Monopoly is a game that doesn’t need an introduction. The mega-hit board game is a staple of popular culture and has is distributed in 103 countries and 37 languages. Originally invented in 1903, the game has an ironic history. It was actually called The Landlord’s Game, and was intended to demonstrate the negative aspects of allowing monopolists to dominate the market.

The board game’s inventor, Elizabeth Magie, wanted to demonstrate the economic theories of Henry George about taxation. We suppose that given the nature of the game when you think about it, it’s no surprise that it was born from such circumstances.

Magie was a little too enthusiastic about sharing the game, however, and the whole idea was stolen from her. While entertaining guests for dinner, one Charles Darrow was invited to play the game. He’d never seen it before and asked for a written version of the rules. The next morning he went about making the game for himself, changing the name to Monopoly, and selling the copyright rights to the Parker Brothers. Later, they learned that Darrow wasn’t the original inventor of the game, and they bought the rights from Magie.

A Game for Spies and P.O.Ws

Aside from being played around the dinner table – and causing many arguments along the way – Monopoly was distributed by the British Secret Service to British soldiers locked up in Nazi prisoner of war camps during World War II. In the boxes they hid maps, intelligence and real money for the soldiers to use in assisting their escape. The games were distributed by fake charities, set up by the British Secret Service behind enemy lines.

If this doesn’t give you some inspiration for other uses for your Monopoly set, then we don’t know what will.

How to download Monopoly apk

Now you can get Monopoly on your phone with the Monopoly Classic apk. It features the same gameplay as the original board game – including all your favourite board pieces, chance cards and the infamous “Go to Jail” square.

To install the Monopoly Classic apk, simply press the download button at the top of this article. If your phone says that it can’t recognise the publisher, then simply go to Settings > Security > “Allow Unknown Sources” to allow your phone to install apps from developers not licenced by Google. Once the install has finished, open the app and you’re ready to play.

How to Play Monopoly

For the uninitiated, we feel sorry for your childhood, but since you never played Monopoly, we’ll give you the lo-down on how to rise to the top of the property market on the broken backs of all your bankrupt friends.

Playing Monopoly game is as simple as rolling a dice (with a bunch of extra rules thrown in). To begin, you first have to choose your piece. You can choose between the iron, the battleship, the shoe, the hat, the dog, the thimble, the wheelbarrow, the car and more. Modern versions also include a cat, a T-Rex, and a rubber duck.

Once you’ve got your trusty piece, you can roll the two dice. You start with some fake money, which you can use to buy a house or hotel on any of the available properties you land on – but first, you’ll need to buy the plot itself. If you land on Chance or Community Chest then you can pick a card which will either give you some money or take some from you. You might also get a “Get Out of Jail Free” card – a very precious item.

As you move around the board you can buy up as many properties as you can afford – when another player lands on your property, they’ll have to pay you an amount of rent which is determined by how many properties you have on that particular square. The more property you have, the more they must pay you.

If you land on someone else’s property, then you must pay them – the last person with any money wins. Monopoly is a brutally competitive game, where everyone ultimately ends up trying to bankrupt everyone else. If you want to make friends, then this may not be the best game to play.

A little tip

While the most expensive properties offer the highest rent to anyone unfortunate enough to land on them, they’re also the fewest in number on the board, thus players are less likely to land on them. It’s much cheaper, and will give you much more dominion on the board if you buy up all the cheaper plots first. You can then slowly wear down your opponents into bankruptcy.

Best Features


Monopoly Classic keeps to the original recipe, with all the best features of classic Monopoly as it was on the board.

Hours of fun

Now that you can play Monopoly wherever you are, you can enjoy the competitive game for hours on end. Play Monopoly when you’re in the car, on a flight, in a break or just whenever you have time and feel like having a game.


Things are always better when they’re free, right? Enjoy Monopoly for hours on end without parting with any real cash!


If you’re looking for a game that keeps to its original form while providing hours and hours of entertainment, then look no further than downloading Monopoly Classic apk. The game will let you experience all the real life fun of Monopoly, all from your phone or tablet.

If you’ve never played the game before, then don’t worry, you can have a walkthrough and get the hang of it. Use of tips above if you get stuck. Monopoly is a fairly easy game to get the hang of, so don’t worry too much about getting stuck or losing constantly – although, beware, even though the board game is now played in an international championship, it’s still a lot to do with luck. You never know what the dice will roll.