GrandChase is a fantasy and real-time strategy RPG boasting up to 70 unique heroes to choose from and is a sequel to the original PC game with the same name which was enjoyed by over 20 million people. The game’s graphics alone truly make it stand out from other RPGs, and the storyline is as complex as it is enticing. Let’s take an in-depth look at the beautifully intricate storyline, characters and how you can download GrandChase APK for Android in a few easy steps.

GrandChase is about a classic struggle between darkness and light. It takes place in the Kingdom of Kounat, a magical civilization founded by three Goddesses that would thrive for 1000 years. Soon darkness falls upon the kingdom thanks to demonic forces, and Kounat is no more. The GrandChase was formed after the collapse of Kounat to capture Kaze’aze, the one responsible for the Kingdom War.

Instead of controlling a single character like the PC version, players control a squad of 4 heroes, each of which has 2 unique abilities. Squads are fully customizable by mixing and matching characters from 5 archetypes and upgrading and evolving them.

GrandChase has a whole bunch of well-developed characters based on archetypes that couldn’t be more mythical:


The gameplay starts in the role of Kyle, an overly confident Sword Saint that believes swords are way cooler than using magic. His lifelong goal is to meet the GrandChase after hearing about their adventures.


A pink haired apprentice mage who undoubtedly shares some sort of love connection with Kyle, Cindy projects a kind and positive demeanour when she’s not knee deep in bickering with him.


Purple haired orphan mage Arme is outspoken and cheerful despite her dark past. She joined the GrandChase and meets someone who will change her life forever.


Part druid part tree hugger, Ryan was picked up by the GrandChase one day while fighting monsters in the forest. Ryan put it down to destiny and has been running with the GrandChase ever since.


Ronan is a knight for the Royal Guard and displays immense magic and sword-wielding skills. He was the first born into a prestigious family.Oh, and he has hair blue hair.


The ancient kingdom of Kounats last princess, Mari escaped the destruction of her kingdom 1500 years ago by time travelling to the present day. She also rocks baby blue hair.


The most talented gladiator in all of Kanavan, he was saved by Kounat troops after and given the gift of immortality.


Lass is a silver-haired ‘silver assassin’ with a dark past. Kidnapped by a circus and used as a monster attraction at a young tender age, Lass dedicated his life to honing his skills after he escaped.


Rufus is a bounty hunter that watches over the Underworld, using his skills to develop a very lucrative career.

Key Features

Exciting gameplay – aim skills and control your squad in real time RPG battles

Intuitive gameplay – tap and drag to with ease to use combat controls

Stunning graphics – enjoy major improvements in graphics and detailing from the original PC version

Different combat styles – like other mobile RPGs, players can choose between auto-play and manual combat

Hero customization – Upgrade, evolve and equip each hero in your squad of four

Play with others – fight in team battles with other real world players in PvP battles

Over 70 unique heroes – collect, customize and upgrade over 70 unique heroes

5 unique hero types – build an epic team with the games 5 hero archetypes: Assault, Tank, Ranged, Mage, and Support.

So, is it any good?

This depends on what you look for in a game, and although we like to keep our reviews objective, we couldn’t help but fall in love with how well thought out and intricate this storyline is. The characters are each unique in their own right and the plot allows you to play the role of heroes with a greater purpose.

This is a longer game and will take time to develop your skills and characters to complete the adventure, but ultimately, it’s worth it. If you’re a fan of adventure games in the realm of fantasy, GrandChase offers the perfect escapism from reality after a long, hard day at work or school.

Getting started

The first step is to grab your GrandChase free APK by clicking on the ‘Download’ button at the top of this review. Make sure your phone has permission to download apps from third-party sources. You can access these permissions from the settings section of your Android device.

Once downloaded, open up the app and you will be prompted to choose a server to connect to between Philippines, Japan, SEA, North America and a few more. Pick the one most relevant to you based on your location.

The next step is to choose your graphic settings. High-quality graphics requires a download size of 1.1GB and Low Capacity graphics will take .8GB – choose this option for a quicker download. Make sure you are connected to WiFi before you take this step. Unless you have unlimited data of course.

Note: The download is required before starting the game. The specifications to run this game on Android are OS Android 4.1 or later with CPU: 1.6GHz (quad-core) or more. RAM: 2.0GB or more is required. The game plays smoothly on tablet devices too.

When your download is complete and you are ready to get started on the adventure of a lifetime, open up the app and start your journey in the role of Kyle, the cocky but lovable swordsman with a distaste for magic. Cindy is your tutor at the beginning stages of the game, teaching you how to use the controls to navigate and battle your way throughout the game.

In summary

Well folks, there we have it. We sincerely hope you’ll download Grandchase mobile and give it a bash. With 20 million gamers backing the original PC version, the long awaited mobile adaptation certainly doesn’t disappoint. Happy slaying!