These days you don’t need any advanced tech or freelance videographer to make sick looking edits. Thanks to rapid advancements in apps, we can perform most functions with a few swipes of the smartphone. LIKE Video is one such app that offers a fresh and funky way to spruce up your boring video footage and share it with friends. I’m talking about gnarly effects and crazy CGI that looks like it’s straight out of Hollywood. LIKE was created by Bigo, a bunch of developers known for their popular social gaming apps combining games with the ability to befriend strangers through healthy competition.

With a vast community of fans and social influencers, LIKE has cemented a name for themselves as the go-to app for anyone that wants to create stunning sci-fi effects or take on the abilities of their favorite superhero. The app boasts some of the latest and most advanced technology in augmented reality and body recognition.

We played around with this app for some time, losing many hours of productivity to its array of effects. Let’s run through some of the features the LIKE Video Magic offers and how you can get your hands on it.


Magic music filter

Use this filter to change the pitch, tone, volume, and rhythm of tracks in videos. Mix music and create cool effects in minutes, with ease.


With their huge database of lyrics and movie dialogues, LIKE lets you share your acting skills with the world using the lipsync feature. Act out a scene from your favorite movie or TV show and who knows, you might make it to Hollywood.

4D technology

That’s right. LIKE video give you access to higher dimensions of reality never before seen, hinted at by scientists for years. Well not quite, but it can perform some neat background and foreground segmentation tricks. With disappearing effects, LIKE technology senses the edge of your body to seamlessly transition between states of reality to make it look like you’re morphing in and out of frame.

Gnarly superpower effects

You can now have the ability to control the elements. I’m talking earth, wind and fire baby, all through simple body gestures. LIKE video is actually the leading app for body recognition technology equipped with a self-learning A.I for scary accuracy. Gesture movements let you recreate superpower and harness supernatural abilities. This negates the need for post-editing tools, with real-time effects.

Facial stickers

Add stickers to that ol’ mug of yours for added kawaii factor. Choose from categories such as cute, comical, ugly, elegant and more. Augmented reality stickers like these let you transform instantly and create even more fun and dynamic videos.

Live magic

Use magic effects live, in real-time to transform yourself in front of your fans. A great way to add humor and excitement to your live streams. If you’re a fan enjoying a stream, send gifts to the streamer to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. This live interaction enriches the overall experience for both parties.

Big bangs

Big bangs and explosion effects let you recreate scenes from war movies, or simply allow you to look cool as hell as you walk towards the camera, with hellfire reigning down in the background.

Mix effects

With just the touch of a button, multiple effects can be added to your videos on par with Hollywood CGI. Add shock factor and show your friends stunning visuals they didn’t think was possible from a mobile app. Faster, more impressive video edits await with this powerful tool.

Beauty filters

Filters make even the blandest of faces shine bright like the northern star. Forget about those blemishes and fine lines. LIKE beauty filters ensure you need to be insecure no longer.

LIKE magic apk is now available in over 23 languages including Hindi, English, Kannada, Indonesian, Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese and more.

Part of what makes LIKE particularly engaging is its social element. More than just a video effects app, it offers a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, watch and host live streams and more. Celebrity status is now not only an exclusive right of A-listers. It can be yours too with LIKE, transforming your smartphone into a movie making, lip syncing, beautifying, gnarly CGI inducing powerhouse. Let your voice be heard and your face be seen and show your fans what you’re made of.

How to install

With the long list of features mentioned above, you’re undoubtedly convinced by now to download this radical, life-changing piece of kit. Go ahead and press ‘Download’ located at the top of this article. From here you’ll be redirected to Google Play to install the app within a matter of minutes.

Note that LIKE app magic video requires Android 4.0 and above to operate and is 44MB in size. A small sacrifice in storage to make for an app jam-packed with crazy features and effects.

In case you are interested in exploring apps similar to LIKE Video, don’t hesitate to have a look at KineMaster.

Download LIKE Video Magic and become a hero

Overall this app is impressive in terms of sheer capabilities for creating stunning animated effects. LIKE has over 100,000,000 downloads on Google Play alone, and the reviews are insanely positive at 4.5 stars. Whether you’re looking to make short films or kill time, this app is a lot of fun. The interface is fairly intuitive to use, and there’s plenty of room to explore the array of features for hours on end.

Overall, this app puts a fresh spin on AR with effects that look genuinely realistic to the point you could probably convince your peers that you’ve been granted supernatural powers in a freak accident. Well maybe not, but it’s a whole lot of fun. And the best part of all? You don’t need to pay a penny. Hit the download buttin and get the LIKE video application today.