Kik Messenger is a Canadian-born instant messaging app that doesn’t require you to sign up with a phone number and instead uses a username to activate your account. The app is remowned for its anonymity – messages are encrypted and they’re not stored by the company meaning they cannot be read later on. The app is also known for secure messaging and is widely popular in the United States, where some 300 million people use the app.

Kik Messenger also features tons of emojis, allowing you to express exactly how you feel all the time – try out different styles and find one that suits you. If you get bored of talking to real people, then switch to the bots instead – they’re built for being social and you can chat to them about all sorts of things, play games with them or even survive a zombie apocalypse with them…

You can join interest-specific groups to meet new people with each group containing 50 people. There are groups for locations, interests, sports, games, topics of discussion and more. In short, this is a messenger app that can keep you entertained regardless of whether you have anyone to actually talk to or not – it doesn’t matter if it’s 1am and all your friends are asleep, you can still get chatting to people on Kik Messenger.

It’s sort of like the app was built to be the messaging app to rival all other messaging apps – The WeChat of the West, as the company themselves put it. If you’re looking for a new way to chat with friends, meet new people and keep yourself entertained at the same time, then Kik Messenger is the app for you.

What’s So Good About Kik Messenger?

The app was born in anonymity – it’s what originally set it apart from the competition and what gained it a million users in its first week of release. The app doesn’t store your conversations on any servers and automatically deletes any photos or videos you send from its own backlog. The app is so good at this that various police departments have complained about the difficulty getting information from Kik – they say that getting information about a user is a “bueracratic nightmare” and that when they finally do, the only thing they can even see is the username, date of birth, email address, and last IP address location from when the information came in. In other words, Kik is good at not giving out your stuff, and this has drawn many users to the app, who seek to take refuge in this security in the wake of Facebook scandles and questions on just how secure Whatsapp really is.


Kik Messenger is also famous for a less technical and more fun reason: emojis! The app has thousands of them and they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you like to chat by words, photos, emojis, GIFs or whatever else – you can find it on Kik Messenger for Android.


There are tons of groups to chat in – they usually have around 50 members and they can range from location, interest and hobbies to general discussion about politics, books or whatever else. If you can’t find the group you want, then make your own! This is a great way to meet new people in your town and exchange with those who hold similar interests to you – try it now, who knows who you might find?!


This is a truly unique and fun feature of Kik Messenger that you won’t find in many other apps. You can chat to bots who will respond in turn and have full-blown conversations with you. You can also play games with them and enter into scenarios like zombie apocalypses where you have to decide which action to take from a multiple choice list, each action you take further developers the storyline. If you’re looking for some simple fun with robots, then this feature was made with you in mind.


While the app has tons of cool features that you won’t find in other messengers, the interface remains very simple in a “Whatsapp fashion.” Everything is clean and clear and the focus is totally directed at your conversations. You won’t be distracted with tons of unnecessary things when using Kik – simple, clean, to the point.


Kik encrypts all messages, although it doesn’t give users the key (not that this will bother most people), and it takes user’s security very seriously. The app also blurs out messages from unknown senders so that users have to open them to see what is inside. This helps to protect users from harassment and keeps a lid on any spam within the app.

Get Connected With Kik Codes

One of the coolest features of Kik is the Kik Codes. This is a genius addition to the app – you put a unique code down on a table or in a cafe or in your store, then when someone scans it, it will immediately open up a conversation with you. This is a great way to get people to contact you, for example, if you put a poster up for an event someone can simply scan the code to ask you more details about the event.

Similarly, you could just put a poster up advertising any event, sale or service and people can quickly and easily contact you about it. Alternatively, you could take your friend’s code, make a poster of them advertising some terrible service that they totally don’t want to perform and then stick said poster all over the place and wait for all the responses to come in. Who says pranks are out of fashion?

Download Kik Messenger for Android Free

If you want to get this app on your Android device then simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” to get in on the action. Try it now for free!