Music is held dear to our hearts as humans and is a powerful tool, allowing us to indulge in past nostalgia and create new and lasting memories that remain with us for a lifetime. These days, because of the significance of song, we look to apps and streaming websites to get our fix and take our music with us wherever we may go. Gone are the days of having to load up your Walkman and a bundle of CDs in your backpack for that family road trip. With the release of such apps comes the opportunity to listen to all genres across the globe from the popular to the highly obscure. However, they are not all created equal, and our job as experts in apps and relevant software is to provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about which app best suits your needs.

Spotify and SoundCloud are some of the better-known names when it comes to streaming services, but there tons of them out there waiting to be discovered with the aim of elevating your listening experience to new heights. Users look for many things in an app. Music library, customization, pricing and quality of upload are to name a few. One of such apps is known as Joox Music. But how does it hold up in terms of functionality? And can it stand beside one the music streaming greats Spotify? Read on to discover the features of this app and to get your Joox music free download today.

What exactly is JOOX?

While not dissimilar to Spotify, JOOX can be called unique in its own right. As a Chinese company, more emphasis has been placed on Chinese music but still gives you access to global artists. It also lets you stream music videos and sing karaoke with the rollout of its latest update. JOOX has most of the functions you would expect from music streaming apps, such as playlist creation and song saving. You can even watch music videos if they’re available for the track – something not a lot of music streaming apps provide. JOOX offer free and paid plans with varying levels of features, with one month free upon signing up for the app with your FaceBook account.

Joox has a rating on the Play star of 4.5 stars and boasts a number of highly positive reviews.

Features of Joox Music

Wicked huge library

Access millions of songs across the globe from multiple genres

JOOX Radio

Access over 50 radios with endless songs to keep you entertained

Recommended Playlists

Get JOOX recommended playlists curated by their experts

Personalized Music

Playlists are fully customizable to set the mood for any event

Real-Time Sharing

Share your songs across multiple social platforms like WeChat and Moments

Live Broadcasting

Get closer to your favorite artist in JOOX Live


This paid version of the app gives you access to Play On-Demand, Download for Offline Listening, high-quality streaming, and no audio ads.

Karaoke Video

Win over your audience with karaoke performances

Karaoke Duet

Team up with your friends and sing your heart out together with duet performances


We always say, no app is without its list of cons, and JOOX is no exception to that rule. From reading user reviews, it seems that JOOX has a few bugs that are causing pain for customers, like playlists disappearing, blocked lyrics and networks errors in the latest update. Although these might be considered minor by some, it can be incredibly frustrating having your listening experience interrupted due to unnecessary glitches. It seems like the developers from JOOX are highly responsive to feedback, showing nice levels of customer service to resolve the issues as they arise.

Besides this, the fact that you can’t download songs and get access to high-quality music for free can be considered a downside for some, but we say one shouldn’t expect too much without paying a premium.

JOOX vs Spotify

When it comes to any music streaming app, it goes without saying we should compare it to the top dog in the industry right now – Spotify. The reality of this comparison is quite clear, and Spotify is number one for a reason with 13.5 million downloads on Google Play compared to JOOX’s 5 million. When it comes to sheer features, playback experience, and music discovery, Spotify can’t beat just yet, although SoundCloud trails closely behind and may even be preferred by some users. That being said, JOOX is great for people looking for a music experience more tailored towards Chinese songs and artists, which is what JOOX does best. And of course, if you’re about that karaoke life, Spotify doesn’t have your back just yet.

How to download JOOX Music

As with all of the apk’s on our site, downloading is as easy as pie. Firstly, locate the big green ‘Download’ button at the top of this review and click on it. Your Android will ask you to enable downloads from unknown sources if you don’t have this enabled already. You can access this from the Settings section of your device. Once done, open the apk file, install and sign up with your Facebook account to enjoy their free 30 day VIP trial. After using the app, we can say with confidence its intuitive enough for even a toddler to get the hang of, so you won’t need to scour the internet for instructions. Just open it up and get streaming.


Overall, while JOOX isn’t the best music streaming app out there, it still gets a thumbs up from us – an A for effort if you will. If you’re a fan of Chinese music and pop culture this is probably the perfect app for you. If you’re a fan of Karaoke, this is definitely for you. Although we can’t place JOOX in our top 5 list of ultimate music streaming apps, it’s still worth a bash at the very least. So go ahead and cop your JOOX music app free download today and be transported to the Great Wall and beyond.