Have you ever been in the irritating position where you’ve needed to give your Android a factory reset and then upon restarting the device, you’re asked to present your Google account details… and you have no idea what they are. It’s a common occurrence and can be solved by contacting Google – although this usually takes up to three days to resolve. Enter: Google Account Manager APK.

What is Google Account Manager?

Google Account Manager APK is an innovative security app that allows you to turn off the factory reset protection lock (FRP) on your Android device. Factory reset protection is there to stop thieves and hackers from using your phone and stealing your data, however, it can be frustrating if you have to reset your phone and forget your login details, thus restricting your access to your device. So don’t get locked out again. Let Google Account Manager be your key.

The Google Account Manager app is free to use and secure and is designed for the sole purpose of helping you access control of your phone or tablet again after a factory reset. It’s worth noting that this is a very sole purpose application, and if you’re not looking to bypass factory reset protection, then there isn’t much point in downloading it. If however, you feel you’d like the reassurance of not getting locked out of your phone for three days, then this app is certainly one that you should consider adding to your wish list.

Read on for more information about factory reset protection, and how to install the Google Account Manager app, as well as its useful features.

What is the factory reset protection lock?

The factory reset protection lock, commonly abbreviated to FRP, is a security technology introduced by Google to ensure that if someone finds or steals a phone, they can’t just wipe all the data off of it and make it their own. FRP is extremely useful as it makes phone theft a difficult and unappealing procedure. It also incentives people to return phones they find in public by making them extremely difficult to gain access to.

The main problem with FRP is that if you don’t keep a mental record of your Google login details, then you could wind up locked out of your phone for up to three days in the event of a factory reset.

By installing Google Account Manager onto your device, you can bypass factory reset protection, and no longer have to worry about not being able to access your precious device!

Best features of Google Account Manager

Easy to use

The interface on Google Account Manager is simple and easy to navigate. Given that the apk app is so purpose designed there is no reason why it should be complex.

Free to use

There’s no hidden fees in the Google Account Manager, it’s completely free to use for any device.

Effective: Google Account Manager prides itself on being better than the competition, and more trustworthy.

Manage several accounts

You can use Google Account Manager to control several accounts at the same time.

Manage data

Apps and games downloaded to your account will not get automatically synchronized when you start using a different device.


The app won’t steal your personal data. This is important given that other similar apps have been found to be scams. Yes, the world wide web is a dubious place.


Google Account Manager only takes up just 7.9MB, meaning it can fit on most devices, no matter how small their storage space.

While Google Account Manager is easy to use, it does occasionally display some errors – here are the most common ones and how to fix them.

How to download Google Account Manager APK

Google Account Manager APK is available on most Android devices, as long as they’re running Android 6.0 or newer.

To get the Google Account Manager APK free download, first go to Settings > Security > now allow downloads from unknown publishers – this will allow you to install apps outside of the Google Play Store. Next, just press the button at the bottom of this article and the app will download. Once it’s finished, go to Downloads and open the file to install it. This version is 5.1 – while it’s not the latest, it’s the recommended package for the best performance and least errors.

Next, you’ll have to download Quick Shortcut Maker APK – you can follow the link at the end of this article. Once this is open type Google Account Manager into the app’s search bar – you’ll be presented with a list of options – select Type email and password’ and then press ‘Try’. Next, in the top right corner, press the button with three dots and press ‘Browser Sign In’ and then ‘OK’. Enter your Google login details, you’ll then be taken back to the ‘Try’ screen – restart your device at this point.

Once your phone is restarted go to Settings > About Device > you should see Android Security Patch Level added to it. You have now got around factory reset protection.

How to fix the “Enter email and password” error

A common error when using the Google Account Manager APK is that when you’re selecting ‘Type email and password’ from the list in Quick Shortcut Maker you’ll just see ‘Error’ instead. If your Google Account Manager has stopped working, then fear not, this is a very common glitch and is easy to circumnavigate – here’s how it’s done:

Solving the error is very simple – as long as you followed the installation instructions involving using Quick Shortcut Maker, then the error won’t be displayed. If you’re trying to use Google Account Manager without this app, then you’ll likely run into an error.


Google Account Manager is a useful app for bypassing factory reset protection (FRP). It’s a very specific application so if you’re not looking to gain the sole feature that it delivers, then there isn’t much point in downloading it. Most people will remember their Google login details and can access it easily if they forget it. However, for those among us who can’t, Google Account Manager provides a welcome tool to ensure you can access your phone at all times, even in the somewhat rare incident of a factory reset.

While the installation is more complex than other apps, once complete you’ll have full access to the benefits of the application. We leave it to you.