Facebook Messenger is one the most popular messenger app available, falling just slightly behind Whatsapp, with around 1 billion users. The popularity of the app is evident wherever you go, with people in most of the world’s countries and territories using it as one of their primary apps for communication.

But Facebook isn’t what it used to be, and for many users, the added features in newer versions of the app are something of a turnoff. Facebook constantly tries to give its users more reasons to stay within the apps it runs, and it does this by integrating games, video players, a store and more, to try and keep you on Facebook, and off of eBay or YouTube.

Facebook’s Messenger App follows the same pattern, with new features like ‘Stories’ being splashed across the screen in an attempt to get more attention and interaction from you. Some of these features are great, and some people enjoy using them – but for others, the seemingly endless bucket of new ways to make an SMS app more full of life are less desirable.

Many people preferred the Messenger app when it was just for… messaging. This is a testament to the popularity of Whatsapp – the free SMS app allows you to send messages without the distraction of being thrown images and videos of how people’s day was. I mean, who really cares about what all those random people you met once are doing, anyway?

Messenger got too saturated, and it has lost users as a result. Enter: Messenger Lite.

What is Messenger Lite?

Messenger Lite is an official app made by Facebook. It was originally made as an add-on to Facebook Lite – which is a compact version of the social media app that was released in developing countries around Asia and Africa to accommodate for users with low-performance phones and poor internet connection

The Lite versions of Facebook and Messenger only take up a small amount of storage space and require very little processing power to run. Most of the animated features have been removed and replaced with more blocky, dated looking features – not as aesthetically pleasing, but perfect for fast loading times. Although, this is more the case with Facebook Lite, while Messenger Lite apk retains much of the ‘bubbly’ look of the original Messenger app.

Messenger Lite also strips off all the add-on features such as being able to play games and watch stories, as well as some of the interface features of the original Messenger apk. In doing so it produces a simpler and less distracting SMS app.

You can still make calls on Lite, as well as make group messages. You can also schedule events and so on. In a nutshell, the app keeps all the essential features of an SMS app while getting rid of the add-ons that are primarily there for your entertainment.

Best Features

Clean Interface

Simple, stripped back and clean. There are minimal distractions in Messenger Lite, so you can get on with connecting with your friends and family without all the pointless distractions thrown at you by the original Messenger.


Messenger Lite doesn’t take up much space on your device – it’s small and can fit on even low-performance phones and tablets. The app also runs very smoothly on more-or-less every device as it requires minimal processing power.


The app is totally free to message and call anyone else on both Messenger Lite and Messenger. You can call and message anyone around the world at any time, including sending pictures and files and so on.


You can still have access to the full library of emojis – so you can still have all those expressive moments when using Lite.


You can also still reply to messages directly by tapping on the notification that pops up allowing for quick and effective communication.



Unfortunately, Messenger Lite is only available on Android. This is mainly because iOS phones are guaranteed a certain level of performance, while many Android phones are low-performance and therefore need Lite a lot more.


While we at TOP1APK love Lite for its simplicity, others might miss the fun add-on features of the original Messenger. If you like playing games, shopping and watching stories on Messenger then don’t download Lite. You won’t find those features here.

How to install Messenger Lite

To get Messenger Lite apk, just click the download button in this article – once it’s installed on your Android device you can log in the same way you would on regular Messenger.

While it’s only officially available on Android, the Messenger Lite app can be installed on PC too by downloading BlueStacks Android emulator. To download the emulator software – which allows you to use Android apps on PC – simply search it on TOP1APK and download. Once your Messenger Lite file has downloaded, right-click it and select “Open with BlueStacks” – you can then run the app in that software and use it on your laptop. The app is made for touchscreen, however, so don’t be surprised if the features don’t nicely with your PC screen.

The Final Verdict

Overall, Messenger Lite is great if you’re using a medium-low performance Android device. The faster loading speeds and a small amount of storage space required to install it are a real bonus, while the app’s simple and easy to use features are great for smaller screens.

Even if your device can run the original Messenger like a postman, you still might want to consider downloading Lite, just for the fact that it’s a refreshingly simple SMS app in comparison to the others on the market.

The lack of pointless, distracting features makes this app great for those looking for the old-school style of app that gets the job done without all the messing around. Top marks for Messenger Lite. Give it a go today.