Download & Enjoy Fortnite Anywhere
by makalena

Download & Enjoy Fortnite Anywhere


Download & Enjoy Fortnite Anywhere

Dive into instant action! Build yourself the ultimate protection and survival resources. Collect as many rare items into your bag as possible and aim for a Victory Royale! All of this is just the tip of the iceberg, when playing Fortnite Battle Royale
With over 125 million players and about 40 million of those active each month, competition never gets dull. Especially when cross-compatibility is available through all sources. Furthermore, you can enjoy a match on Fortnite mobile APK, while your buds tag-team off their Fortnite PS4 version.
This means anyone can get online and shootout from their preferred spots. This could be at the office, in your home, riding a bus, or best of all — on the toilet. That’s right, nowhere is out of reach, when you’re itching for a quick game.

In addition, multiple battle modes and in-game features will surely keep players hooked in the long run. Especially considering Fortnite season 9 is just a matter of time away.

Striking Features

Here are some of the more noticeable features that separate the Fortnite game from the competition of average Battle Royale:

  • First, the semi-realistic & cartoony aesthetic is just the right amount to attract gamers of any age group.
  • Second are the amount of dancing gestures and emotes available. With each new update and trending dance moves, we’re bound to get even more way to express ourselves.
  • Next are the exclusive outfits and cosmetics found in the Fortnite item shop. Iconic skins have left their mark, including the hilarious Tomato Head and nut-cracking Crackshot, to badass Dark Voyager and Raven.
  • Finally, the Fornite Tracker allows for a quick recon of the competition. Or just check your own stats on the competitive side.

Download Guide to Fortnite

Some people may ask “How to download Fortnite?” Well, since Fortnite is a multi-platform game, there are various sources of download. But no need to worry, they are all equally simple and accessible to install.
Before downloading, you’ll need to create an Epic Games account. It’s free to sign up. Once you do so, you will be able to enjoy Fortnite Battle Royale on any device or console.

Here are the different ways to get your Fortnite download:

Fortnite on iOS

After signing up for an Epic Games account, jump straight into the Apple App Store. Yes, it’s as simple as searching up the name and clicking download.
Although, some older devises may not be strong enough to support Fortnite. These include: iPhone SE, iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X & iPhone XS, and iPad Mini & above.
It’s a shame if you haven’t upgraded your iPhone, but tough luck. Maybe next time.

Fortnite APK & PC

Additionally, searching Fortnite on the Epic Games website will direct you to the PC version of the game. Alternatively, the APK version of Fortnite can also be found through various sources online.
Remember, the file size is pretty big. So empty that cookie jar, shoot some free throws into your recycling bin and clear any extra space possible.
Once you’ve fully installed the game, sign in and get straight to the action.

Go pro with these tips & tricks

Yes, we say to jump head first into Fortnite, but at least have a game plan. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself dead in no time at all.

Grab a pen and paper. Here are a few tips to keep you living longer in the map.

  • Master the controls: Okay, this should be simple. You need to walk before you run, and crawl before you walk. Head to the Playground Mode and get used to some swift movement and tactics.
  • Wear headphones: This way, you’ll be able to detect any footsteps from a mile away.
  • Find a safe spot: Most likely the worst thing you can do is dive into an obviously crowded area. Unless you want to die within the first couple minutes, try to dive either first or near the end. This can help you scavenge some useful items where no one else thinks of going. First come, first served.
  • Scout & camp: It’s always best to lay low and wait for your prey. Once your locked and loaded, take the high ground in patience. This gives you a competitive edge over any enemy.
  • Don’t stand around too long: If so, you’ll be easily spotted. Even though it’s helpful to camp, eventually you will be spotted and shot down. Stay active, and stay alert.
  • Watch your health: When health is low, take some bandages. Once you’ve hit 75% health, use slurp juice to increase both defenses and health by 25%. A good way to stay on top during gun fights.
  • BEWARE of the storm: The storm is the outside of the map’s border. In a set amount of time, the storm will get smaller and smaller. Like any storm, this is something you’re better to avoid. You don’t want to get left behind, do you?

Get out and play Fortnite!

That’s everything you need to know. Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t too hard to get into, but it is a challenge to master. Make some friends and get as much advice as possible.
Good luck.