Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
by makalena

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


The United States has been searching for decades for that great literary work that puts it at the height of the rest of the world; a history of its people and its culture that captures the viewer for its quality and depth. After playing GTA V, we believe that we have found it, and Rockstar is its great author.


Figure 1 – GTA 5

Figure 1. GTA 5 just like its predecessors highlights the typical life of a gangster in the streets of Los Santos, highlighting the truth of the common street life in the form of a video game

Prepare to enjoy the most important entertainment work so far in the 21st century: a game is so big that it can only be compared to films like The Godfather or novels like The Catcher in the Rye.

Features of GTA 5

The main novelty of the game is the use of three characters who build the story. We can alternate between them before each mission, or combine the skills of Michael, Trevor and Franklin in the middle of a “little job” to enjoy three different perspectives. The jump between the three protagonists is agile and contributes to our experience being more complete. But the “essence” remains. The refined driving to the extreme, the ability to improve our skills and the shootings, with a system of coverage and semi-automatic marksmanship remain.


Figure 2 – GTA 5

Figure 2. GTA 5 features many gameplay options open to players among many vehicles available which includes cars, motorcycles, bicycles, submarines, helicopters and planes.

The freedom of action with an immeasurable map is also a legacy of GTA San Andreas. We have an overwhelming range of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, submarines, helicopters, planes.) and with them, we can do almost everything. There are secondary missions for each character and also jumps, triathlon, off-road racing. The city of Los Santos is an endless playground, in which we set the rules. The most daring players will find “sweets” scattered around this giant scenario: military bases, forests, and deserts with wildlife and marine bottoms that hide treasures (although, as a logic, most of the reefs are empty). Faced with this pharaonic work, what has most caught our attention is the number of details hidden in each corner. A drunk or a prostitute assaults us in the slums, we find a guy hanging on an advertising poster on the highway, there is an advertisement of the iFruitphone, television programs like “The most racist in America”, solo networks like “Life Invader”, life in GTA V is like in real life, but more fun.

But do not think that GTA has become dramatic because everything is peppered with sarcasm and a sense of humor. Evidently, it is entertainment for adults: there are sex, violence and inappropriate language which provoke in us the same sensations as the sequence of the accidental shooting of Pulp Fiction. He even knows how to laugh at himself and allows “psychotropic” levels in which the protagonists use illegal substances to see things that do not exist in reality.

Guide and All the Tricks of GTA 5 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC

If you are interested in playing without limits, with unlimited ammunition or infinite money, you will need cheats or tricks. Rockstar always enables them in each of their video games, so the fifth version of this game is not going to have anything less. They are available on all platforms, both PCs, and consoles.

GTA 5 Tricks for PC

  • Invincibility: PAINKILLER
  • Maximum health and armor: TURTLE
  • Parachute: SKYDIVE
  • Swimfaster: GOT GIRLS
  • Get drunk: LIQUOR
  • Sliding cars: SNOWDAY
  • Change the weather: MAKE IT RAIN
  • Decrease level of police search: LAWYERUP

GTA 5 Tricks for PS4/PS3

  • Invincibility:→ X → ← → R1 → ← X △
  • Parachute: ← → L1 L2 R1 R2 R2 ← ← → L1
  • Swimfaster: ← ← L1 → → R2 ← L2 →
  • Get drunk:△ → → ← → O ←
  • Sliding cars:△ R1 R1 ← R1 L1 R2 L1
  • Change the weather: R1 R1 OR R2 ← → ← → → →
  • Decrease level of police search: R1 R1 C R2 → ← → ← → ←

Special Vehicles of Grand Theft Auto V

The tank

Go to Fort Zancudo with Franklin with a very fast vehicle, which you have bought or borrowed. Enter through the door near the main runway, located in the west. When you enter, you must use Franklin’s slowdown ability to slow down the time and thus prevent you from raising your search level to the maximum.

Now look for the tank, which is usually as soon as you enter through the front door. Then get on it and get out as fast as possible.

Combat Jet

You must relate exactly the same procedure as the tank, but this time you must enter more to the bottom of the hangar. You must take the one with the cabin open.

Underwater Kraken

It is unlocked by performing the underwater photography mission of the animals. In total there are 20 snapshots.

Canis Mesa Vehicle

It is an SUV that unfortunately, you cannot buy in the game, but you can get it in another way. Throughout history, you will have access to a mission where you will have access to this vehicle to escape an attack. When you go down the road, abandon it, and go to the road on the left, downhill to locate another path. Now from that road, go to Michael’s house and park the car in the garage.

Take any other car in the house, and continue with the mission until you complete it. When you finish the mission, save the game.

How to Make Big Money Fast In Grand Theft Auto

Unlike previous versions, having infinite money is not so easy in GTA V. Still, if you are going to resort to cheats, you will not find it so necessary to have cash, because you do not have to buy anything.

If you still want to be rich, you can do it in two ways. One of them is repeatedly berthing armoured cars. The other is taking advantage of an Easter egg that Rockstar has left for you.

These are some of the tricks to make money in GTA 5, including online:

  • The armored vans appear as blue dots on the map when you drive, so it will be easy for you to find them. Once you get into one, throw it into the sea to open the doors. So you can keep all the money.
  • If you play with Franklin in Free Mode, a blue signal appears on the map near your home. He is a child, he is a millionaire, and he has lost his bike. Recover it for him, and he will give you $ 100,000 in cash.
  • In the ocean that is at the north end of the map, there is a plane crashed. Dive to locate it. You will see that inside there is a briefcase with $ 12,000. You can enter with different characters and recover the money as many times as you want.

Figure 3 – GTA 5

Figure 3. The game captures the real environment while putting into perspective, the many struggles of a gangster and leaving players with the choice of making certain decisions.

In Conclusion

What makes GTA V much more than a game is that it tells the story of our generation, our society without neglecting any aspect and it all comes disguised as a video game. It talks about the crisis of middle age, family, sex, the American dream and personal choices (the last mission invites us to make a very relevant moral choice).