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Fortnite is a free cooperative survival game developed by Epic games. Basically, it has several battle modes with the most popular being the Battle Royale. It involves hundreds of players fighting at the same time and the ultimate goal is to be the last man standing by eliminating the other players. You can play as an individual or in squads of up to four.

In a Fortnite blog post, Epic Games announced that Fortnite has 125 million+ players with 40 million active users each month. This number is across all platforms.

A new mode called Playground mode will be released soon. This mode allows players to practice for a limited time before heading off into the gameplay.

The new season 5 will launch soon. On July 12th Epic Servers will be down so they can make the upgrades. As for the cost, expect to pay $9.50 in real-world dollars or you can use V-Bucks which will be about 950.


Fortnite game

Prominent Features

Cartoony look

Dances and Emotes cosmetics

Battle Royal outfits and Skin Cosmetics

How to download Fortnite on your iOS device

Initially, Epic games used an invite system where interested parties had to sign up to get an invite for a Fortnite Battle Royale invite on iOS. With the reason being that Epic Games wanted to avoid server overloading problems and thus opted for a controlled expansion of the game’s user-base. But in April 2018, Epic games changed all that by ditching the invite system and opened the game up to everyone.

That said if you already signed up and you have an account with Epic games then all you need to do is go to the app store on your iPhone or iPad search for Fortnite and download it.

Once the download and installation are complete, you can sign in with your account. If you are a new user you will have to create an Epic game account (the account supports cross-platform play so you can play on your phone, PC or console) before you start playing the game. The iOS version support cross-play so you can play with your PC or Console friends using your iPhone or iPad.

However, it should be noted that not all iOS supported devices are compatible with Fortnite. Thus, you will need these iOS devices with latest updates of iOS 11; iPhone SE, iPhone 7 & 7Plus, iPhone 8 & 8Plus, iPhone X, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro. This means that Fortnite is not supported on any Apple iOS device older than the above mentioned, as well as any jailbroken iOS device. Also, this game is about 2GB in size so when downloading make sure you have enough Data.


How to download Fortnite

How to download Fortnite on your PC

Open the link on your browser.

Next, hover your cursor or click on the games tab and then click on Fortnite. Alternatively, you can click on the search icon and search for Fortnite.

Once it opens click the yellow download button at the far end top right of the screen to download the launcher.

Note! The game size is very large so make sure you have enough data

Once the download is complete, install the launcher and launch it.

Next, Find Fortnite on the Launcher and install it.

When you are done click Fortnite in the launcher to sign in and begin play.


Fortnite download

How to play Fortnite

The players begin by waiting in a lobby on a different island on the main map. While in the lobby, you can look for bandages, traps, weapons, and resources.  Resources obtained at the lobby stage can be used to build structures, and any weapons obtained can be used. So take this opportunity to experiment with new weapons like guns, pickaxes without fear of being killed by other players. Players can also use this time to mark locations on the map, either to set an objective or notify squad members of drop locations.

When the game is full, the Battle Bus launches and flies over the map. Players can jump from the bus to drop into their desired starting location.

On the phone, you control your character with virtual thumbsticks. You can move it up, down or sideways to move around or double tap it to run. Tap the screen to shoot. The jump button is above the aiming area.

Tips and tricks to master the game – from Pro gamers

Master the controls:  many new players just dive into playing without fully knowing the basic controls and this often leads to their early death in the game.

PC Movement controls = W/A/S/D, Jump = space

Shoot/Confirm crafting/Resurrect = left click mouse

Zoom in/ Change building material = right click mouse

Weapon selector = use the scroll wheel on the mouse

Use headphones: wearing headphones helps you to easily hear footsteps and where shots are coming from.

Land quickly: you should jump out of the bus as soon as possible. This is so that you can drop on the lowest points on the map. To jump from the bus, press the space bar once to skydive from the bus, and then the space bar again to deploy the glider to glide more slowly.


Fortnite tips and tricks

Note: you should not open the glider right away, and take advantage of the greater speed you have while skydiving.

Scout enemies: while you are gliding to your desired spot be sure to check out where your enemies (other players) as they will be checking you out too. If someone lands in the same building or house as you, you have to kill him with a gun immediately. This way you prevent them from killing you instead and drinking shields that you should be drinking.

Try not to land in the same area as another player. Because they might get a gun before you or they will hack you with a pickaxe.

If you succeed in getting a mid to long range gun immediately, and then use it to kill others easily. Remember first come first serve.

Do not stand still: never stand still in one place, keep moving. If you are using a medkit or drinking a potion move from side to side making it harder for an enemy to shoot you.

LOOT fast and thoroughly: You need to loot quickly so that you cover a lot of ground area and can move towards the next area you need to be in. Also, make sure you get every necessary piece of loot you find. Check out houses that haven’t been looted and known chest spots.

Slurp Juice: Slurp Juice will restore 25 health and give you 25 shield over 25 seconds. If you have Bandages, it’s preferable to use them up to 75 health then you can use the Slurp Juice to get up to 100 health.

Beware of the storm: this is a common way for new players to die because they forget about the storm. Note that if the storm circles get close to you, you won’t be able to outrun them. After the first two storms, you can outrun the others. Usually, you have ample time to reach the safe zone but you have to keep an eye out for the storm and the storm number.

In the beginning, Fortnite can be a challenging game for newbies but so does every other high-end game. So do not worry it takes patience, time and practice to progress to intermediate and then finally become a Pro.

Watch the Pro players as they play. Get tips from other players and remember to keep playing. Practice makes perfect.