the series.

This really is the most authentic and carefully designed basketball game available and the 2019 installment has done a great job in providing the most well-rounded playing experience that the series has delivered so far. As for playing NBA 2K19 on Android, the experience isn’t clunky like you might expect, but rather, it is a top class way to burn some time while building your own professional basketball team and bringing them up to the top of the NBA.

The game has ironed over many of the creases of previous installments in the series, for example, body contact is now much more realistic, with speed and strength being more important than they were in previous NBA 2K games. To the delight of fans, NBA 2K19 features fewer micro-transactions than previous 2K games, and you can progress easier without having to shell out cash.

What’s new in NBA 2K19?

First of all, lots of the little glitches from NBA 2K18 have been smoothed over. For example, the AI has been significantly improved, making games feel more realistic. The AI is now better at defense and won’t be as easy to trample over using the same strategy consistently. With that in mind, defense, in general, is now more effective, with more options being opened to the player than before.

Shooting is also more refined, and you’ll find yourself scoring more often now from contested shots – something when offensive players will enjoy. The developers are trying hard to produce more score heavy games that feature more realistic physics and better AI to compete against.

Another new addition is the “Takeover” meter. This is like a rage bar in a fighting game – the more a player pulls off a certain move, the more the bar will fill, and once it’s full, they can enter takeover mode, which will give them bonuses and special abilities. This is a great new feature that really helps to bring out the unique talents of each individual player in their flow state.

The neighborhood feature from NBA 2K18 is still in this new installment and it’s been expanded and improved upon. The open-world area that players can explore, practice and customize their players in, is a great addition that makes the game more rounded than just playing game after game. Players can take part in fun mini-games and play on street courts while enjoying the same level of detail as they’d get in the NBA games.

The characters are much easier to level up, rather than having to pay for improvements like in NBA 2K18, the characters in the latest installment of the series can be built up from playing alone. This is a great tweak that will satisfy most fans of the games.

Finally, the MyCAREER mode has been ramped up and has seen significant improvement since 2K18. Your character begins his career in China and must earn his way into the NBA, eventually rising to the top as a star player. Come along for the ride in the joyous knowledge that you can now skip the cutscenes if you want – ideal for Android players who might have a limited timeframe in which to play.

What are the fallbacks?

Of course, the overall gameplay is still instantly recognizable, and players will feel right at home from the onset. That being said, there are flaws in every game and it won’t take long for players to notice some in NBA 2K19.

First of all, some of the players could have done with a bit more detail – this is actually a problem that we see in FIFA too and various other sports games where there are tons of players. Not all of them actually end up looking like they do currently, while some just don’t get the attention they deserve from the graphics designers. Of course, the major players have been carefully crafted, but some of the less famous ones could look a little more… current.

Best features of NBA 2K19

Now that you understand a little more about this awesome basketball game, let’s take a closer look at some of tbhe great features that it offers.


As with each 2K installment, the graphics are improved. This time around, they’re the best they’ve ever been by a noticeable margin, pushing the series to ever-greater heights as Android games continue to push their way into the collective gaming consciousness and earn their rightful place alongside those released on consoles and on PC.


The storyline in NBA 2K19 is vastly improved from last year’s edition of the series. This time around, you’ll get engrossed in the awesome story as you help your player through his career and achieve your dreams of becoming a top player in the NBA. Jump on board for the ride.


Again, vastly improved from last year. This time around you’ll feel the realistic physical contact and shooting dynamics while playing and this makes the whole gaming experience way more awesome than ever before. This is without doubt the most accomplished basketball game ever released.


You won’t have to break the bank to improve in NBA 2K19 – rather, you just have to play them enough times that their skills improve. Play, train and improve – a simple formula that players will relish over 2K18’s over-dependence on paying to level up quicker.


Improved from last year’s introduction, the neighborhood feature adds a whole new dynamic to the game and allows you to play in street courts.

Download NBA 2K19 Basketball Game for Android Now

To play this accomplished basketball game that the NBA recognizes as being the official video game of the sport, simply press the download button above and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can install it, the game costs US7.99, but if you’re a fan of the NBA 2K series, then you’d be wise to purchase it – enjoy!