If you’re a fan of anime then download KissAnime now to have access to a massive library of anime TV shows and movies. KissAnime is one of the web’s most popular sites to stream anime shows, and now it’s been compacted into this great app so you can watch anime on your Android device wherever you are.

There are more than anime 430 production studios in Japan, alongside many anime-influenced studios outside of the country. Many of the most successful shows are dubbed into different languages and aired around the world. Some examples of these shows include Pokemon, Dragonball Z and OnePiece.

Some of the most prominent production houses include Studio Ghibli – which is known for producing anime feature length films, including Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke. Another well-known studio is Pierrot, which makes the Naruto shows and movies.

The movie Spirited Away, which was animated by Studio Ghibli, was ranked as the second best film of the 21st century so far by the New York Times, and was the highest-grossing Japanese film in history. There are thousands of anime TV shows and films, with more being produced all the time, and existing classics frequently being updated.

How many anime shows have you seen? If you’re looking to see more, then KissAnime has tons of the latest and greatest anime for you, and it’s constantly being updated.

A World of KissAnime

KissAnime was founded some years ago (finding the exact date is difficult as the site doesn’t reveal much information about its history) as a means for everyone to keep up to date on the latest anime releases from Japan, as well as to sift through the back-catalog of thousands of series and films that form the foundations of the industry.

Now, the KissAnime app allows you to do this from your phone or tablet. Using the KissAnime app is simple – first, you just download it by pressing the download button at the top of this article – you’ll have to do a couple of extra steps as the app will at first be refused due to it not being an officially licensed apk by Google.

Go to Settings, then Security, and then navigate to “Unknown Sources” and allow this option. Your device can now install apps that aren’t on the Play Store. Now you can continue downloading KissAnime onto your phone or tablet.

Once it’s installed, open it and you’ll see a grid style list of titles and posters – if you click on one you’ll see an episode list from which you can select. You may need to install an additional media player, although this isn’t a given. If the video doesn’t play, then ALWAYS click it a second time – most of the time the video will play on the second click, as it’s now being loaded on a different server. Now you can sit back and enjoy your favourite anime shows.

You can browse by tons of categories, including drama, romance, thriller, school, sports, fantasy and many, many more. Each category is pretty beefed out – there are so many shows on KissAnime apk that it’s very unlikely you won’t find something to fit your specifications.

Best features

KissAnime is a great app – let’s look at some of the best features:


As mentioned above, the KissAnime app is bursting at the sides with content. The amount of shows is dizzying, so you can guarantee you’ll never be stuck for something to watch.

Ease of use

Again, like we mentioned, the interface is laid out in a simple grid format, with easy to navigate categories that are filled with appropriately related content. The app lays out anime shows in the most easy to access format.


Who can complain about a free lunch? Well, KissAnime apk won’t feed you, but it will give you access to thousands of anime shows, wherever, whenever, totally free. The app has some ads on it, but not many, and overall it’s a great touch that it’s free.

The Final Verdict

When taking into account other sites like 9Anime and JKAnime, KissAnime apk stands out for its range of content and accessibility. While the competition isn’t bad, KissAnime is a fantastic app that you can always rely on to deliver the most up-to-date selection of anime, straight from Japan. Download it now to give it a go.

TOP1APK’s favourite anime shows:

We love anime at TOP1APK, and we’ve put together a list of our favour series so that you can get an idea of where to start.

Death Note

Now also a major Hollywood blockbuster, Death Note follows the story of a schoolboy who finds a diary which, when he writes a name in it, can kill anyone in any way he pleases. But his new power comes with consequences. This is one of the best anime series to start out with.


Ever stop to think about the consequences of the choices you make? Monster takes this premise to a whole new level. It’s about a surgeon who leaves a surgery to save a dying orphan in the city. The choice becomes a more interesting dilemma when the orphan turns out to be a serial killer. This is one for all the lovers of dark tales.

Akame Ga Kill!

This awesome show is about Tatsumi – a young man who wants to prove his worth with a group of assassins called the Night Raid. it has complex characters that each have their own special ability. Watch them battle their opponents in epic scenes. This is a very accessible series for viewers new to anime.

One Piece

This show focuses on the story of Luffy – a pirate as he takes on challenges to become the king of the pirates, always giving it his all. The show has hundreds of episodes and it’s best if you just check it out yourself – we can’t sum it up without a dedicated article!


This is a truly great show – although perhaps not for the faint of heart. Hellsing’s portrayal of violence and gore is gut-wrenchingly epic. The story revolves around a vampire killing other vampires in a variety of interesting ways.

We hope you enjoy watching these great shows, and many more on KissAnime. Make sure to check out our other anime streaming apps on TOP1APK to get an idea of what else is out there.