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FortCraft, the latest title from Rules of Survival creator NetEase, is making waves throughout the gaming industry even in its beta testing phase for its purported similarities to the wildly popular Fortnite, and while the similarities between the two titles are undeniable, there is more to FortCraft than just the features that it shares with its partial namesake. In fact, it could be argued that the game resembles Minecraft, its other partial namesake, just as much as it does Fortnite. A hybrid game as it is, FortCraft deserves a little more in-depth analysis.


Fortcraft game

How to Play

The map in FortCraft is a 4 km x 4 km square, and within the map, players can construct and create buildings and other structures, which they can then use to survive the rest of the game. Constructing these buildings, however, is not a matter of just pointing and clicking: players need to find items and materials in order to get started. After that, of course, just about anything is possible, the only limits being the players’ imaginations. Houses, forts, towers: whatever you can dream up, you can build it in FortCraft. This is the way in which the game draws from Minecraft.

Battle, on the other hand, is the way in which FortCraft departs from Minecraft. Using pre-built structures, players enter the game against 99 other players, just like Fortnite. In battle mode, players scavenge for weapons and armor, and the weapons include everything from assault rifles to RPGs to flamethrowers. Setting traps is a good option for the battle mode in FortCraft, especially the dance pad, which is a fun and novel addition to the genre.

There are both solo and team modes, and you can always play with your friends. FortCraft is voice chat-enabled, encouraging collaborative efforts within the game, and the controls are easy to pick up for anyone who has played Fortnite or PUBG.

The key is to survive! Stay alive in the battle mode and live to craft another day!


Fortcraft gameplay

How to Download

FortCraft is available on all Android and iOS devices. Because NetEase has striven for inclusivity, there is support for many older devices and outmoded versions of the mobile operating systems.

On Android, you will download FortCraft in the Google Play Store. Just like you would any other app, you will hit the “Download” button, allow the game to install, and then open the game from your app launch screen.

On iOS, you will download FortCraft in the App Store. Again, same as you would with any other app on your iOS device, you will hit the “Download” button, allow the game to install, and then open the game from your app launch screen.


Fortcraft download

How to Master

FortCraft is a game not quite like any other, pulling elements from Minecraft and Fortnite and amalgamating them into a single frenzy of building and fighting. Try to follow these tips from FortCraft masters in order to master the game yourself!

  • Sniping is a strategy that works well regardless of the layout of the map. Especially if someone has crafted a structure that you think may cause you trouble later on, consider adopting a sniping strategy for at least a portion of the ground. Give yourself an edge and then play the rest of the round out later!
  • Rapid-fire weapons are effective at knocking of multiple enemies in a short period of time, so if you are in the early stages of a round and caught in the middle of a multi-party firefight, these weapons could turn out to be your best friend.
  • Be aware of your health meter. In FortCraft, a game in which so much is going on at any one moment, it can be easy to overlook something this simple but this important. Don’t fall into that trap!
  • Think of the ever-changing map and its structures as playing into your ultimate strategy of not getting hit. From this perspective, what movements make the most sense for you? How can you leverage the structures currently near you to stay alive?
  • Don’t rush into anything! There is often no reason to engage in a firefight if you can back off and let other people take each other on instead. In the early moments of a round, a more moderated approach is preferable.
  • Voice chat matters! Especially in team mode, in which your teammates are counting on you to know what they are doing, it is integral that you communicate with the other players around you effectively. Let them know what you are doing if you are fighting on the same side. If not, engage in a little light banter!
  • Pick your fights carefully. In FortCraft, other players are coming in with unique strategies, often curated specifically to the structures they pre-built for the battle. Don’t find yourself at the wrong end of a trap because you were too eager to engage an enemy!
  • Still, shoot first. This is a good rule of thumb in most battle royale games, and FortCraft is no exception. If you see an enemy, shoot him before he shoots you.
  • Take the high ground if you are able. From a downward-facing perspective, you have a better line of sight on your enemies, affording you a marked advantage.
  • Craft with care! Crafting is a lot more than just a novelty in FortCraft: it is one-half of the essence of the game. Think about the structures that you are crafting and try to understand how what you are crafting will help or hinder you during battle. While you are it, put a little style into your work – craft with panache!

How to master Fortcraft

Called a Fortnite ripoff by detractors, FortCraft is, in reality, a one-of-a-kind game that forces you to combine two seemingly unrelated skills: crafting and battling. Because no two games roared onto the scene like Minecraft and Fortnite did in the last decade, FortCraft is at least a fascinating take on the two genres, worth checking out if you are a fan of either one and especially if you are a fan of both. Craft, fight, repeat – that’s the FortCraft way!