If you’ve been playing games online at all for the past decade, then you must be aware of tower defense games. They’re among the most popular games for Android, and they’ve managed to maintain their status without losing originality and entertainment value.

The fever started with Bloons Tower Defense, which was originally released as a flash game online for desktop. The game was later turned into an app from which it inspired other releases like Plants vs Zombies and Kingdom Rush. Since then, various follow ups have been released and most have been met with positive reviews and the admiration of tens of millions of players.

The premise of these games is very simple: you have a map where you can place defensive towers and you must stop hordes of enemies from completing their journey along the set road to the other side of the map. You can have towers with archers, some with magicians, some with soldiers and more. The purpose is to not let the enemy get a certain number of their troops through to your end of the path. The fewer enemies pass by the end of the level, the more stars you gain. Towers can usually be upgraded to make them more deadly and you gain cash to do this in the level by killing more enemies.

In different games there are different enemies. The first game to break the scene – Bloons Tower Defense – had you placing towers manned by monkey soldiers trying to pop all the balloons before they got through to your side of the map. The follow up series released by different developers took different approaches, some chose orcs, while others used monsters and zombies. Either way, the ultimate aim remained unchanged throughout.

Why Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance?

In the case of Kingdom Rush Vengeance, the enemies you’re facing vary from foot soldiers to trolls to giant spiders to killer bees. There’s a massive variety of enemies and therefore you need to employ a wide range of towers to combat them. Some towers are much more effective against different enemies, while others will be rendered useless in certain levels – you’ll need to test them out and see what works best.

An Epic Plot

The game continues the plot of the previous titles in the same kingdom that routinely gets infested with evil armies who are hell bent on destroying everything but for reason insist on sticking to neatly defined pathways. The kingdoms figure that the easiest way to defeat them is to just build towers and kill them in the road. Why these armies never just attack the towers themselves we may never know… they must be under really strict orders to just keep walking no matter what.

In this installment of Kingdom Rush you won’t be fighting against the armies of the evil mage Vez’nan… you’ll be commanding his armies and fighting three factions to conquer the whole kingdom. You can now raise a dark army, full of evil heroes from the underworld and use them to destroy the hordes of soldiers that the three empires will throw at you. There are loads of new enemies and towers to play with, and way more upgrades available than in the previous games.

This brings a fun new dimension to the game – finally, you get to take off the gloves and brutalize three whole kingdoms of peaceful peasants. This is the perfect remedy to a Monday lunchtime break. Take the reins of an army of death and malice and unleash it on the kingdoms that have previously driven you into the dirt – who doesn’t love playing as the bad guy every now and then?

New Features in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Now you know a little bit more about the game, let’s look in a bit more detail about some of the fun new features available in this latest installment of the epic tower defense series.


That is the foundation of the game, after all… Kingdom Rush Vengeance apk has introduced new evil looking towers for you to use to plough down hordes of nice clean looking soldiers and weird trolls (and not the kind that the Russians use, either). You can choose from archer towers, mage towers, garrisons, artillery batteries and more. There are 16 in total.


What’s more is that there are now 30 upgrades to use for your army to make them more deadly, as well as the usual upgrades to be made to the towers themselves. By upgrading your army you can make your towers more powerful overall and have the soldiers that emerge from them dish out more damage and soak up more before dying.


There are 16 stages to be fought out across three unique kingdoms meaning you’ll have hours of entertainment to get through. You can replay levels as well to get more stars which you can then use to purchase upgrades for your glorious demonic army while it pillages and burns its way through the lands. There’s nothing like the smell of burning kingdoms in the morning.


As in the previous Kingdom Rush games, there are special abilities like summoning reinforcements and raining death down from the sky on your opponents. Now that you’re commanding the dark armies, you can expect to be able to unleash the full fury of the underworld on the heads of your enemies and watch them burn in a sea of holy fire. The joys of Android gaming.


Unfortunately, you can’t play this game for free – you’ll have to pay around $3.99 to play it and it comes with some in-app purchases, although you shouldn’t worry about these as they’re not actually necessary to enjoy the game.

Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance For Free

To get this awesome game on your Android for free, simply press the download button at the top of this article and you’ll be taken to Google Play Store where you can press “install” – bear in mind you’ll have to pay for the app, meaning you’ll need a Google account (as if you don’t already have one of those…). Enjoy!