Have you ever found yourself jumping through hoops to download your favorite track or movie, only to find the format isn’t playable on your mobile’s native media application? Rest easy my friend, because your troubles are about to melt away by the time you’ve finished this article. For in it, we’ll be discussing all things media, including MX Player, MX Player Pro, how it can benefit you and how to download MX Player APK file free for your Android device. We might even throw some extras in here we think are worth mentioning. Let’s begin!

What Is MX Player?

MX Player is an Android media player that lets you play nearly any video or audio file, regardless of format. It took the Play Store by storm when it was first released in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since. It was a breath of fresh air to finally have software that could handle nearly any file type you throw at it. Not to mention the array of cool features and gesture controls that come with it – but we’ll get to that. With a boatload of features to enhance your playback experience, we strongly back MX Player and for good reason. It looks like its showing no signs of slowing down. So jump aboard the MX express and see what all the fuss is about.

MX Player Key Features

Background Play

Turn on background play to enjoy your audio while switching or locking the screen. MX Player plays in the foreground by default, so you’ll have to activate this feature to use it. Just head to ‘Settings’ > ‘Player’ and enable the background play option and you’re all set.

Play Online Videos

This lets you do exactly as the title suggests. Simply set MX Player as the default player for your device to enjoy online videos through the MX Players intuitive interface. There’s also an option to insert URLs directly into the ‘Network Stream’ section of MX Player for quick access.


Nearly everything is customizable with this powerful media app. Change themes, screen styles, gestures and more according to your preferences. Which brings us swiftly onto our next feature.


MX Player released some great gestures with the new update to enhance your playback experience. Users can now easily zoom in and out by pinching and pan by swiping across the screen. Subtitle gestures have also been added – scroll forward or backward to move to the next text set and up or down to move the text up or down. Swiping up and down on the left side of the screen adjusts the brightness, and the same gesture on the right side of the screen adjusts the volume. This definitely comes in handy when you’re deeply engrossed in your favorite show.

Kid Lock

Activate kid lock on your MX Player to allow children viewing time without the stress of them accidentally exiting the app and making calls or opening other apps.

Supreme Playback

As mentioned earlier, MX Player can handle just near any audio or video file type you can muster up. It supports over 10 different video file formats including AVI, FLV, MKV, and MOV, which are some of the most used formats not supported by stock media players.

Audio Boost

Enable the software decoder on your MX Player to boost audio to 200% for those hard of hearing or video with poor sound quality. Just make sure your speakers can handle it before you go waking up the neighbors with endless hours of Breaking Bad blaring through the speakers.

MX Player Pro – What’s The Difference?

Quite a lot actually. At the cost of around $5 on the Google Play Store, we understand why users might be hesitant about forking out for this version of the app. I mean, you could always try your luck at finding a reliable MX Player Pro free APK file, but we guarantee if you do make such a purchase through Play Store, you won’t regret your investment. Let’s quickly run through some features MX Player PRO offers that the free version doesn’t.

MX Player PRO Key Features

No Ads

The free version of the app may display ads from time to time on the homepage of the app. Naturally, this doesn’t occur with the PRO version.

Subtitle Support

Every conceivable subtitle format is supported if you opt for the paid version of this app – MX Player PRO. Subtitles can then be personalized and customized to your taste.

Best Alternatives to MX Player

You might have your reasons for boycotting this wonderful app, and we salute you for sticking to your guns. Therefore, feel free to check out these other honorary mentions if you’re looking for the best alternatives to MX Player.

VLC Player For Android

A little late to come onto the scene, VLC Player is now available for download on your Android device. The interface is robust and simple to operate.

HD Video Player

Chosen by many for its focus on video and media, it rivals VLC in many ways. The Media Safe option acts as a digital safe for all your sensitive video and audio files, making sure nobody can access them but you.

Downloading MX Player

On the off chance that you’re only hearing about this app now, go ahead and grab our MX Player APK free download which will be included at the end of this article. Just make sure that you allow downloads from unknown sources by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Security’ > ‘allow Unknown Sources’ on your Android device. Once installed, get your favorite music and video files ready, sit back and enjoy the immersive experience MX Player has to offer.


And there it is folks. There aren’t many other media apps out there that can truly challenge MX Player. They’ve been a dominant force in the Android community for years and most likely will continue their reign for many years to come. We hope you will enjoy this MX Player free APK download and take advantage of the sweet features it has to offer. Happy viewing!