God of War | Mimir’s Vision
by makalena

God of War | Mimir’s Vision


In the gaming world, the God of War is commonly called God of War 4 (God of War PS4). This game is a blend of action and adventure in video form and represented in third-person. The first release of God of War video game was on the 20th of April, 2018, which was typically designed for the PS4 console. Not only that, it is a sequel to the 2010 edition of the God of War III. Now, if you are a video-game enthusiast and have been following the God of War series closely, you certainly would want to enjoy the intense, glamorous and exciting fun encapsulated in this God of War PS4 video game.


God of War game


God of War PS4 Game Features

Name: God of War PS4

Latest Release: April 20, 2018.

Ranking: #9 of 103 most popular video games, #2 of 51 most popular PS4 games and third-highest game on Metacritic, having sold 5 million copies within a month of release.

Developer: Santa Monica Studio developed

Location: Midgard realm

Estimated gaming hours: 25-35 hours

Installment-type: One-player type

Compatibility: PS4 Console

Story: Norse Mythology

How To Play- Tips & Tricks to Win

The God of War PS4 is a simple description of Kratos taking vengeance on the Gods of Olypmus, living in the Norse, Gods and monsters realm where it is expedient of him to fight in order to survive and of course, teach his son to do just the same. You should be ready for a spectacle of both combat and action, and even though the new upgrades make the game seem a bit confusing, it is easy to get by. To play the God of War video game, there are some stats, upgrades and optional features that you are likely to not experience because of its technicality but with the following playing tips, you just found yourself a way around the supposed difficulties:


How to play God of War

Tips for Settings

The first thing required of you is to catch up on Krato’s story, even as the 2018 edition is more of a tonal reboot for the series. As much as this is not a direct reboot, it is a direct sequel to the last edition, God of War III. You just have to know who Kratos is. Once this is established, you then have to go for “Favor Performance” on the PS4 Pro. It is your choice anyway, either a higher resolution at locked 30 FPS or raising the framerate.


Upgrades, Gear and Skills

It is similarly best to start on “balanced” difficulty and walk your way down as you wish. In other words, you do not have access to some gear and other things that could have made the game easier at first,  rendering it very tough. But then, you can choose the second-lowest difficulty, that is the “Give me a balanced experience” and in little or no time, you will realize you are able to do some side quests to raise the stats of Kratos. After that, you can choose the “Give me a challenge” difficulty until you get to the last stage, “Give me God of War”.

It is also recommended that you turn on the subtitles because of some of the unusual names and literally complicated religious hierarchies of the video game. Moreover, depending on what you want, you can turn the enemy health bars, the compass and proximity notifications off or on.

The default of God of War is similar to Dark Souls style controls, where you have a light attack on R1 and on R2, heavy attack. It is advised that you play the game with a custom controller to change your light attack to an underbutton. There are some doors you cannot open in the early part of the game but with time, you will find means of opening them. This is possible with the mini-game, which you can remove to ease the process. Also, immediately you make it out on your first act, you start adding sidequests (Favors) using blue icons on the map. It is recommended that you take time to do these sidequests and not skip them.

Moreover, at the early stage of the game, there is no need to bother yourself about buying new gear. All those accessories are available for purchase from the blacksmith.


God of War skills

Exploration and Puzzles

First, you should focus on the color-coded barriers. Having done that, you will be directed by Atreus on where to go next all through the game. It is similarly important that you play two paths at every fork and always read the codex. More importantly, you do have to look up when you are not sure and ensure you solve all of the Nornir chest (Rune chests).

Additionally, you should keep an open eye on the upgrades and at the same time, open ears for Odin’s Ravens. Stir and direct Krato to crash into the barrels and win some points. And in all you do, make sure you do not stray away from the path.


God of War


The first thing you should note in combating is how to block. Krato has a very powerful shield though, nonetheless, when attacking a tough enemy, it is best to keep your shield up. Another thing you should watch out for and master is parrying. You can control Kratos to throw his shield before being hit by an enemy if and only if it is not any of the unblockable red attacks. Moreover, do some combo practices, and stick to ranged attacks for the first boss. Embrace flex hole and all the time, make use of Atreus. Do your runic moves and summons well and use a talisman when you can, because you have one for yourself. At the same time, run away when you can.

Use your axe throws creatively and you do not have to be afraid of an unarmed combat. Stay mindful of the health bar color of your enemy and never forget to use your rage. With that, you can do very many aggressive punches. When you are done with your rage, deactivate it.

Altogether, God of War PS4 is highly narrative, has impressive art direction, graphics, combat system and characters. You are just in for a lifetime fun.