How to Win in Fortnite with Minimum Fighting
by makalena

How to Win in Fortnite with Minimum Fighting


The game can be played in countless different ways, and one of the most useful ways is to survive while keeping fighting to a minimum level.

It’s not just about the tactics alone, but also the philosophy behind it. Without shooting, the game is a different thing altogether. You’ll have to rely on building, scavenging, and staying safe from danger all the time.

While it might sound like a challenge to some, but the majority will find it boring. Why? Because shooting is what makes Fortnite fun.

Hold tight! Let’s begin our guide on surviving in the game without firing a weapon.

1. Build like a Pro

The building is a quintessential aspect of Fortnite. Structures can be constructed not just for the offense but for the defense also. It also lets you escape while your opponent is busy taking down your building.

If you’re not that good with your shooting skills, you can use structures to give you cover. If you get engaged in a direct confrontation with a player, who is technically superior to you, building structures can provide the much-needed distraction. This would give you ample time to change your tactics or to run away.

Pro Tip: Don’t construct a big structure that stands out from a distance. It would attract unwanted visitors and kill your purpose of hiding.

2. Keep Running

If you want to stay away from conflicts, hiding all the time is a bad choice. To survive till the last, you would have to change your location several times due to various reasons.

If you stay stationary at one location, chances are that eventually, you’re going to be spotted by an enemy or get stuck in the storm.

The best strategy is to change your location within a certain time period. It would help you to explore resources and at the same time keep track of your enemies.

Pro Tip: While running from one place to another, bushes offer you the best place to hide. In comparison to building structures, bushes are less elaborate and less likely to be attacked by other players.

3. Use Sound Sense to Your Advantage

You sound sense is by far the second most important tool in the game to identify or track your opponents after sight. Be sure to use quality headphones with the ability to generate excellent audio feedback. A good pair of headphones would not only let you discover the direction of your enemy but would also let you blend yourself with the environment.

If there’s a firefight going on around your location, you can easily distance yourself away from the conflict by using your sound sense. Further, you can also use your sound sense to distract your enemies and escape any situation.

4. Heal Yourself in the Storm

When your opponents are tough and relentless, you’ve to try some unconventional things at a time. Hiding within the storm is one such strategy. Although, your health would be draining quickly (late in the game), but you can still survive in the middle of the storm by healing yourself sideways.

What you need is a combination of right timing with the right resources at your disposal. Be sure to use your Med Kits wisely, along with an occasional Cosy Campfire to heal yourself.

Pro Tip: Begin your healing just before the Storm hits you. Use a Cosy Campfire along with a Med Kit, to counter the effect of the Storm.

5. Leech onto Your Opponents

This is probably a hard thing to do. But once you’ve mastered it, you’d reap huge benefits. It involves identifying a player who’s in the best position in the game. Somebody who’s sitting atop a tower or hill with a sniper rifle could be the one.

But be careful, if you’re not sneaky enough, you’d end up on the ‘dead’ list.

So, what you have to do is to sneak right up to the best player, without being noticed! If they’re sitting on top of a tower, you can hide in the lower floors of their structure.

Just follow that player, without being noticed. Hide in the surroundings, you can also build yourself a small structure to avoid any direct conflict.

It’s a very patient approach, you’d have to wait until the ‘guy’ shoots out the rest of the enemies. When it finally becomes 1 versus 1 situation, you can come out of your hiding spot and take them down silently.

Pro Tip: Choose a player who’s in an advantageous position, not someone who’s clueless about the game and keeps running from one place to another.


Fortnite is all about outliving your opponents. While hiding and avoiding danger are some of the basic ways to get started, it’s also necessary to take out opponents at times. There’s a combination of everything you learn from experience that would help you to survive.

What you do in the game always differs from what you had planned to do. There are some split-second decisions that can work in your favor at times. So, instead of following a strict strategy, try relaxing in the game, and do what seems necessary instead of following any guide. If you’re lucky and smart enough, you can finish the game as a winner without firing a single bullet!