Japanese anime took off in the 1960s and has since become immensely popular, not just in Japan, but around the entire world. It’s characterised by a distinct artistic style, which emphasises realistic settings with an unmissable element of fiction. The result is a vibrant and cartoonish style that viewers can easily immerse themselves in – giving rise to a sense of escapism that is difficult to find in other genres of cinema, and impossible to match when it comes to sheer content.

There are more than 460 anime production studios in Japan – some of the most famous being Studio Ghibli, Gainax and Toei Animation. Films like Spirited Away and series like Dragonball Z caught the attention of millions of viewers in the West and across Asia and anime conventions are not uncommon around the world.

The term actually refers to any animated show or film in Japan, although the term has become synonymous outside of the country with a very particular style. The rise of this story-driven style of cinema – often mistaken as a genre in itself – is a testament to the great creativity present in Japan in the modern age, and is one of the country’s biggest exports, as well as being one of its biggest advertisements.

Looking to watch anime for free

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Best Features of JKAnime

So, how does JKAnime hold up against other streaming apps? If we look into the features of this great app then we quickly see that it’s taken a fair amount of influence from other large streaming apps such as Netflix. Let’s have a look.

Massive catalogue

With more than 1700 anime movies and TV shows, the JKAnime APK is a strong contender for the best place to watch Japanese animation. The dedicated team behind the app have taken the time to include every major anime series you could ask for.

Constantly updated

On top of having a massive library of content to browse through, JKANime is also constantly being updated, ensuring that you’re always up to date with the latest shows. Don’t miss out.

Simple interface

The app is easy to navigate meaning you can find your favourite shows and movies trouble-free. It’s also got a smooth design with a great layout, complimenting the artistic style of the posters of the movies and shows.


JKAnime APK is available on multiple devices, including Android, iOS, and with a little help, PC. Why go a day without your favourite anime? Watch it regardless of what your preferred device is.

Sych across devices

Not only can you use the app on most devices you can also synch to watch your saved favourites on multiple different devices that you own through the cloud. Even if your phone drowns, that won’t stop you from watching Dragonball Z!

HD videos

Watch anime in fantastic HD quality so that you can fully appreciate the immense talent behind each drawing in the shows. This is the best way to watch anime on a handheld device.

Several servers

Never get stuck because of a faulty server – JKAnime has seven dedicated servers for you to stream on so you’re guaranteed to always to able to access the best Japanese content, wherever you are in the world.

Best Japanese anime shows

If you’ve already followed the link at the top of this article to download JKAnime, then you’re probably wondering what the best anime shows to get watching are. Here are some suggestions for you:

One Piece

This show focusses on the story of Luffy – a pirate as he takes on challenges, always giving it his all. The show has hundreds of episodes and it’s best if you just check it out yourself – we can’t sum it up without a dedicated article!

Akame Ga Kill!

This awesome show is about Tatsumi – a young man who wants to prove his worth with a group of assassins called the Night Raid. it has complex characters that each have their own special ability. Watch them battle their opponents in epic scenes. This is a very accessible series for viewers new to anime.

Death Note

Now also a major Hollywood blockbuster, Death Note follows the story of a schoolboy who finds a diary which, when he writes a name in it, can kill anyone in any way he pleases. But his new power comes with consequences. This is one of the best anime series to start out with.


This is a truly great show – although perhaps not for the faint of heart. Hellsing’s portrayal of violence and gore is gut-wrenchingly epic. The story revolves around a vampire killing other vampires in a variety of interesting ways.


Ever stop to think about the consequences of the choices you make? Monster takes this premise to a whole new level. It’s about a surgeon who leaves a surgery to save a dying orphan in the city. The choice becomes a more interesting dilemma when the orphan turns out to be a serial killer. This is one for all the lovers of dark tales.

Wrapping it up

If you’re looking for an easy app to watch all the best anime shows for free, then look no more. This app has it all – it’s free, easy and has an epic catalogue. Viewer, your search is over.