HBO GO is your new best way to watch thousands of original TV shows and movies online. The app lets you access the entire HBO library wherever you are (assuming you’re in the US or its territories). If you’re looking for an alternative to Netflix and you’re a big fan of the many great HBO shows like Game of Thrones and True Detective that have been released in recent years, then this is the app for you.

While the app is exclusively focussed on HBO content and therefore doesn’t feature a lot of great series, it’s still a hefty piece of kit to have on your Android device. The app comes at a cost, however, and not a small one. To access all the content on HBO GO, you’ll need to pay a flat monthly rate of US$15. The service is free for anyone with an existing HBO subscription – although you have to pay for that too.

The app has a great interface that makes searching for shows and movies easy. Moreover, you almost guarantee that your favorite HBO shows will all be present on the app and that you’ll be able to watch every episode of them.

HBO Go VS Netflix

Of course, this is the big question – how does HBO GO hold up against Netflix? The answer is probably pretty obvious: seeing as you can only stream HBO shows and movies on HBO GO, it lacks the sheer scope of content that Netflix can offer. What’s more, at $15 per month, it’s almost twice the price of a basic Netflix subscription. So, for less content at a higher price, what one would you pick?

Furthermore, Netflix actually features a lot of HBO shows and Hulu – Netflix’s North American rival – can have the entire HBO library added to it for $15. If you can add the whole HBO library to this streaming service for the same price as having it alone, then it sort of takes away many points of paying for it. The only time when HBO GO is really worthwhile is if you’re an HBO fanatic, which most people are to some degree. That being said, variety is the spice of life and HBO GO doesn’t offer enough of it to compare with the big names in the streaming business.

Best Features of HBO GO

While the app might not necessarily compare with the biggest streaming companies out there, it’s still got a lot of redeeming features that make it popular with users looking for something other than a cable subscription.

HBO Library

More or less the whole HBO library, past and present, is available on the app. If you’re a diehard HBO fan, then this is an essential app for you. You can have all your favorite shows like Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Leftovers, True Blood, and much more, right in the palm of your hand.


The interface is designed with the user in mind to make the whole streaming process as simple as possible. You won’t have to worry about faffing around with tech to watch your favorite movies and shows whenever you want.

No ads

Seeing as you’re paying $15 per month to use the service, it’d be pretty unfair if you had to watch ads on top of that, right? Yeah – HBO thinks so too and for that reason, you’ll never have to watch ads while streaming on HBO GO. No more will you have to deal with annoyingly catchy guitar jigs and people whistling while trying to sell you car insurance when you don’t even drive.


Nothing is perfect and HBO GO has its flaws. First and foremost, the app isn’t free – you’ll have to subscribe to HBO or pay a flat $15 per month fee to use it. This is more expensive than Netflix and Hulu and some users might not find that the fee is worth the reward, especially if you’re not an HBO fiend.

What’s more, there’s no 4K resolution on the app, which is half the reason why so many people love streaming – the high quality. Without the best HD quality, HBO GO loses some points to its competitors who have seamlessly including the best ultra-HD streaming in their packages. This is certainly something that HBO needs to consider improving if they’re looking to continue building up their base of users.

The app also has limited availability. According to its website, it’s only available in the US and certain territories, although supposedly it’s also available in Latin America now, too.

Some Great HBO Shows

If you’re considering downloading HBO GO apk for Android, then here are some shows that we recommend you start out with.

The Leftovers

Probably one of the most moving TV shows around at the moment, The Leftovers was made up of three seasons and took its audience on a journey through the flawed personalities of its protagonists while they try to hold on to their sanity after 3% of the world’s population mysteriously disappears. Those left struggle to deal with the lack of answers, while cults try not to forget and desperate people do desperate things. This is a show that mustn’t be missed.

Game of Thrones

A pretty obvious one, but seeing as the final season is coming out soon if you haven’t taken a dive into George R.R. Martin’s fantasy world, then now is the time to do so. As the Iron Throne sits in plain sight, different families battle to claim it. Lots of betrayals, sex, violence and scheming await. Oh, and dragons too, don’t forget about the dragons. Or the ice zombies.

True Detective

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and into the void of human nature through the lens of two detectives trying to solve a string of murder cases. True Detective features stunning performances from some top actors, as well as a deep and engrossing storyline. Not to be missed.

Download HBO GO apk for Android

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