Monument Valley is one of those games that comes along on smartphones every now and then and very quickly gains admiration from everyone who plays it. Winner of the Apple Design Award, the Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores game is a single player game developed by Ustwo that is now available on both iOS and Android platforms, and while it comes at a small cost (usually $3, currently $1), it’s totally worth it for the therapeutic sounds, simple, yet very satisfying geometric puzzle gameplay, and the excellent 3D graphics.

Your mission is to guide a silent princess through a maze of different monuments, many suspended up above the clouds, in icy mountains, and peaceful fields. You’ll have to use your wits against the crow people, who routinely get in the way, and guide Ida the princess through the amazing monuments and towards her freedom.

The journey will take you through optical illusions that seemingly defy the laws of physics, through paths that have seldom been trodden, and through beautiful and elegantly designed landscapes and structures.

The latest version of Monument Valley features eight new chapters full of all the great stuff mentioned above. This is truly a unique puzzle game that will have you glued to your screen for some of the best spent hours you could have on an Android device.

Best Features of Monument Valley

Let’s take a closer look at what has everyone raving about Monument Valley.


The unique world features so many hand-designed monuments that take the shape of arches, windmills, mountainsides, complex cyberpunk looking structures, and more. The detail and beauty that has gone into each one is compelling, and will make you feel relaxed and at ease while you’re playing it.


The developers recommend that you enjoy this game with headphones, and for good reason. The delicate sounds are the perfect companion to the wonderful scenes on the screen, and they really make the player feel more immersed in the overall gameplay.


There are many stages to solve, and while the gameplay is simple and alluring, the puzzles themselves can be complex and will require you to switch your brain on. That being said, they won’t cause you to have a mental breakdown and throw your phone at the wall. They perfectly walk the line between therapeutic relaxation and complex challenge.


The monuments look marvelous in state-on-the-art 3D graphics. The game won several awards for its wonderful design and integration of 3D structures. You’ll surely enjoy the Japanese print style of this game.


You simply use your fingers to pick up, drag and place things around the monument. The developers have made and effort to ensure that this game can be enjoyed by a wide range of people. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck or just being frustrated at the thing.


You can sync your progress across multiple devices to ensure that you can keep up with your game wherever you are, even when you forget your phone.


This game is best enjoyed on a tablet or an iPad. The larger screen really brings the wonderful minimalist designs to life. You’ll enjoy this game to its fullest in this way, and the game totally supports this mode.


While it’s not free on the Google Play Store, you can enjoy Monument Valley at a very cheap price. There are additional in-app purchases if you want to unlock even more content. There are no ads in the app.

Tips For Playing Monument Valley

If you’ve downloaded this awesome game, but you’d like to know how to play it, then here are some top tips from the Top1Apk team:

  • Always start out by observing the structure in detail. Try to make sense of how it would have been constructed, and which parts of it link to other areas. The structure was designed in the way it was for a reason – there is nothing random in Monument Valley, so make sure you get an understanding of this first, then go on to solving the puzzle.
  • The whole game is about recognizing, and the solving, optical illusions, so make sure to look carefully at how to structure could change. Try turning your device around in different directions to get a look at it from various angles. You’ll be surprised what you might not have noticed before…
  • When you can’t see the princess, you’re probably not on the right track. If she moves out of sight, then try getting her back in your vision. Usually, your move won’t work if she’s out of view.
  • Use switches. They’re there for a reason – they activate things like rotating staircases and more. Sometimes these will change part of the monument to block off some crow people. This is a useful way to stop them from getting in your way.
  • Make sure you figure out exactly what a totem pole can help you with at the start of any level that has one. Similarly, try to figure out what switches can do, and what puzzles are involved in each structure. This will save you some time in the long run.

How to Download the Monument Valley game on Android

To download Monument Valley on Android, simply press the download button at the top of the page. This will take you to Google Play Store where you can purchase the app for between $1 and $3 (depending on offers – the game is now often discounted).

Once it’s installed you can get on with enjoying all the wonderful optical illusions that it presents to you. This game will provide you with a few hours of very rewarding, peaceful gameplay, as well as test your brain and your ability to recognize patterns.

Regardless of the small price-tag, we’d recommend that you give it a go. It’s fun and relaxing, and the kind of project that inspires you in other areas of your life. If you like puzzle games anyway, and are looking for a new one to put your mind to, then you’ll get way more than you were bargaining for with this game.

If you try it and find that you love it, then try out Monument Valley 2 as well, it’s also on Google Play. We’re hoping that there will soon be a Monument Valley 3, too.

Frankly, you get what you pay for, and the best apps, well, they usually come with a cost involved.