There are so many movie streaming apps out there, some free, some not, that it can be difficult to know which one is the ideal choice for you. If you have a taste for Latino cinema, then Gnula APK is definitely the one for you.

The movie streaming app has all the latest cinema releases, as well as all the Hollywood classics. The app is targeted at a Spanish speaking audience and is laid out in the language. Due to this, there are many Latino movies on the app, making it great for anyone with an interest in world cinema, or who speaks Spanish.

Latin American cinema is a relatively booming industry, with many films being produced each year. The most prolific countries in the region for film-production are Mexico, Argentina and Brazil – with some titles like City of God becoming massive hits around the world.

Why use Gnula APK?

As we mentioned above, the app has a massive selection of movies ready to watch – totally free. All the movies have Spanish subtitles, although these can be turned off if you have no need for them.

The app is very neatly laid out, focussing on the title posters of each movie rather than on text. This gives the app a very vivid visual design and makes it easy to select your favourite titles. Movies and also categorised by genre so you can easily find something tailored to your tastes. On top of this, new cinema releases are featured so that you can stay up to date with all the latest blockbusters.

Best Features

Massive library

You’re guaranteed to find something to watch on Gnula – probably the first thing you search for. The collection of movies is huge and encompasses popular Hollywood movies as well as tons of world – particularly Latino – cinema.

Simple layout

Gnula APK both looks and feels good. The visual focus of the design is awesome and makes the search for a movie easy. On top of this the categorisation is extremely well laid out and the addition of sub-categories is a cool feature.


Why bother paying for a Netflix subscription when you can just download Ngula app instead? Save on the money and spend on Spotify instead. With Ngula APK you can watch all your favourite films for free, without having to worry about them getting the rights to show it first – which can take Netflix ages to do.


This is a great feature for any Spanish speakers who are looking for an app that caters directly to them, but it also won’t stop non-Spanish speakers from using the app. The fact that everything is focussed on pictures means that you don’t really need to read any text anyway. The app also provides people with a great window to look further into Latino culture through film.


While the app is great, there are some slight drawbacks. For example, as with any free movie streaming app, the legality of the whole thing is questionable. There are no ads and it’s safe to say that the app doesn’t have the rights to show the content it hosts. That being said, this is hardly an uncommon occurrence on the internet.

One more evident downside is that non-Spanish speakers might find it difficult to work their way through the different genres with ease. This is something that would only take a little experimentation, but still, if you want an easy to navigate English app, then this isn’t going to be your cup of tea.

What to watch?

We’re sure you can figure this one out for yourself – but if you’re looking to dabble in some Latin American cinema, which is abundant on Gnula APK, then here are our top 5 suggestions of what to watch.

Top 5 Latin American movies

Relatos Salvages (Wild Tales)

This is a truly awesome movie, which tells short stories focussing on revenge, bureaucracy, debt and more. This dark comedy is the most watched Argentine movie of all time and will be sure to get some laughs out of you.

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

There’s a fair chance you’ve already heard of, if not seen, City of God. The epic classic centres on the story of a young photographer growing up across three bloody decades of gang warfare in a favela in Rio de Jinero. The film is beautifully shot and featured an amateur cast. It went on to receive four Oscar nominations and is considered by many critics to be one of the greatest films ever made.


This film focusses on the campaign that overthrew brutal Chilean president General Pinochet. The movie was controversial upon its release due to it focussing on a still-sensitive era of history. It is none the less a great movie, however, and certainly one to watch if you want some education about a pivotal time in Latin American history.

The Motorcycle Diaries

The epic movie that chronicles a road trip of the late revolutionary Che Guevara and his companion, The Motorcycle Diaries paints a picture of friendship and adventure, interrupted by the abject poverty and exploitation suffered by many of the region’s inhabitants. A beautiful and humorous film, this is a must watch for anyone who’s ever thought about taking two wheels across a continent.

Amores Perros

This is another film that focusses on short stories, although in this groundbreaking Mexican classic, the stories are all linked together by a car crash. This is an excellent movie that launched the careers of many famous Mexican actors. A must see for anyone who respects cinema.

The Final Cut

There are plenty more awesome Latin American movies out there, but we’re TOP1APK, not IMDb, so if you want some more suggests, we recommend you start there. You can find all of these movies and more on Gnula APK, so download it today and see what you discover.