Music really is the spice of life. It’s all-encompassing and is one of the true elements of life that can bring people together from all cultures and manipulate your mood in a matter of seconds. Music has the ability to transport us to different times, bringing blasts from the past and allowing us to indulge in cherished memories as we listen to familiar melodies. There’s no denying we need to take our music time seriously, and part of this process is finding the right app to suit your needs. Download Jio Music free apk to experience your favorite music on a stress-free platform.

Finding and curating the best songs and bundling them into one app is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to music cultures that may not be as widespread as the U.S pop. Luckily, Jio Music has developed the perfect solution with access to over 45 million songs across Bollywood and similar genres. While Jio boasts songs from many different categories, they most certainly specialize in the above mentioned.

Jio is dominating India’s digital media apps sector and is becoming increasingly famous for its array of neat features.

Jio lets you conveniently organize all your songs and even download them for later listening. The music quality comes in crystal clear HD and you can discover tracks with ease from a range of different artists that are established in the industry. Names like A R Rahman, Arijit Singh, Honey Singh, and more can be expected of Jio music. Let’s look at some of the main features.


Curated playlists – playlists catered to every type of listener

Great audio – songs are streamed in stunning crystal clear HD for the best listening experience

Awesome interface – simple UI with dark mode and 3D touch make navigating the app a breeze

Ad-free – experience life without ads with Jio Pro

Multiple genres – categories and genres for every occasion and mood

Recommendations – Useful and relevant music recommendations

Multiple languages – music in multiple languages including Hindi, Punjabi, English and Tamil among many others.

Download songs – Take your songs and playlists with you for offline listening with the download feature

Customization – customize your listening experience by using audio effects to change the style up

Exclusive features – exclusive music, podcasts and shows only available on JioSaavn

Download and sync – enjoy your vast library of music on up to five devices

Frequently asked questions

What is ‘My Music’?

The content you generate is stored under ‘My Music’. All your favorite songs, albums, and playlists are housed here and can be accessed from the left menu.

Can I use other apps at the same time?

Absolutely. Jio will still run in the background as you switch between apps unless you are streaming other forms of video or audio.

How can I report an issue?

Provide feedback or suggestions using the following steps:

  • Tap on the left drawer
  • Tap on support > feedback
  • Share your thoughts and input via text or screenshots

How do I edit my playlist?

Follow these steps to edit your playlist:

Go to ‘My Music’ > Playlists > tap on the playlist you want to edit > delete or add songs as you please by tapping ‘Add to Playlist’.

Can I stream Jio Music through AirPlay or Chromecast?

You most certainly can my friend.

Is it controllable by smartwatch?

Jio Music is compatible and should work with most modern smartwatches.

What is JioSaavn Pro?

This is the paid version of the Jio Music app and will give you the ability to download to listen offline and save data, enjoy completely ad-free music with no interruptions and high quality 320kbps audio. It’s also worth noting that if you have a Jio Sim Card, you get 90 days of Jio Pro absolutely free.

Is it any good?

In short, yes. But that, of course, is largely dependant on what you’re looking for in a music streaming app. If you enjoy the glitz and brightly coloured romantic tales depicted in Bollywood music, this app is certainly for you. The database is huge and to have access to download songs for free is a feature more streaming apps should be on board with. That being said, if you are looking for grungy future retro Blade Runner style synthwave music, this app isn’t for you.

How to install Jio music

It couldn’t be easier. Simply hit the big green ‘Download’ button located at the top of this article and wait for the download to finish. This will only work if you have third party app downloads enabled on your Android device, so go ahead and do that from the settings section of your phone. Once downloaded, open the app and sign in using your details. This step and be skipped and is required if you want to use the services. Easy right?

Some hot artists to follow

What good is a review without some solid recommendations? If you’re not familiar with them already, check out these artists below after installing JioSaavn for Android.

A R Rahman

Allahrakka Rahman is one of the most esteemed music producers, directors, songwriters and composers in not only India, but worldwide. He’s noted for beautiful fusions of traditional Indian music with electronic and classical orchestra.

Arijit Singh

One of the biggest names in Bollywood, Arijit Singh is responsible for some of the most powerful love ballads known to India. He’s been known for being able to cast spells on his audience and captivate them with his live performances. Definitely worth checking out.

Yo Yo Honey Singh

And the wild card for the day is Yo Yo Honey Singh. While his music is definitely an acquired taste, it can be a lot of fun. Honey Singh is an Indi-pop singer that features a lot of hip hop and rap elements in his music. Perfect for your next Bollywood themed house party.

Summing it up

All in all, Jio music is a great app for streaming and downloading music from a huge curated selection. We’re confident you’ll find what you are looking for with this comprehensive app from the Indian tech giants.