The latest uprising in the digital world is the birth of streaming sites and applications like Netflix. Video on demand is in the process of slowly killing the ancient device we know as television. We know it’s time for a revolution. The time of patiently waiting a whole week for another episode is complete stone age nonsense! We want to watch episodes NOW and we want to BINGE them! The time of boring 60-year-old men at television companies, deciding what we get to watch is over!

Thanks to the amazing invention called the internet, streaming was born and our lives got a little bit easier. From Youtube to Netflix, online streaming of movies and television series is the new big thing in entertainment. All around the world, there are new streaming services popping up. Not all of them will be able to withstand the test of time, however, for the market is very competitive. Hotstar is India’s biggest online streaming platform.

Free to download with the option to subscribe to a premium package for more viewing content. Hotstar has over 100,000 hours of movies and TV shows from various Indian and international entertainment networks. It also covers live cricket and large sporting events from around the world.

About the Hotstar application

Hotstar launched in 2015 and was originally only available in India. The original purpose of the Hotstar application was to give the people of India an easy and mobile way of streaming the 2015 cricket world cup. An excellent decision, considering the Indian passion for the sport that rivals the relationship Europeans have with football/soccer. In September of 2017, Hotstar won rights to the IPL (Indian Premier League) from 2018 to 2022. The world-famous T-20 championship attracts millions of viewers each year and Hotstar ensures that the fans have an easy way to watch their beloved sport on the move.

There are a lot of TV shows on the app that are free to watch without a subscription, but there is an option to get the premium package that allows you to view all of the content on the app. Hotstar doesn’t merely consist of Bollywood programs but also include international entertainment from famous networks like National Geographic, Fox Life and HBO. Another thing worth mentioning about the Hotstar app’s content is the 17 different languages it accommodates. That’s 16 more than most people can speak! These languages include Hindi, Tamil, English, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Gujarati. Using the application also allows you to stream from a selection of Indian Television channels. You’ll never miss an important episode, because you’re not at home, ever again.

Hotstar premium

Without the premium package, you pay like any other free online streaming website, by borrowing your gaze to an advertisement for a few seconds every now and then. Sick of ads? Hotstar has a premium package that broadens your viewing experience and makes more shows available to view. You can take Hotstar Premium monthly, but the better option would be subscribing to the premium package annually, saving you up to 70% on the standard price.

Where in the world can you use the Hotstar app for Android?

Recently Hotstar has given Americans and Canadians an opportunity to enjoy their curry in an authentic manner, watching some gripping Bollywood drama. Yes, the application can now be downloaded in the USA and the neighbouring country of Canada (and India, of course). I’m sure we are to see a rise of Bollywood fans amongst American citizens soon, maybe someone will even flatten out a baseball bat and start running in straight lines. The app features a live scoreboard that updates as the game progresses and allows busy people to quickly check up on scores without video-streaming the live match.

Hotstar has many pros that can be listed:

  • There is a large variety of movies.
  • The premium offers most of the latest and best shows straight from the USA.
  • Hotstar has shows from multiple Indian TV networks.
  • Sport can be watched live.
  • 17 Different languages
  • TV channels can be streamed

Hotstar however, like everything in the world, is not perfect. It has some downside in its design:

  • Hotstar is only available in India, Canada and the USA.

How is the rest of the world going to watch the IPL matches live without Hotstar?

How do you download the Hotstar apk?

The Hotstar application is available on Google Play Store, but remember that you won’t be able to download it if you’re not in one of the above mentioned three countries (India, USA and Canada). As seen in the play store the application has received outstanding reviews, and for good reason.

How to use Hotstar

Hotstar’s interface is simple and very easy to use. Once you’re in the app you will be given suggestions on the best and most popular TV series and movies on Hotstar. The ones only available on premium will be marked accordingly by a green label at the top with the word “Premium” written on it. This means you have to be subscribed to premium in order to watch it. Hotstar has a list of categories in a tab section. TV, sport, movies and channels will each take you to the section and show you the latest entertainment to choose from. Sit back, relax and enjoy your samoosa.

Wrap up

Hotstar is an amazing video on demand application. It not only brings spice to the world with a bit of Indian tradition in entertainment but also has some of the best Hollywood shows to watch. The interface is user-friendly and easy to learn. You can watch Hotstar for free, but you won’t be able to watch the shows in the premium section. Live streaming of sports events ensures you don’t miss a swing from your favourite IPL batsman. The only complaint about the Hotstar app is that it needs to spread to the world and become available to download in more countries.