If you use social media, then you’ve probably heard of or used Instagram. The photo-sharing giant has 800 million users and is currently owned by Facebook. Due to this ownership.

The concept of the app is simple – upload pictures, edit them if you want, and share them to the feed. You can then scroll through the feed and see what your friends or public figures that you’re following are sharing. You can visit their profile and see all their pictures in a neat little grid, and like them or save them to collections. Download Instagram now to get all these great features and many more.

All-in on Instagram

You can follow your friends, celebrities, online stores, professional photographers, tattoo artists and much more. The great thing about Instagram is that you can tailor it to suit your preferences: If you’re only interested in following chefs for example, then you can simply follow them and not your friends. You don’t have to add people like on Facebook – you can simply follow them, but this doesn’t mean they’re following you. This is useful if you don’t want to see people’s pages but they want to see yours. Alternatively, you can set your privacy settings up so that you have to approve followers before they can see the content on your page.

You can also connect Instagram to your Facebook so that pictures and videos you upload to your feed will also be shared on your Facebook profile. You can even connect it to Tinder so that users on the dating app can see more photos of you.

Some popular profiles include National Geographic, Magnum Photos, various celebrities, chefs like Gordon Ramsay, David Chang and Jamie Oliver (who doesn’t love food photos?) and Victoria’s Secret (for some sexy lingerie shots).

Even Tom Hanks has his own page dedicated to documenting lost gloves and shoes that he finds on his morning jogs (we’re not making that up…).

Why make an Instagram account?

Simple. It allows you to follow people interested in the same things as you. If you’re interested in photography then this is a real plus, as you can follow independent photographers from all around the world. That being said, Instagram is by no means just for pro-photographers. Most of the users are everyday people who make the most of the editing features and preset photo filters offered by the app. Many people also use other apps like VSCO, Huji and Foodie to make their shots look great before uploading them. This is big business these days – and a lot of apps have been built more or less solely to cater to those looking to up the standard of their Instagram posts.

The app is by its nature a social media platform and it comes with a built in messenger service where you can send SMS messages, photos, videos and more. If you’re fed up with the constant bombardment of somewhat meaningless content offered by the Facebook news feed, then you might even want to consider switching to Instagram exclusively.

How to get followers on Instagram

Once you’ve made an Instagram account, you’ll need some followers to share your photos with. The best way to get new followers is to simply follow other people – if they know you then it’s likely they’ll follow you back – unless you’ve not got any content.

This leads us to our next tip – upload great content. Quite simply, if you’re posts look stunning, then people will follow you. This is especially true if you keep to some sort of theme. To select a theme for your Instagram, try to think up something you’re passionate about – and if you can’t think of anything, then go out and explore and document that.

Alternatively, you can find out how to buy followers on Instagram – this is useful for businesses looking to make an impression, although it’s not necessarily advised for someone genuinely trying to make a mark. You’ll eventually come across people commenting on your pictures asking you to buy followers – it’s inevitable.

This takes us to our last point – how to get popular on Instagram: Use hashtags on your photos. These will mean that people searching a particular thing will come across your photo. This probably isn’t of much consequence to you if you’re just documenting your nights out with your friends, but if you’re making your page more about an interest, then this is definitely something to make sure you do.

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The Juicy-wuicy Bits

So now that you understand a little more about how to use Instagram, let’s take a closer look at some of our favourite features of the photo-sharing app.

Follow interests

This is our top feature of Instagram – the ability to follow pages that are specifically covering something you’re interested in, such as cooking, motorbikes, film photography, animals, pottery, sports and more. There are pages dedicated to everything out there. And if there’s one missing, then make it yourself.

The Social Network

Instagram is a great social network that not allows you to keep in touch with your friends on a more visual and simple interface than Facebook, but it also allows for people around the world to message you if they’re interested in your profile. Who knows what opportunities can arise from this.

Editing Tools

Terrible camera on your phone? Don’t worry – Instagram’s editing features and preset filters will make your photos look stunning – or at least not terrible.


Save photos you come across for later by storing them in a titled collection. This is great for looking back on pictures that inspired you in some way.


Similar to Facebook, you can upload pictures and videos to appear for 24 hours in the stories section at the top of the photo feed. This can also be synced to Facebook. It’s great for stuff that you want to share but don’t want clogging up your photo feed.

The Final Words

If you think this sounds like something you’d be keen to try then download Instagram from the link at the top of this article. The photo apk is the biggest and most revolutionary photo sharing app ever made, and holds so much content that you’ll never get bored looking through it. Have a go now!