If you’re looking for another totally pointless way to waste your time and not get promoted at work, then Happy Glass – an interactive puzzle game that involves drawing lines to fill a glass with water – is the right choice for you.

Since the dawn of the internet, people have been screwing over their own productivity at such a staggering rate that it’s a genuine miracle that society hasn’t crumbled to its knees. Due to the fact that we just don’t really give two shits about upping our civilisation into the next plain of human evolution, we instead opt for Temple Run and Happy Glass to fill the empty void left by the gradual realization that our entire childhood dreams were already shattered before we reached age 12.

Now that you’re aware of the playfulness of your own mindless existence, you might as well download this simple brainless, yet for some reason really addictive and satisfying game about filling a cup with water.

Obviously there’s a huge metaphor here – the glass is half empty, so the glass is sad, make the glass full and its life is complete with joy again, and the glass as happy as a squirrel on wheels.

Great game, top marks, absolute genius. Even with the advent of Playstation 4 and Xbox One, virtual and augmented reality and the soon to be dawn of artificial intelligence, this game about drawing lines to a cup still managed to get 355,630 reviews on Google Play. What a world we live in.

Happy Glass: The Happiest Glass in the Cupboard

If you’re sick and tired of seeing depressed glassware, then this game is the one for you. Bring your glass back from the brink of suicide by filling it with H20. Surely, there’s no better way to be filling your time that this. What else would you be doing? Filling it with orange juice?

Basically, this is the most simple premise in a game, but it’s actually pretty bloody difficult and you’ll quickly feel like a complete twat for not being able to do it. That being said, there’s always a way, and this makes it less frustrating than if it was just pure impossible.

You’ll have to draw a line in such a way that the water fills the glass while not making it fall over. That would make the glass really miserable, and you’ll totally lose the game for doing it. Let’s get to it then. Try not to fuck it up.

The best way to go about Happy Glass apk is to use basic physics to make sure that the water goes the direction you want it to without spilling all over your nan’s new carpet. In the words of Jesse Pinkman: “Yeah, science, bitch.”

You’ll be killing time and probably reducing your productivity somewhat, but damn will you be having a good time along the way. This is what life is all about, drawing lines and such. Epic.

Now, obviously, you’re already totally sold on this game and want nothing more for Christmas than to play it all day long. That being said, you should never judge a book by its cover alone, so, let’s take a look under the surface at some of the great features of Happy Glass.  

Best Features of Happy Glass Game APK

Great gameplay

When reviews start with one liners like: “I got to level 165 and I’m still not bored,” you just know that this game is the shit. You’ll never get bored of playing Happy Glass, your life will be changed for the next few hours at least. Play it, beat it, finish it, repeat.


While this is usually one of those features that people point out when a game simply lacks anything that resembles effort on the part of the developers, in the case of Happy Glass apk it would make literally no sense to have any more detail than is already present. The game is about putting water in a glass, why would it need decent graphics?

Time Killing Machine

Want to go in on your free time with a hammer and sickle? Well, this game is how to do it. Remove yourself from the burden of having no money and nothing to do by downloading Happy Glass free for Android and playing it instead of doing other, more productive things like studying. Yeah, we should all be doing productive things all the time, but we’re all just more evolved chimps and therefore we prefer to play Happy Glass as mother nature intended.


Does this really need a paragraph of explanation before you realize why it’s good? No, it does not, but it’s not got one anyway. Everyone loves free things right? But, how is it free, you might wonder. Well, obviously it’s got ads. But to be fair, they’re not invasive and annoying like ads usually are. They only pop up when you want a hint to help solve a level. Pretty good deal, no?

Outside the Box

Why colour inside the lines? Draw lines wherever you want and watch the water flow around them like a goddamned symphony in a river. Beautiful. Get yourself a set of crayons after playing Happy Glass and draw a red elephant.


With both sides of the argument thoroughly weighed up and all empirical evidence considered, we come now to the conclusion of this review of Happy Glass, and we’ve decided that the glass is indeed a happy one.

Feel free to peer review this piece and download Happy Glass apk for Android free by pressing the button at the top of this page. Happy Glass is a glorious creation by dedicated developers with a penchant for making you think without bursting a vein in the side of your forehead.

If you’re genuinely looking to spread joy and happiness throughout this world, then start with hundreds of lonely and sad pieces of glassware. Make the world a better place, download the Happy Glass game for free now.