Matchington Mansion is currently one of the most popular match-3 puzzle games on Android. The game’s premise is pretty simple. You just have to match up three or more pieces of candy to explode them and gain points in the process. Each level provides a more complete challenge than the last, tasking players with clearing as much candy as they can in as short a time as possible. If you complete the level then you get a star, which you can then use to upgrade some of the furniture in your mansion.

This is a great game for anyone looking for a cheeky bit of puzzle action on the go. The puzzle solving element is addictive enough, but turning your derelict mansion into a desirable place to live is tons of fun.

You can solve more puzzles to get more stars and coins to spruce up your home in any way you want. Then, you can visit your friend’s houses and see how they’ve chosen to design the place – maybe they have better taste than you, so you can take some tips from them. Or maybe they’ll be willing to give you some furniture? Who knows, ey?

The game features loads of hidden items and a fair share of secrets behind them – as well as behind the mansion itself. You can unearth them as you go along and you can meet the characters that pop up from time to time – including a resentful cousin who will try to trash the place from time to time.


The game begins with you inheriting the mansion off of a dead relative, who acquired their fortune as a famous novelist. The game’s characters are mostly relatives and friends of you and the mansions previous owner – as you’d probably imagine, not everyone was overly impressed that you inherited the mansion and jealousy is certainly on the agenda.

Now that you have the keys to this beautiful but neglected mansion, you can begin exploring all the rooms and sprucing them up to make the place livable. In the process, you’ll start to uncover secrets about your dead relative and her recent love.

You’ll have to protect your mansion against your cousin, who doesn’t like you very much, and doesn’t think that you should have the mansion. Interact with all the characters and learn about their stories as you progress through the game. Find hidden objects to piece together the secrets that haunt the mansion.


The way to earn stars is to complete match-3 puzzles, much like classic match 3 games such as Bejeweled and Candy Crush. As each level progresses, the puzzles will get slightly harder and you’ll get access to bonus candy that when activated can unleash a deadly combo that will destroy much of the candy on the screen.

After the level, you can use the stars you earnt to purchase new furniture in the mansion, as well as to fix up broken items and clean out neglected rooms. You can recreate your dream kitchen, garden, games room, living area, and more. You can also explore the manion with the main character, Tiffany, to find secrets and unlock hidden rooms. The storyline is engaging and clever and, when combined with the match-3 puzzle gameplay, makes for an extremely addictive gaming experience.

Special Features

Among the very fun gameplay and the hidden secrets, there are other features that also make this game a great way to spend your time. Let’s have a look…

Invite Your Friends

You can visit your friend’s mansions and see what they’re up to and how they’ve chosen to decorate. Alternatively, you can have them visit you to take some tips from your amazing taste in curtains and cushions. Share ideas on how to decorate the mansion that you’ll probably never actually be able to afford in real life and chat away while you do it. Boom. Your life is now a little bit more interesting.

Power Ups

Explore a vast collection of power ups and boosters to send candy rocketing out of the screen. These boosters are deeply satisfying to watch blow apart the multi-colored candy all around the screen in an orgy of sparkles and fun noises that will surely make you re-evaluate the value of anything else in your life that isn’t quite as vibrant.


The design and interface of the game are pretty great, easy to use and generally pleasant to behold. Moreover, the characters all have unique appearances and personality traits, making them more fun to interact with.


There’s a cat.

Free to Play

The game is totally free to download and play, although there are in-app purchases, of course. These come in the form of stars to get more furniture quicker and being able to turn your mansion into something resembling an episode of MTV Cribs.

Fun Puzzles

Ultimately, match-3 puzzles are a lot of fun, and this one keeps to the same track: solving the puzzles by popping as much candy as possible and getting a high score. The game is full of fun sounds and animations, and all the little dopamine receptors in your brain will be popping off jubilantly as if you’d just put half of Bolivia up your nose.

How to Download Matchington Mansion Free for Android

To get this great little game on your Android device for free, simply press the button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to Google Play where you can install Matachington Mansion. Once you’ve got it, you can get right into matching up that candy and blowing them away.

Get your buddies involved so that you can check out their mansions and what they’ve done with them, team up with friends to solve the secrets of the mansion, or just play with a dog or a cat to pass the time. In Matchington Mansion APK, the choice is all up to you.