Were you that kid that used to dress up in a trenchcoat, fedora, steal your dad’s pipe and attempt to solve the mystery of who murdered your hamster in cold blood on the eve of the winter solstice? Yeah me neither… But if you have ever wondered what it would be like to step into the role of a detective for one day, I’ve got a cheeky game recommendation for you Sherlock. It’s called Find The Differences – The Detective, and it’s the closest you’ll get to solving crimes without having to enter the police force and work your way up the ranks.

Unravelling mysteries gives us a great sense of reward. It validates us in our minds as someone with a decent level of intelligence. The ability to look at circumstances objectively and piece together evidence to form a bigger picture is a skill possessed by few men. However, a skill as such won’t be necessary for this game. The only ability one must possess is that of noticing the differences between two seemingly similar images. This is the premise of The Detective.

There’s something oddly satisfying about playing such games, despite their basic graphics. This game is all about spotting the differences, something we all enjoyed playing as children regardless of how observant we were. The differences can be super subtle within images that have a lot going on, so don’t be fooled by the promise of an easy game. This will challenge you. The graphics may be simple, but the game actually boasts an impressive amount of levels. In fact, there are over 1000 different puzzles and over 200 levels in 20 categories. Much like being a real detective, the unsolved mysteries just keep coming!

How to play

The detective needs help to solve some of the greatest mysteries to ever grace your Android device. And you’re the only one that can assist him. Multiple investigations require your keen eye to catch fugitives that vary from level to level with differing plots, surprises, and challenges.

To pass each level, you will need to find 5 differences between two images. Click on the area where the difference is evident. When you have spotted all the differences, you will automatically move onto the next level. You can also use a limited amount of clues if you’re struggling to be an observant owl, but once these are used up, you’ll be on your own. The game concept is fairly simple, but some of the levels can be super difficult with differences so subtle even the most hyper aware individual would struggle to spot them. Therefore, there are several sources online that provide you with answers to every level, but we say do it yourself. Nobody likes a cheater!

Features overview

  • Find 5 clues/differences within the timeframe given for each level
  • 20 cases in different categories to be solved which are updated continuously
  • Over 1000+ fresh puzzles
  • Use clues to receive a hint regarding the crimes to pass levels
  • Beautiful 2 Dimensional color images. Wow!
  • Free to play with no subscription fees or in-app purchases (a rarity nowadays)

Installing Find the Differences – The Detective Free APK

That’s for you to figure young investigator. The first level of this game begins here. If you can figure out how to do begin your Find the differences – the detective download, you are worthy to play this crime-solving whopper of a game.

But, if you’re too lazy to take that route and consider that a ridiculous request, follow these instructions. Hit the green Download button either at the top or bottom of this article. To start the process, you need to have enabled downloads from unknown sources on your Android device. This gives your phone the go-ahead to download APK files that aren’t from Google Play. It’s a standard security measure and is totally risk-free if you’re downloading from our site. Once your APK file is finished downloading, open it and click install. Choose the file location for the game on your device and you’re done. All that’s left is to let the investigations begin. Keep your eyes peeled for those nasty clues left behind by careless criminals.


This game is a lot of fun and provides enough stimulation to warrant longer than usual play time. With a vast and rich amount of levels, one does not simply get bored while playing Find The Differences The Detective games! It’s also great for kids to sharpen their observational skills and increase brain plasticity, which is vital to their development. Childhood is when the brain is most malleable and open to learning, so take advantage of this period in your kid’s life and give them a headstart to ensure they don’t spend the rest of their life playing mind-numbing games like Candy Crush. Who knows, you might even have an aspiring little Sherlock Junior on your hands.

Disclaimer, however, this game might be too explicit for your child, depending on how much you’ve sheltered them from the world. The content is rated as Teen Violence, Blood but we are adamant that there’s nothing too gory in it. So check it out for yourself and weight it up before you decide to let your son or daughter play this game.

There’s not too much more that can be said about this game without giving away the secrets it has in store for you. So go ahead and download Find The Differences – The Detective APK for free now to enter a world of crime that is largely solved by using one age-old technique. Spotting the difference. At the very least it can help train your brain, something the majority of us are lacking in our daily routines.