Hearthstone takes players into the World of Warcraft universe in a card-game setting, challenging you to collect as many of the best characters as possible and make an unbeatable deck. You can cast spells and summon minions to take control of the dynamic and ever-shifting situation on the battlefield.

Why Download Hearthstone for Android

This is a great game for anyone who’s interested in fantasy, RPG, and card games, or just for anyone looking to have an intense online gaming experience. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because this is a card-based game, it’s any less intense than a full-blown action game. You’ll be biting your nails while fighting for control of the battlefield.

The interface is simple enough. You and your opponent will go head to head – you’ll have quick access to your cards. Simply draw a card, attack, use your hero move, and then end your turn. Your opponent will do something similar as he/she tries to destroy you.

The game features nine classes, including Warrior, Paladin, Rogue, Warlock, Mage, Hunter, and Priest. All classes have their own unique abilities and hero moves, making them all distinct from one another. You’ll have to master how to use each one, while also seeking to collect more cards and upgrade your existing ones.

Best Features of Hearthstone

Hearthstone is currently considered to be one of the best games out there for Android. Download the latest version of Hearthstone now to experience all these great features:

Immersive WOW gameplay

If you’re a fan of World of Warcraft (WOW), then you’ll no doubt be interested in playing this game. All of the most famous characters from the WOW universe are present in the game, and the detail on each one is fantastic. Each character has their own unique moves and strategies, so you can keep yourself entertained by working your way through each class of characters.


The characters look sharp, the cards are heavy and go down on the board like real cards would, and the general interface of the game looks fantastic. This is one of the best draws of the game – it looks shiny and busy enough to keep you entertained for hours. Players won’t be disappointed when playing this action-packed card game.


The best things in life are made all the better when you’re not paying for them,. The game is totally free to play, although, you will have to buy new decks of cards, which cost around $1.50 per pack. Or you can get 50 packs for $40. This is just like when you used to collect cards as a kid and it does sort of mean that you might have to end up spending a fair amount of cash to get anything half decent. But that’s all part of the fun of collecting cards, right?

Explore the WOW Universe

The boards can be in all corners of the WOW universe, including the cursed Witchwood Forests, or journey into the caves of the Kobalds and Catacombs. You can play as a Death Knight from the Knights of the Frozen Throne, and so much more. All the best locations and characters from World of Warcraft are in this game for you to explore and enjoy.

Easter Eggs

If you’re looking for something to do while your opponent takes their turn, then try having a look around the board – you can interact with it sometimes by pressing certain areas. These easter eggs make the gameplay more fun and rewarding.

Ultimate Deck

If you’re not sure which cards to match together to make your perfect deck, then the game will recommend you some to begin with. If you don’t yet have the cards that they’re suggesting, then it will suggest suitable replacements so that you can at least get halfway there.

Upgrade Cards

Seeing as the cards in the game come in random packs, you’ll sometimes end up with a less than satisfactory collection. If this is the case, then you can destroy some of your cards to create Arcane Dust to upgrade other ones of your choice.

Online Play

Play against the AI to gain experience, then take to the online world to compete against real people and climb up the leaderboards. You can also play against your friends if you want.


The game isn’t perfect, although it does come close to being. The major downside of Hearthstone for Android is that you have to keep paying for more cards. If you want to make a truly excellent deck, then you’ll need to spend a fair bit of cash to get hold of new cards.

You can also buy heroes, although they don’t really have much of an impact on the game’s outcome, and they cost around $9.99 each.

The game isn’t appropriate for anyone who is looking for a more involved action game where you can directly control the characters. This is a card game, not League of Legends…

Download the Latest Version of Hearthstone Now

If you want to experience the game on your Android, then download it now to unlock all the amazing gameplay that it features. This is an excellent installment from Blizzard Entertainment, and shows that they’re more than capable of making diverse games to suit different tastes.

Top Tips For Hearthstone

You’ll want some pro tips to improve your play – especially in the early days. First of all, make sure you always draw first, then put other cards in play. This is a mistake that even pro players make. That card could be anything!
Self harm… sometimes in Hearthstone attacking yourself actually has massive benefits for your character. If you have a character that can be affected by enrage, then dealing a single point of damage to it to activate this mode will be well worth it.

The position of your cards on the table is very important, make sure you pay attention to this and don’t put them in awkward spots.

Be patient and don’t end your turn too early. The longer you wait to make sure all the maximum damage that can be dealt has been dealt, the more likely you are to beat your opponent.

Finally, make sure to have fun while playing Hearthstone!