GTA: Vice City for Android – Download the Rockstar Classic Here
by makalena

GTA: Vice City for Android – Download the Rockstar Classic Here


GTA: Vice City for Android brings you the very best of Rockstar Games collection on mobile. The game puts you in the shoes of Tommy Vercetti, a gangster tasked with finding out who was responsible for ambushing a drug deal and bringing them to justice.

A Grand Theft Auto Story

There are very few games out there that come close to achieving what the Grand Theft Auto series has managed. The latest installment – GTA V – is now the third most popular video game ever released. On top of this, GTA: San Andreas is the most sold PS2 game of all time. Such success has put Rockstar at the very top of the pile with regard to games developers.

But the success of all these games has its roots in two earlier titles. GTA III and GTA: Vice City. The former was the first open world game of its kind and changed the face of gaming, but it wasn’t very refined. Vice City, on the other hand, was.

The game featured the best graphics a game had ever seen, in an open world based on Miami, where your ultimate mission was to take over the city and put down anyone who gets in your way.

GTA: Vice City on Android

Vice City on mobile keeps the same storyline and setting as the original. It is, for the absolute most part, a carbon-copy of the original on PS2. Of course, a few new elements have been added in to make it work better on mobile.

On top of this, the game has been refined a little to make it look and feel as smooth as possible.

UPGRADED HUD: The HUD has been given an overhaul so that you can control the game. Unless you have a portable controlled connected to your phone, you’ll see some faint buttons in the corners of the screen which you can use to move, shoot, drive, run, and so on.

The original map interface and the weapons selection, wanted level, and money counter are still the same as they always were.

REFINED GRAPHICS: The developers have gone lengths to ensure that the graphics are as refined as possible, without losing the original feel of the game. The graphics are still very much the same as they were in the original, but they’re a little more worked over – particularly with regard to looking at things in the distance.

ENHANCED TARGETING: Another great feature of Vice City for Android is the enhanced targeting for making mowing down your enemies that much easier. This is ideal for Android devices, seeing as the screens are pretty small – it makes the gameplay much more playable.

YOU CAN SWIM: It always did seem a bit odd that a criminal mastermind kingpin with several properties that house swimming pools couldn’t swim. Well, now that problem is solved and you can take to the waters.

UPGRADED RADION: While the awesome 80’s soundtrack is the same as it was on the original PS2 version, with GTA Vice City on iOS, you can connect your iTunes to the game and play your own music. Frankly, we think you’re lost in the world if you don’t like the original soundtrack, but whatever.

SAME GREAT STORY: Vice City Mobile keeps the same awesome storyline that you knew and loved. You’ll take charge of Tommy Vercetti as he overcomes violence and betrayal to become the undisputed crime king of Vice City. With a story that borrows from classics like Scarface and The Godfather, you just know that you’re in for a hell of a ride.

Download GTA Vice City for Android and iOS

If you want the Vice City game on mobile, then simply follow the link on this page and you can get hold of the latest version. The game costs around $5, but this is a small price to pay considering the hours upon hours of entertainment it can give you. Enjoy!