Fire Emblem is a beloved, long-running series of tactical role-playing games from Nintendo. Fans can now enjoy the mobile Fire Emblem spin-off known as Fire Emblem Heroes released as of February 2, 2017, and developed by Intelligent Systems. Fire Emblem Heroes is available to both Android and iOS users and is free to download and play. Players can also link their Nintendo accounts to access their profile from different devices and earn Nintendo points.

Getting Started with Fire Emblem Heroes APK and App

Fire Emblem Heroes places the player in the midst of a conflict between the two fictional nations of Askr and Embla. The main character, whose name is chosen by the player, must assist Askr’s order of heroes to capture and defend territory and battle to increase the influence of the kingdom.

The design of Fire Emblem Heroes remains true to the original series, featuring familiar anime art styles with beautifully drawn characters and environments. Battle maps are two-dimensional with characters appearing as sprites, while during speech and cutscenes full-fledged drawings and animations appear. The great design will help players establish a connection to the characters and story of Fire Emblem Heroes, and will certainly not disappoint longtime fans of the series.

The game is free-to-play and features in-app purchases to assist the player in expanding and improving their situation.

Downloading Fire Emblem Heroes

Start by clicking the link at the top of this page to initiate the download. Once the app is installed, clicking “start” will prompt the user to make a decision between the high-quality version or the lite data version of Fire Emblem Heroes.

Both versions are separated into their respective tutorials and full game files. All in, the HQ version requires around 1.3 GB of storage space, with the lite data version needing around 300 MB.

The Fire Emblem Heroes app prompts the user to make their selections as they become available.

In-game Purchases

Fire Emblem Heroes uses orbs as in-game currency. These orbs are used for most game functions including upgrading the castle, restoring stamina, expanding barracks and recruiting new powerful to heroes to join you in the fight for Askrian liberation.

Orbs can be earned for free through log-in bonuses, progressing through story maps and completing quests, but Fire Emblem Heroes can become formidable the further you advance so more serious players may consider purchasing additional Orbs. This can be done through the in-app shop and the prices range from around $2 USD for 3 orbs to about $75 or 140 orbs.

Fire Emblem Heroes Gameplay

Fire Emblem Heroes is a tactical role-playing game. This style of game requires players to strategize by moving units in a chess-like grid and encountering enemies within range in order to fulfill the goals of each map or battle. Players simply swipe their screen to move or attack opposing units. While fans of fast-paced action games may not initially be taken with this genre, Fire Emblem Heroes offers a more contemplative approach to gaming where players will find themselves immersed in its strategic nature and deeply invested in the story and characters.

The game offers classic RPG elements like experience rewards, leveling up, and skill/ability learning. There are different classes of heroes as well, some of which possess a combat advantage over other classes. Classes determine the statistics, weapon, range, and abilities of the hero. Players can recruit additional heroes and build strategic teams using the “allies” menu in the Fire Emblem Heroes APK or app.

There are six main battle modes in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Story Maps

These are the main single-player missions in Fire Emblem Heroes. Players will battle against computer-controlled units, following a narrative that explains the main conflict between Askr and Embla. Strengthen you units through battles, recruit help during the story, and enjoy the game at your own pace with story maps.

Arena Duels

This is Fire Emblem Heroes’ version of PvP. Players will battle against another real users team, albeit controlled by AI. This means that the units will be exactly as the other player has trained them, but the computer will be making the decisions for them.

Training Tower

Here’s your opportunity to build up the strength of your unit and work out any misunderstandings you have about the battle system in a risk-free environment. Orbs are not rewarded, but players can still earn achievements in the form of badges.

Aether Raids

The raids require the player to play as either offense or defense in order to capture or defend territory. This mode requires a type of energy called Aether which is replenished by a fixed amount every day.

Special Maps

These maps offer unique rewards including heroes, orbs or items. Typically the goal of each battle will be out-of-the-ordinary, requiring the player to achieve certain things before completing the mission. These maps have quests attached to them but do not contribute to the main story.


These events consist of a variety of different modes and will be announced to users as they become available. The variety ranges from PvP to mini-games to extreme difficulty missions and others.

Possible Issues with Fire Emblem Heroes

Internet Connection Required

It would be nice to be able to at least play the story mode if there is no internet available, but unfortunately, there is absolutely no offline mode in Fire Emblem Heroes. This means that players are out of luck if even trying to access the app while not connected to the internet.

No Refunds

If a player happens to mistakenly purchase orbs or other items from the shop, there is no recourse. Users need to be vigilant when browsing the shop so as not to make an accidental purchase. This is unfortunate but Fire Emblem Heroes policies are very clear, and you can view them through the FAQ/Etc menu.

Aggressive Marketing

As with many apps that feature in-app purchases, players will be met with countless pop-ups persuading them to visit the shop or promoting a limited time offer. These are usually manageable by simply clicking the x to close them, but sometimes can become annoying and detract from the immersion in the game.

Age Restrictions

Players need to be at least 13 years of age to link their Nintendo accounts to Fire Emblem Heroes.

Final Thoughts

Fire Emblem Heroes offers a beautifully designed and fully functional mobile solution to both long-time fans and players who have only just been introduced to the series. Some story missions take some time but players can easily leave in the middle of a battle and return to complete it later. The game offers incentives for daily activity and should see players looking forward to their next battle.