Garena Free Fire
by makalena

Garena Free Fire


The battle royale genre has exploded in popularity recently and with the big name games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite moving to mobile, it’s no surprise that other developers are getting into the action. Free Fire is the latest game from developer Garena and while it may seem like just another battle royale game, it does have a few interesting things that may catch your eye.

Garena Free Fire gamemodes

Free Fire features the standard ideas of the battle royale genre however, it’s a little be scaled down to make it suitable for mobile devices. These games are fast and not just because you might die within the first two minutes. Free Fire rounds are only 10 minutes long and is set on an open world map where 50 players will fight. Very different to how these kinda of games work on PC.

There are several different ‘modes’ listed in the game but in reality, they’re all the same game. Garena has opted to separate the playerbase a little so that no one needs to play against duos or teams if they’re playing solo. As a result, there is a Solo mode along with a Duo mode and a Team mode to select from.


Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire gameplay

Like all other battle royale games, players need to jump from a plane into the open world map. This open world means that there’s a lot of potential and opportunity for players. The diverse environments mean that players need to explore to discover the perfect location to defend their position while waiting for the play zone to begin shrinking. Players can take cover in the grass, behind trees, in trenches, bunkers and whatever else they may find.

In addition to that, there’s a lot of room for the player to build their own playstyle without being forced to completely change it every single round. The character system in Free Fire is an interesting one for a battle royale but we’ll get to that in a moment. There’s a large number of weapons and attachments in the game to customize weapons to suit your playstyle or the situation. You may find some consistency in how your character is but you’ll still need to adapt to whatever weapons and items you can find around the map.

With the maps being so large it’s a good thing there are vehicles in the game! You can find them all over the map and can provide you with an advantage over your opponents. They’re also great for making sure you stay in the play zone to avoid elimination. Plus, if you’re brave enough to go for the airdrops then you can use them to make a fast approach or getaway vehicles as you fend off the other interested players.

Similar to PUBG, there are also airstrikes that happen across the map. It’s advised that you avoid these areas if you wish to live long enough to fight for a top spot in the round.


Garena Free Fire gameplay

Character system of Garena Free Fire

There are currently 8 different characters in Free Fire for players to select from. These are actually quite important when it comes to building a playstyle that suits you. Each character has a special Survival Ability that grants them a unique bonus to aid them in their efforts to win the game. These abilities can be improved upon over time by collecting special items unique to that character while playing the game.


This man in a martial arts specialist which means he has a bonus to his hand-to-hand attacks. He has increased fist damage which makes him deadly to deal with close up. The first level gives him a 100% bonus while the final levels give him a 400% bonus other the other characters.


As a 17-year-old boy, he might be a bit young for battle but he sure does love to eat. This is shown in the game as well with his Gluttony ability that reduces the time it takes to eat mushrooms and use med kits. So he gets faster heals than the other characters in the game.


Definitely one of the ‘eye candy’ female characters in the game, Misha is a car lover and a talented racer. Her Afterburner ability increasing the driving speed of cars slightly with every unlock. Definitely, a character to have on your squad.


While she might not look it, Nikita is actually a professional bodyguard with the ability to reload submachine guns faster. It’s a smaller bonus which increases as the levels are unlocked so it could be very useful at the later levels.


This kid is the one with an increased springing speed. Her dash ability comes from her love for running and racing others on the track. The unlocks provide very small speed increases however which someone players might find to be not too useful.


Garena Free Fire characters


He might be ‘old’ compared to the youngsters featured in this game but Andrew was an experienced police officer. As a result, his special ability makes him an armour specialist so that he gets reduced vest durability loss. So his body armour durability decreases at a much slower rate compared to other characters.


While her ability isn’t very useful for solo players, Olivia is a must have character for any squad. The Healing Touch ability allows her to give extra HP to any player he revives. This can be for both friendly and enemy players resulting in some interesting moments.


He’s a navy man, through and through. His time in the navy has given him his Iron Will which means he takes reduced damage outside of the safe zone. So he can withstand being outside of the safe zone for a little bit longer than other players.


It’s also worth mentioning that Garena Free Fire is perfect for low-end mobile phones or devices. This game isn’t massively demanding and as a result, almost anyone can play this game smoothly with minimal lag issues. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile can run with low graphics on low-end devices but it would still lag quite a bit. So no matter how old or new your phone is, Free Fire is a good choice.

One other very important point is the fact that Free Fire no longer has any hackers making it one of the few battle royale games to be hacker free. This is due to the 1.14.0 update which prevents hackers from accessing the display location of other players in the game. It might change in the future as hackers become sneakier and dig deep into the game’s updates but for now, you can play without fear or concern.

Garena Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games on mobile right now and it doesn’t look like another game will be knocking it off the pedestal anytime soon. Nothing else is currently this accessible while also looking and playing as good as this one does.


Garena Free Fire game

Tips from the Pro’s

Getting the drop right

You need to start the game by jumping out of the plane at the right time. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of risks involved here. Jumping into the wrong location can end in a fast death for you and anyone else you’re playing with. The bigger towns will have more weapons and better ones also but are hot spots for player activity. Most players will land in the middle of the towns as the plane flies over but you should aim for the outer ring. You can still grab great weapons and items but avoid most of the danger at the start of the game.

Weapon combinations

While some weapons are much better than others, if your weapon choice doesn’t suit your playstyle then you might not last too long. For close quarter firefights, you need a shotgun while an assault rifle or SMG would be great to keep in a secondary slot for long-range fights. This is probably the best set-up for most players but if you’re a fan of long-range kills then you need a sniper rifle and an assault rifle to back you up.

Remember: You need one weapon that suits your main playstyle but you do need some kind of assault rifle or SMG to support you. There’s only so much you can do if someone is shooting you from far away while you only have a shotgun.


You need to have armour if you want to live. It comes in three different levels which provide you with different levels of protection. Level 3 items are much better and will keep you alive longer. Always check items you see on the floor or on other players to see if there’s something better than what you currently have. If you have top tier armour and a decent weapon then there’s a very good chance you’ll win every 1-on-1 fight.

Use the zone circle

This might sound very risky but if you do it right then the play zone circle could be your greatest ally in some fights or situations. By hugging the edge of the circle you’re limiting how many directions other players can attack you from. This is one of the best tricks in any battle royale game, not just in Garena Free Fire.

Remember the Mini Map

Never forget about this! It can tell you a lot about player positions near to you. Anytime an enemy player fires a weapon near you then it will temporarily appear on the mini map for a few seconds. It will give you a small red dot and a directional arrow to direct you towards them. This is perfect for sneaking up on enemies and directing you to where the person shooting at you is.