The world is changing fast and our everyday practices are rapidly changing with it. Online banking has been a thing for ages now, but using your phone to automatically pay for things – that’s something that’s been around for a little less time. The two giants in this field (as with every other, it seems) are Google and Apple.

Apple Pay was the first of the two to be established, and it was followed by Android Pay, which is now replaced by Google Pay. The app is different, but basically, if you download and open Google Pay, then your data will be carried across from Android Pay and this app will then disappear from your device.

Where Can You Use Google Pay?

With Google Pay, you can pay in stores, apps and online, as well as during transit, for goods and services with the press of a button. You won’t have to reach for your wallet in the grocery store – after all, you already have your phone in your hand, right? Now you just open Google Pay, press a button and your payment will be made.

You can use the app in major food outlets like McDonald’s and KFC, as well as in certain grocery stores, on apps like Airbnb, and on public transport in cities like London, Chicago and Portland.

Can You Use Credit Cards with Google Pay?

With Google Pay, you can support any bank with most credit and debit cards as well as PayPal. What’s more, you can make payments to friends – even if they don’t have Google Pay – direct from your bank account. This means you won’t need to go to online banking and start throwing their card details in – in fact, you don’t even need their details, you just need an email address or a phone number. Now you can share the bill with ease and you have no excuse not to pay back those little debts!

Is Google Pay Safe?

Google Pay for Android uses world-class encryption to protect your card data and never actually gives your card number to someone that you’ve made a payment to. This ensures absolute security for your money. The app provides multiple levels of security and, of course, you can apply a lock to stop strangers from opening it and you can manage devices that can use the app through your account settings (in the event that you lose your phone, this will be essential).

The Future of Payments

If you’re tired of always carrying around cash and cards, then Google Pay is the way to go for you. It’s smart, simple and it gathers all your cards in one secure place. The app is a breakthrough in the market and a serious rival to the previously dominant Apple Pay.

There have been many stages to Google Pay, including Android Wallet and Android Pay as well as an app called Hands Free. But all of these have been cultivated into the ‘final version’ that is now serving millions of customers worldwide. Try it out now for the future of cardless and cashless payments.

Can You Use Google Pay Internationally?

In short, yes. You can use it in most developed countries. If you like in a city like London or Chicago, you can use the app on the transport system – just buy a ticket online and then scan your phone at the gate. This makes getting around much easier. You can scan offers and pay for groceries at the self checkout, as well as use it to fill up your car and much more.

Best Features of Google Pay For Android

Now that you know a bit more about Google Pay, let’s have a look through the best and worst features of the service.


The app is easy to use. SImply take a picture of your card with your phone camera and Google Pay will take the relevant information and store it on the app. This will be protected. Now you just need to open it and scan your phone whenever you want to pay for something – the seller won’t receive your card details, keeping you as secure as you can be.


Flying from Portland to London? Use Google Pay the whole way. The app is supported in many cities around the world as well as online and in major retailers. This means that you can pay with ease in an increasingly huge collection of stores and service points.


The app uses some of the most secure encryption technology to protect your information – and what’s more, it uses several layers of it to ensure that any nosy hackers can’t get anywhere near your information. Google Pay also offers you a virtual account number, meaning that your real account numbers are kept secret.


Google Pay for Android supports most major credit and debit cards from pretty much all banks. The app also supports PayPal and more. You can use this app no matter who you are and what bank you’re with. The global direction of the app reflects its desire to be a leading world payment provider.


Quickly and easily send money to friends with Google Pay. You don’t have to worry about keeping IOUs and making online payments by taking their account details – with Google Pay you just need a phone number or an email address and you can make payments instantly. Works like magic.


Google Pay allows you to keep track of your spending by recording all of your transactions in the app – this makes it easy to monitor your spending and keep all of your activity under wraps.

Download Google Pay for Android Free

If you want to make your life easier by moving all of your payments into the palm of your hand in a secure and easy-to-use app, then download Google Pay for Android now. To get the app on your device simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” to get paying easily! The app is free to use and the money comes out of your bank account when you purchase something through Google Pay.