Ever just wake up and think that you’re actually Quinten Tarantino? Just no one ever realized because you kept getting haircuts and never took credit for that time you directed Pulp Fiction? No? Well, whatever, you can still get your editing kicks with Lomotif Music Video Editor apk for Android.

If you’ve ever thought it’d be fun to make a music video, or if you’re already in that game and want some easy and effective software to help you along the way, then the Lomotif app is the one for you. This simple music video editing software can be used to make as many music videos as you want and it doesn’t require you to be a pro in video editing. All you need to do is combine clips, editing them to your own personal preference, then add music in on top to make the full video.

With this awesome music video editing app, you can make videos for your band, for your product, or just for fun – whatever you want the app for, it’ll get your creative juices flowing and you’ll be sure to produce something that looks and sounds great.

How does the Lomotif app work?

The Lomotif Music Video Editor app basically cuts out the tricky work, slimming everything down to the roots and allowing you to easily create beautiful looking videos and find great songs to accompany them. The app only allows you to make short clips, so you can’t be producing full-featured music videos – but it’s perfect for quick things to share on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

You can use the app’s in-built editor to cut your videos to your choosing, or you can enable auto edits to have the app work it’s magic for you. When you open the app you’ll have the option to choose video clips from your phone or to discover them within the app. Then you can choose some music to go with it – for this part, you’ll search within the app’s massive collection of awesome free tunes. Once you’ve selected some video clips to mash together, and a song to play over them, you’ll be taken to the Create page, which is where you do the bulk of your editing. Here you can choose how long the clip is, whether to put filters on it, and you can add text, stickers, titles, and more.

It’s best to pick quite a few video clips to make a montage – this allows you to make it seem like more time has passed in the 30 seconds that you have to make the piece.

Lomotif, huh! What is it good for?

More than absolutely nothing, but still, the fact that you can only make 30-second videos does limit this app to making quick videos for you to share on social media. From the featured videos on the homepage, you get a distinct impression that most people are here to make collages of themselves and their friends set to R&B and rap music. While you’re free to do whatever you want, the can get an idea of what this app is tailored for by browsing through some of these videos.

In short, if you’re looking for a fully-featured video editor app, then this isn’t the one for you. While you can put music over your video, if you’re actually looking to shoot a music video for a band or singer, then you’ll have to go elsewhere. This is more of an app for producing GIF style clips set to music, of either yourself or something you’re doing or a place you’re going, set to some tunes that you will share with your friends on social media.

Best Features of Lomotif Music Video Editor App

Now that you have an understanding of what Lomotif is, how to use it and what to use it for, let’s take a closer look at some of the cool features that this app offers.


Not just short videos, but quick too. Lomotif allows you to edit music videos in no time. You can go from video clips to music-featuring GIF style clip in as little as a minute. It’s a prime way to make some cool content for your social media account. It’s also a great way to document a trip, a day out, or just you and your friend stuck in the house at 9pm on a Wednesday looking for something fun to do.


The whole setup of the app is pretty genius. It’s very simple to use, to the point where even your first creation can look like the work of someone with at least some idea of what they’re doing when it comes to video editing. From selecting video clips to choosing the right song and finally mashing it all together, for the most part, the app does all the legwork, making your job relaxed and quick.


You can share your finished masterpieces to social media from within the Lomotif app itself, meaning there’s no need to start opening up Facebook and Instagram once you’re done. Simples.


There are now seven unique filters to put on your videos to make them look awesome – sort of like how you put filters on your photos in Instagram, Lomotif’s filters are easy to use and make your work come alive. Try them out.


You can use photos to create a slideshow to put to music. This is a great way to document the best moments in your life and share them with your pals on the social media tingz.

Download Lomotif Music Video Editor apk for Android Free

To download Lomotif apk for Android for free, simply press the download button at the top of this page to go to Google Play Store and press “Install” to get it for free. Once you’ve got the app on your device, you won’t even need to make any form of account, simply open up the app and get started video editing straight away. We hope you enjoy playing around with this clever little music video editing app. Have fun!