So you’ve managed to capture some epic footage from your ski holiday in the Alps. But that footage isn’t very compelling on its own is it? Wouldn’t it be much more engaging with, let’s say, Linkin Park blaring as you shred the slopes in your high vis ski gear? Go ahead and spice it up a bit using InShot video & photo editor, a premium app designed to transform your content into nuggets of media gold. At TOP1APK we take editing apps seriously, and while we understand there are thousands of choices to choose from, we only recommend the best for our dear readers.

Let’s run through some of the unique features InShot has to offer as well as how you can download your InShot free APK and start creating stunning videos today.

What is InShot?

In a nutshell, InShot is an HD editing app that can be used to make engaging, entertaining video and photo edits for personal use as well as YouTube, IGTV, TikTok, and Twitter. If you’re keen on smashing out content across various social platforms to gain traction as an influencer, InShot is the perfect tool with a myriad of cool features to stylize your media. Hell, if you simply want to make sick travel edits to show off to your friends, this app also has you covered.


Video Trimmer, Cutter, and Splitter

Edit ratios to fit your desired social media platform such as Instagram, IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. This means you can optimize your content for a professional edge if you take your social status seriously.

Video Filters & Effects

Mobile video footage can be bland at the best of times, even with high-end smartphone cameras. Adding filters can bring a cinematic feel to your videos when used correctly. You can also adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and more.

Background Music

InShot gives you the ability to add free in-app music or add your own tunes via your smartphone library. Adjust the volume and fade in/fade out options for maximum impact.

Video Speed Control

Speed up your video for an entertaining chipmunk effect, or slow it right down to create epic slow-motion action shots.

Crop Your Videos

Crop out the InShot watermark on your videos if you so desire. This tool is particularly handy for customizing your content to specific dimensions.

Add Text & Stickers

Add text to your videos – perfect for bloggers and influencers who need to label sections of their content. Add animated stickers and emojis with an array of choice updated weekly.

Sharing Is Caring

InShot is optimized to make your content super easy to share with friends across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Collages & Photo Editor

Collages, filters, background blur, and frames are just a few effects available for tweaking and stylizing your photos.

Tips & Tricks

Verticalize Your Videos

When uploading Instagram stories, flipping your videos to portrait aspect is desirable for an aesthetic viewing experience, as Instagram stories use these ratios. InShot lets you flip your video content to portrait mode while blurring the edges or creating a solid background. Simply change the ratio to 9:16 and get to uploading.

Select Your Resolution

When saving your slick video edit, you’ll be given the choice to save it in 720p or 1080p quality. Naturally, saving in 720p will save memory on your device, so use this as an option if you’re running low on space.

Removing The Watermark

The watermark removal feature is limited to the Pro version of the app. But like anything just and good in life, there is always a loophole. When saving your aesthetic work of art, you can opt to watch a short 30-second ad to remove the watermark from your finished video.

InShot for PC?

Due to the popularity and sheer capabilities of this app, we get asked all the time if there is a version available for download on PC. Unfortunately, as of now, no such software exists. But who knows, if we rally together and start a petition, they might just make it happen one day.


No app is without its faults and limitations, and while InShot has nearly everything you could ask for, there are some drawbacks worth mentioning.

Upgrading to Pro

With the free version of InShot, you will be restricted from using certain features. If you are looking to access all of InShot’s, filters, stickers, effects, watermark, and ad removal tools, you will have to sign up for the paid version of the app. Opt for the one-time payment of $42.99 or pay month to month $4.39 with a recurring direct debit.


There are claims online of InShot performance not being up to par, and crashing occasionally, but we ran into no such issue using the app over extended periods of time. Just make sure you have enough RAM space available on your Android to run the app smoothly and avoid this problem.

How to Download InShot for Android

Go ahead and hit the download link located at the top of this article for your free InShot APK. Once prompted, make sure to enable ‘downloads from third-party sources’ in the settings section of your Android device. This allows your phone to accept downloads from other sources other than Google Play.


There was a time when advanced software and bulky hardware was needed to perform the simplest of video editing techniques. With huge leaps in apps and software development, we can now fit these features and more in the palm of our hands. With the introduction of 4K video recording on most high-end smartphones, apps like InShot become even more relevant. You would be surprised if you learned just how many influencers and famous YouTubers record and upload content solely from their mobile phones. So what are you waiting for?