There was a time when everyone had an iPod and people stored their music locally on iTunes, on various hard drives and USBS, and even burnt their music onto CD’s to play in their car. Those days are pretty much a forlorn memory of yesteryear now, although, there are still those who take pride in storing their music in this way.

For those of you that still download music onto your device to be locally stored – and we know there are a fair amount of you – then if you’ve not used a YouTube video to MP3 converter, you’ve been missing out.

With five billion videos watched on YouTube every day by more than 1.3 billion users, and with more than 300 hours of new video uploaded every minute, YouTube is far the biggest collection of centrally stored video content in the world.

Music on YouTube

Among the masses of content on YouTube, there is a significant amount of music video – the music industry estimated that this number was around 40% of all videos on YouTube, although other estimates suggest the number is actually closer to 4%. Either way, that’s still millions of videos.

If you’ve ever spent time searching through music on YouTube, then you’ve no doubt come across at least one awesome track that you later found you couldn’t download or even find anywhere else but on the site. This is common of small, independent bands and artists.

Well, with a YouTube video to MP3 converter, you can take any video and download the audio onto your device to listen to later. With this feature, you can get songs, podcasts, inspirational talks, lectures, or just people saying whatever, and listen to it all on your phone, tablet, iPod and more.

Flvto apk

Flvto apk is a YouTube video to MP3 converter that will give you access to the features mentioned above. It works as an add-on to your device’s browser, which can take any video and convert it to MP3, and then store it locally. The apk is free and very simple to use – in fact, it’s so simple even your nan could use it. That being said, the app has come with a lot of criticism, and is potentially dangerous to use. Read on for more information about that.

To download Flvto apk, just press the button at the top of this article. You’ll first have to go into your device’s Settings and navigate to Security, the “Allow Unknown Sources”. This is a necessary process for any app that isn’t on the Play Store.

Once it’s installed, just open it and begin searching for videos to convert. Bear in mind that Flvto has been subject to some criticism and is potentially adware, and may even open up your device to malware and viruses.

Is Flvto Malware?

In short, no, Flvto itself isn’t malware, and using it won’t automatically start giving you viruses, HOWEVER, it is considered adware by several prominent groups that specialise in analysing the security of apps and websites.

This means that after downloading Flvto you’ll start noticing more ads in your browser than before. These could take the form of pop-ups, or even subtle banners saying things like “supported by” or “in partnership with”. If you’re ad-conscious, then don’t download Flvto apk.

The app also states in its privacy policy that it can use your information to track your online activity, put you in draws and surveys, and use your email for non-marketing purposes. This is actually more control than they should have over your data, and it’s strongly recommended that you avoid any app that tried to take such permissions.

Apps that track your data can see all the websites you visit and what you do on them, and then sell this information to third parties. Do you really want that? We don’t.

On top of this, apps that open your browsers to let more ads in often also allow malware and viruses to creep in alongside them. This app will likely make your device more vulnerable to viruses and malware, and as such it’s strongly recommended that you don’t download it.

The most popular keyword search related to Flvto on Google Analytics is “How to remove Flvto” – this suggest that most users are not satisfied with the service and that they’ve had problems directly related to it. For this reason, on top of the others previously stated, we recommend that you don’t download this.

Safe Alternatives to Flvto

Rather than using this unsafe app, we recommend you check out one of the other, more popular, more trusted YouTube video downloader and MP3 converter, such as:


With millions of downloads and a trusted reputation, SnapTube is a much safer alternative to Flvto – you can also download YouTube videos to store offline with this app, in qualities ranging up to 4Kk ultra-HD.


Another YouTube video downloader with a built in MP3 converter, TubeMate is also wildly popular and highly trusted by millions of users. Like SnapTube, you can download videos to store offline in HD quality. You can download YouTube videos, as well as videos from Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, and more.


This app features the same cool tools as the above two mentioned, it’s also used by millions of people and has a secure reputation.

Wrapping up

You can find all these apps to download YouTube videos, and convert videos to MP3 format, on TOP1APK – just search for YouTube video converters in our search bar and have a look through the results. We strongly recommend you try one of the three mentioned above, although there are lots more trusted apps that you can download to perform the same task if you’d rather shop around a bit.

You can find more information on YouTube by following TOP1APK on Facebook or elsewhere – we frequently publish reviews comparing different apps, including the best YouTube video downloaders and MP3 converters.

We hope you found this article useful. Always make sure to read up on an app before installing it to make sure that it’s legit and safe to use – even some highly popular apps are actually not as safe and secure as you might think.