Anime has a large following of dedicated fans. That, no one can deny. On top of this, no one can deny that there are some fans who have an unhealthy obsession for binging on the Japanese cartoons, and all that comes with them – including the anime girls.

Fate/ Grand Order knows this, and they’re more than happy to point it out in a humorous way to their own fans. The massively successful RPG based on the hit Japanese series has gathered millions of fans and become the sixth most popular Android game of 2018. It’s a free to play turn-based RPG online command battle game that allows users to collect cards by spinning a wheel. The more you spin, the more cards you unlock.

The game has received some criticism for this business model, as it costs around $20 for ten spins, and some players have spent a fortune doing this. In fact, one guy spent a whopping $70,000 on the game. The developers have included a crazy girl in the game who is obsessed with anime girls and wants to collect them all as a means of joking about the addicted players who are bankrolling it. You could call this harsh – you could also call it honest. There’s no doubt that spending your life’s savings on some cards that aren’t even real is a bad idea, so fair play to the developers!

Of course, there are many other ways to unlock good cards – the paid ways are essentially a little add on for those prone to gambling for the chance to flirt with an animated character while on their way to work. What a world we live in…

The Low-Down

Players can do battle with other players online, or practice against a bot to get their heads around the interface first. Once in the game, there are endless hours of gameplay to be had. The developers claim that there are literally millions of words worth of unique dialogue – often from famous anime voice actors – so if you’re a fan of the series or anime in general then you can be sure to have tons of fun with this game. Just don’t throw your kids college education fund down the drain in the process…

The story follows a similar structure to the hit anime series that made it so popular. Set in 2017, the goes that an organization tasked with protecting the human race has discovered an event that will cause extinction by 2019. Foreseeing this, they have decided to allow something that has since then been forbidden: time travel.

The organization is a mix of scientists and mages – the first who can shape our future, and the latter who can learn from our past. Together, they turned humanity into a glorious form, and ensured the success of the human race for at least another 100 years.

The discovery that this is no longer the case, and the event that is considered to have caused it – a random anomaly in a Japanese town at the turn of the millenium – has forced the organization to take extreme measures to protect the future of humanity. They have allowed the mages to become “Spiritons” capable of travelling back in time to change the face of the universe in such a way that will save humanity from extinction.

Your task is to command these spiritons and do battle with fate to save humanity. Fail, and the world will never be the same. It is literally fate vs the Grand Order. This new mission they have called: Quest for the Holy Grail: Grand Order.

You’ll play as the “master” and summon “servants” to do battle, with three in every battle, plus three in reserve. You can then use command cards to dictate their moves.

Best Features of Fate Grand Order APK game

Online Gameplay

Players can enjoy playing with others all around the world and doing battle with them in a number of modes. This is what ultimately makes the game so popular in so many countries.

Collect anime characters

You can collect all your favorite characters from the series, with some rare and high power servants being extremely sought after. This is, for many players, the key feature of Fate / Grand Order MMO game. Although, it has to be said that powerful servants are notoriously difficult to find, and many players spend tons of money to increase their “drop rate” (how often they appear). The developers have been criticized for making very low drop rates, even for players who spend a small fortune to increase it.

Immersive graphics

The game features stylish anime graphics that players will love. If you’re looking for a total anime experience, then this is a great game for you to play. True to the series, the developers have kept all the best features of the anime characters in tact, with vibrant colors, immaculate features, and all manner of funky hairstyles.

Famous voice actors: Recognize that character’s voice? Well, if you’re a fan of anime then you’ve probably heard it before because Fate / Grand Order users famous anime voice actors to do the dialogue for its main characters. There’s no shortage of professional input here.

How to Download Fate Grand Order Free for Android

If you want this epic game with all the great features mentioned above, then download Fate / Grand Order now from the Google Play Store – it’s totally free to download (although, as mentioned before, it does come with some hefty in-game purchases).

Just press the button at the top of this article to be taken directly to the Play Store, then press install to download it onto your device. Once it’s there, follow the instructions to set up your account and get to playing!

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Fate / Grand Order now, and spent time with awesome anime characters while collecting cards and having fun with your friends and other players online. This is one of the best MMORPG games currently on the market, don’t miss out!