Merge Dragons does away with the all-too-common Match-3 puzzle concept, and introduces instead a Merge-3 style of gameplay that invites players to collect and merge different items that they find while exploring a mystical land full of dragons.

The premise of the game is that the dragons’ home has been overtaken by an evil fog that kills everything in its path and blouts the land. You control dragons with the magical power to bring everything back to life by exploring to remove the fog and then combining different objects to evolve them into miraculous natural phenomenon. Everything in the game can be merged together to create something better, including your dragons.

In this way, the game takes a step away from the more basic match-up puzzle games usually available on Android (why anyone has the patience to play that crap, we really aren’t sure). This game takes on a more complete puzzle game focus, and it executes this strategy gloriously, allowing players to work through a work full of stunning visuals and cute dragons that can eventually turn into ferocious beasts.

What is Merge Dragons! APK?

As your dragons make their way around their home, the Vale of Dragonia (great name, right?), they will use magic to bring life back into the barren landscape that the place has become at the hand of the Zomblins. By exploring this vast and magical world, you can help to restore the balance of life and ward off a bleak future where nothing can grow and dragons have no place to call home.

At the beginning of the game, the best thing to do is merge dragon eggs to hatch the winged critters and then use them to explore and restore life to the Vale. Once you’ve got more land, you can expand your camp, merge things in it and create more dragons. Then, once you’ve got three dragons, you can merge them all together to create even more powerful dragons that can fly faster and explore further. This is the best way to play the game when starting out and is much more beneficial than simply having three weak dragons with a limited scope.

Players can solve puzzles to unlock items by entering into a smaller map and merging plants together to unlock hearts, which can then be merged together to create strong hearts, and so on. Once you’ve got strong hearts, you can press them to use them to head dead land, which you can then grow things on. The key to each level is to merge the three statues together.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken back to the main map, where you breed dragons and use the new items you unlocked. The ultimate goal is to explore and bring life back to the whole Vale so that the dragons have a nice place to live again.

Best Features of Merge Dragons! APK

The game is a simple and addictive puzzle game where players will enjoy the honest gameplay and the thrill of merging things together to see what they evolve into.


What really keeps players hooked on the game is the potential to explore the world and see what happens when you merge different things together. Who knows what will happen when you combine the little items in the game. Flowers make new flowers, they make hearts, which make more powerful and different coloured hearts, and that’s not even mentioning the dragons, which can merge to become ever more powerful and epic. This game will really you hooked because you just won’t want to stop merging the new things you unlock.


Those are some cute ass dragons. But seriously, some players might be put off at first by the childlike graphics, but this would be a mistake and anyone who sticks around for longer than a couple of minutes will quickly realize that this is all part of the game’s immense charm. You’ll quickly come to love those cute little dragons and the way the hearts turn into 16 hearts when you click them and fly around healing all the land. It’s a real feeling of progression and it’s awesome. Nuff said.


This game features those little bing and coin sounds that make puzzle games so satisfying. It’s almost like you’re constantly being rewarded for doing stuff so that you keep playing the game… well, we can see why people get addicted to this stuff. If you’ve had a crappy day, then you’ll get a real pick me up from this game. Dare I even say an ego boost? Well, you are single handedly saving Dragonia.

Free to Play

Woohoo! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Well, the main features of the game are free, anyway. But as far as freemium title go, this one is pretty reasonable. There are no in-game ads, and it doesn’t constantly try and get you to purchase stuff. With Merge Dragons apk, you simply play until your heart’s content. Your dragons will have to sleep for 90 minutes when they run out of energy, and of course you can pay to speed this up, but it’s not like there’s nothing to do while you’re waiting for them – you can still replay levels and tend to your camp and merge stuff on the main map. In-app purchases can be steep, so if you were planning on indulging in those then it’s worth mentioning that they climb up to $100.

How to Download Merge Dragons!

To get this epic puzzle game on Android, simply press the download button at the top of this article and you’ll be taken to Google Play Store where you can install it for free. The game doesn’t take up much space on your device, so you don’t have to worry about it slowing anything down. Once you’ve got it, open it to play, and you’re on. Boom.

This is certainly one of the top puzzle games for Android free to download that is currently on the market. Try it out now!