Ever wake up in the morning and wish you were somewhere else? Think, all the benefits you could have – say if you’re living in France but want to watch US Netflix to get all the awesome movies and TV shows that are only available there. Or maybe you’re about to go on vacation and you want to get some Tinder matches before you get there, wouldn’t it be great if you could just set your phone’s GPS to that location and swipe away for free?

Perhaps you’ve got a friend who lives abroad that you want to prank – wouldn’t it be cruel if you told them you were on your way to their house, then sent a live GPS of you actually there – they’d get so excited, only to go downstairs and realise you’re still thousands of miles away. Maybe you need to tell your boss or partner that you went somewhere when actually you were… somewhere else. With Fake GPS apk, you can be wherever you want, whenever you want.

Living in Sacremento? Fool your friends into thinking you’re in Hanoi. You can plan elaborate pranks with a Fake GPS, providing you with hours of laughs. This isn’t the app’s only function, though.

Why get Fake GPS apk?

If your phone’s location says you’re somewhere, then your apps also think you’re there. This can unlock some seriously cool (and otherwise expensive) features on a lot of apps. Notably, if you can make Netflix believe that you’re in the US, then you can have access to the much acclaimed US Netflix library.

But it doesn’t stop there, some apps are only available in other countries, and this includes some games. Why miss out because of your GPS location?

If you want to set up profiles on social apps abroad, to talk to new people and learn something new, then a Fake GPS might well be your new best friend. Or maybe you want to find out some specific information about a place – like the weather or exact GMT time of your hometown.

You can find out very specific geological information with Fake GPS (although this information may not be prized by all, it’s still an interesting feature), including coordinates – address, latitude, longitude, and even altitude. This information can then be used to set up a telescope or provide accurate destinations when you’re out hiking. You can apply in whatever way seems fun to you.

There are many possibilities for what you can do with the Fake GPS app, download it now to explore these fun features. That being said, the app does take some playing around after installation to get it working properly. Here’s how it’s done:

How to work the Fake GPS app

First thing’s first, download the app by clicking the button in this article, once it’s installed open it and go into – you’ll be required to make the app an official mock location app for your device. To do this, go into your Android’s Settings > About > here you’ll find your device’s Build Number. Copy it and tap on it seven times.

Next, move back onto Settings – a new tab called Developer Options should have appeared. Click on it and select yes to “Enable Developer Options”.

Now you can navigate down to “Mock Location App” – go on this tab and choose Fake GPS as the default mock location app.

Now the app is set up – but it’s still not running at full potential. Phones today used more than just your GPS to determine your location – ever seen that notification that says your device is using WiFi to more accurately determine your location? Well, that’s happening on a regular basis, as well as this your device also uses cellular information in conjunction with these methods. Of course, you can always turn this off.

If you want Fake GPS to work really well, without being interupted by other location determining means, then go to your phone’s location menu and select “Phone Only” – this means it will now only use your phone’s GPS to determine where you are.

Finally, you can get to spoof your location. To do this, go back into the Fake GPS app and set choose a location on the map, then press the green Play button in the bottom right of the screen to set up a fake GPS location. Now you’re wherever you say you are.

Best features of Fake GPS

There are tons of reasons why you should download Fake GPS, the app has some great features, here are some of our favourites at TOP1APK:

Easy to use

First and foremost, the app is beyond easy to use. All you have to do is pick a location – same as you would if you were using Google Maps. Then, press play and you’re there. No misconceptions, no accidentally setting your location to Antarctica (unless that’s your intention). Simples.


We like free stuff. We’re assuming you do too. There’s no Fake GPS Pro or any in-app purchases. Just free. Yay.

Prank your friends

Set up fake locations to make your friends think you’re somewhere else. Think someone has wronged you? Arrange to meet them somewhere, send them a location telling them you’re there, then have them follow it around for ages trying to find you. Cruel, we know, but always an option.

Use better app features

Unlock all those country-specific features in your favourite apps like Netflix, Spotify, Tinder and more. Faking your location will make your apps believe that you can use features reserved for specific countries.

Warning: Uninstall bug and how to fix it

Did you ever get told when you were young that if the wind changed direction while you were pulling a funny face then it’d stay there forever? That’s sort of what happens with Fake GPS – although it can be fixed without facial reconstruction surgery.

If you uninstall Fake GPS while it’s still showing you in a different location then your device might get stuck in that location permanently. To avoid this, simply turn it off before you uninstall it. But assuming you’ve already done the deed and are now dealing with the consequences, here’s how to fix the problem:

Reinstall the app and set your location to your current location, then leave it for a few hours (patience is a virtue). Alternatively, you can download the GPS Status app and get a GPS fix – although this may take several attempts, and you should leave half an hour before each try. In a nutshell, patience will be required to fix this bug.


Download Fake GPS to have hours of fun with the app and unleash the potential of the other apps installed on your device. Level up in geekdom. Get it now, free.