Sick and tired of swiping on Tinder? If you’re looking for a dating app but don’t want to revert back to the shameless vanity of the industry’s darling, then you’ll be happy to learn that there are plenty of alternatives. The best one that’s recently been released takes a totally different approach to matching you with potential dates.

How Hinge Works

Hinge has taken the traditional swiping method used by Tinder, Badoo, Bumble and the rest of the gang, and has replaced it with a formula that forces you to look past the photos and get a sense of the person’s actual personality. The dating app does this by making you spend time to fill out a unique profile before you’re allowed to like any other users. Not only must you put six pictures on the profile (non-negotiable), but you must also answer three “prompts” such as “If I won millions of dollars I would…” or “My perfect date would be…” and so on. The app also asks you about your genre, height, age, job, whether you drink, smoke, take drugs, and smoke marijuana. You could say that this is one of the more liberal dating apps.

When looking for a potential date, you see the entire profile on your screen and to try and match with them you’ll have to like something specific about their profile, such as their answer to a prompt or one of their pictures (or that they smoke weed). If you both like each other then it’s a match and you immediately have something to talk about.

Hinge vs Tinder

This is something that is much preferred over the “Tinder method” whereby all your interactions eventually get reduced to mindless swiping through unrealistic representations of people that have been photoshopped to hell, and blank profiles or stupid quotes like “Foodaholic” or “Love animals, hate people” or some other unoriginal cynical BS that doesn’t say anything about a person apart from “I have no personality or strength of character so I wrote some arrogant write-off statement to appear edgy and confident when actually I hate myself and I have no aims in life whatsoever.”

In fact, young people – particularly in major cities – are flocking to the Hinge dating app in droves due to its genuine and original method of forcing you to fill out an honest and comprehensive profile before you can even send a like to someone. Due to this method, 75% of people who meet for dates on Hinge end up also meeting for a second date. If that’s not proof that this app is far more successful that the rest of the competition when it comes to producing results, then we’re not sure what else you could possibly be using to measure that.

Best Features of Hinge Dating App for Android

Now that you understand a little more about this clever dating app, let’s have a look under the hood to get a better understanding of how it works.


You can’t just flick through the pictures and swipe away, the app is designed so that pictures are interrupted by information and prompts, so to see all six you’ll need to see all the person’s information, too. This is a great way to get you to actually consider the people you’re swiping through as more than just a potential hook-up. This app is aimed at dating and relationships, rather than just sex or looking for a language tutor.


You’ll never have to see a blank one again – on Hinge, you actually HAVE TO fill out your profile 100%, otherwise you can’t use the app. What a great way of making sure people fill the damn thing out. You also have to put up six pictures which can imported from your camera roll, Facebook, or Instagram. No more blank profiles with a stupid quote. From now on it’s pure character.


While there is a premium version for $12.99 / month and then being reduced to $4.99 / month if you sign up for six months, the free version if good enough for everyday use. The only possible reason you’d get the premium version is to quickly see who’s liked you and get access to “Hinge Experts” – whatever the hell that means…


How many more times are we going to mention these things? But seriously, the amount of variety gives you so much room to show your humor some genuine bits of your personality. It’s a great way to tell people something about yourself without reverting to the Tinder-style bio that so often shows nothing of a person that you’d actually care about.


The app openly allows you to show other users if you drink, smoke weed and take drugs. It also allows you to show your politics and religious beliefs, meaning that you can get a real idea of a personals moral compass before meeting them. If you’re looking for someone to watch Rick and Morty with while working your way through a bag of Lemon Haze, then this is a pretty good app to find them on.


The developers claim that 75% of all dates end in a second date – this means that you can pretty much guarantee some results from the Hinge dating app for Android. Put that out-of-date flame down and get onto where the real action is!

Download Hinge – Dating & Relationships App

To get Hinge apk on your Android device, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to Google Play Store where you just have to press “Install” to get started. Once the app is on your device, open it and fill out your profile (this can take up to ten minutes due to the thorough nature of the app). When – and only when – your profile is 100% complete, you can start liking other profiles on the app. Once you start talking, expect the magic to take hold.

We hope you found this useful and find the love of your life through Hinge. Bring joy to the world and don’t litter.