This game takes good reflexes and could be called a bit of a ‘thinker.’ The basic premise is to control the rotation of a helix tower so that the bouncy little ball of blood (or is that paint?) can make its way to the bottom of the tower and through to the next level. If that sounds like a simple setup to a game then viola, you’ve got it so far. The thing is, this game is actually pretty bloody challenging. The further your progress, the more challenges it throws at you: parts of the helix begin to rotate, there are more dead zones that you’re not allowed to land on, and the whole thing starts moving faster.

Like any puzzle – action game, Helix Jump will stretch your perception and make your brain hurt after too long playing it. But the game is brutally addictive thanks to the simple yet stunning visuals and physics it incorporates.

How to Play Helix Jump APK Game?

We’re guessing that the ball you’re responsible for getting to the bottom of the helix tower is a spec of blood. That would make sense seeing as the helix resembles DNA. Maybe that’s just our imagination, maybe we ought to have gotten medical degrees instead of making a living writing about apps. Either way, it’s very pleasurable watching it bounce around. The physics in the game have been fine tuned and like a fancy watch where the second-hand travels effortlessly without interruption, the ball in helix jump doesn’t lag as it bounces up and down on the maze. It also leaves a splat of red whenever it lands on a surface, which is also for some reason really nice to see.

The visuals are extremely simple, set to a plain background, and the maze is only made up of three colors at any given time which indicate where you can go and where you can’t go. If you land on one of the dead zones, you’ll die. Then you’ll have to start the level again. The levels aren’t long, but they require increasingly practiced skill to master. As you progress, you’ll notice that you’re required to take risky routes falling down the helix maze in-between dead zones that are spinning to make it harder for you to stay on them (seeing as you’re always bouncing, staying in one spot on a moving part of the helix maze is impossible).

The further you fall, the more momentum you gather, which ultimately results in your landing smashing the entire part of the helix you land on to bits if you’ve been falling for a few seconds or longer. This adds another layer of challenge to the game as you’ll have to recognize where to make your hard landings or else risk falling next on a dead zone.

Best Features of Helix Jump game


As mentioned before, the graphics are nice and make for some addictive gameplay, the bouncing ball moves like you’d expect it to in real life and reacts perfectly with other objects in the helix maze.


What would visuals be without great and satisfying sounds to accompany them? Nothing, that’s what. The sounds in Helix Jump are great and satisfying, making for a more well-rounded gaming experience. This game is very therapeutic and playing it will make you feel calm and relieve any stress from the day in a wave of refreshing comfort. It’s sort of like the opioid of the gaming world.


Like a Japanese architect, Helix Jump scores solid when it comes to minimalism and simple design. The game doesn’t need to be cluttered with useless visuals and features, what it has is exactly what you want it for and it doesn’t try to deliver more.


You can enjoy Helix Jump on Android free of charge – although there are lots of ads and in-app purchases are offered for around $2.99 a pop. The developers need to make money somehow…

Downsides of Helix Jump Game

While the game itself is beautifully designed with stunning visuals and pleasant sounds, it has to be said that there are more ads in here than there are people in India. This is certainly something that the developers could have toned down on, like, seriously, there’s an ad after every two-minute level, which requires you to first watch a video and then play out a level of a game. Of course, these can be skipped after a few seconds, but they’re really heavily intrusive and break the gaming experience up way too much in the free version. You can support the developers by paying a small fee for the full version and this will remove the ads, but still, we’ve rarely seen so much advertising in a free game.

Another downside is the fact that the app openly collects your personal data… something which we’re struggling to see why they’d need for any other reason than to sell it to third parties for targeted advertising. This is a practice commonly used by apps, especially APK ones that aren’t on the Google Play Store, but to see it used in a game like this alongside the rampant ads shows that the developers are ultimately invested in one thing and one thing only: making tons of money off of you. It sort of feels like a scan whenever you’re not actually involved in a level, and with more than 100 million downloads of the game, the developers really must be enjoying themselves on a beach somewhere.

Wrapping Up

Overall, Helix Jump is a great game, but it has to be said, anyone who tries to bombard you this much with ads is more concerned about the payroll than they are about the game. It’s almost as if they’ve just put this together to bleed a cash cow. Consider purchasing the full version if the ads really bother you, that way you’ll have a more pleasant time playing what really is a great game. Your information will probably still be mined like an MF, though. To download Helix Jump, press the button at the top of this page and you’ll be redirected to Google Play Store.