Golf is one of the most recognisable games out there – even if it’s not always the most accessible ones. Oftentimes spending a day out on a golf course is a pretty expensive thing to do – especially in low-income countries (which have no shortage of golf courses). If you’re a fan of the game and want of have some golf based fun then trying one out on your Android in your free time is an easy and free way to have entertainment without hiring a golf buggy.

For those unfamiliar with the game, but who still want to get involved and learn something along the way, gold is a pretty simple a lot of practice to master. The basic premise of the game is to use your gold club to get the ball into the hole. The best way to do this is, of course, to get a hole in one, although this is generally extremely difficult and even professional players are gobsmacked when they can pull it off. There’s generally a lot of luck involved besides talent in these cases.

You can drive the ball – which basically means hitting it really hard so it goes far, or you can put the ball, which means to lightly hit the ball – this is usually done once you’ve got it near the hole. You have to use different golf clubs to get the ball across distance and to put it into the hole. You overall performance is rated on how many times you had to hit the ball before it went into the hole. Most courses are designed with several holes, so you can tally up your total score for the entire course and see how you fare against others who have played it.

There are other forms of golf too, however, like mini-golf, which is in a much smaller area and only involves putting, and then there’s crazy golf, which is basically the former but with loads of ridiculous obstacles to make the game more entertaining. Golf Battle from Miniclip for Android is a free golf game that takes the last approach mentioned.

Download Miniclip Golf Battle for Android

This game was made by that all-too-familiar company: Miniclip. It’s full blown crazy golf where the stakes are high and you’re up against 5 other people to be the first to get the ball in the hole. Try as you may, this game isn’t easy and certainly isn’t for those who shy away from competition.

The golf course is full of insane obstacles and tricks like 360-degree loops, moving objects, jumps, bridges and other things that would make a professional golfer concerned about who had designed the course they’re playing on. This makes the game very fast, intense and fun.

You can play one player, which is more for practice than actual entertainment – really, the game is more designed for multiplayer online matches. Two player local battles can be held, where you can challenge your opponent in a slower and more civil game, but again, the main juicy element of the whole game is getting six players together and letting chaos ensue.

The way to win Golf Battle apk is to get your ball in the hole before anyone else. Of course, you could go straight for a hole in one and failing that you could just start attacking the other players’ golf balls to annoy them and stop them from claiming victory. This adds some layers to the game, although, don’t worry much about being sidelined by some annoying noon as most players are out for a win, not to blow a vein in your head.

Solid Graphics, Solid Gameplay

The game looks fantastic. The colours are vivid and the ball responds to the environment very well. While it’s put together in a cartoonish style, the various different landscapes in the background and the fun bouncy effects on the foreground make the game about as visually pleasing as a cheesecake (which, unless you’re lactose intolerant is undoubtedly a positive thing).

The gameplay is also on the same level. The game challenges you to play mini golf in a manic setting with five other balls flying around all trying to get to the hole first. It involves quick swiping on the screen and target precision to pull this off before everyone else. There are various settings for different levels, including out in the Arizona desert, in cold tundras, grassy fields and bright valleys. Basically all the best locations for a real golf course… well, maybe not, but it still looks amazing.

You can compete with your friends via Facebook or you can go head-to-head against players from around the world in online mode. Activate Furious Rush Mode to get things going a little more intense and have even more fun (just don’t get so amped up that you throw your phone at a wall or something).

Best Features of Gold Battle


As mentioned above, you won’t be longing for any more action or intensity, this game gets real mad!


Again, as mentioned above, the cartoony graphics haven’t been done on the cheap, genuine effort has gone in to making it look as alive and physically responsive as possible, and this certainly shows throughout the game.


Compete with other players from all around the world in intense showdowns and crazy golf tournaments. You’ll never have to play golf alone again! Hurray for you, you lonely cat lover.


While the game offers in-app purchases, which is actually not the best business model overall in our humble opinion, the basic element of the game is free to play. There are also ads in the game, but they’re not going to pop up halfway through a game so don’t worry too much.

How to Download Golf Battle Game for Android Free

To play Miniclip Golf Battle on Android for free, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can install it.

Once it’s on your phone, simply open it and choose your playing mode – you can choose either single player, two-player and online mode. Enjoy!