We all want to narrate our own stories, becoming the masters of our destiny. But unfortunately, we’re destined to be victims of circumstance instead. Of course, we can to an extent take control of our lives and steer it in the direction we choose with the right amount of willpower and a sprinkle of optimism. However, most would agree there are many elements of life that are simply out of our control. All we can do is deal with life’s grenades as best we can as they come.

The virtual space is a whole different ball game though. We now have the chance to lead completely separate lives and narrate our own stories through the medium of games. One such game is Episode Choose Your Story APK, where you dictate your fate based on the choices you make. So how does it work?

Episode explained

Put simply, this game is an interactive story where you control your fate by making certain choices. Choose your avatar, their outfit, and develop relationships with characters in the story. With multiple endings, this is an opportunity to immersive yourself in hundreds of parallel worlds. By actively influencing the story details with your decisions, you can be led down one of the thousands of pre-set paths, similar to the premise of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Episode choose your story free also allows you to write stories yourself for others to read by publishing them on the platform. This is a great way to create content and have it consumed by thousands of users. Just don’t include it on your portfolio if you’re a writer by profession.

But is it free? This is a pressing question, and for the most part, Episode is a paid app/game. Users can read through the stories but will be subject to a waiting period of up to three hours after making certain decisions. To power through the stories without interruption you will need to use tickets or gems. Let’s look at the basic pricing below.


Subscription for all of the content Episode offers can be paid weekly, monthly or annually, respectfully at $2.99, $7.99 or $39.99 (annual). This means for as long as your subscription is valid, all content will be available at your fingertips. Just be mindful that your paid subscription will automatically renew unless you manually terminate it. Do this by turning off auto-renew in Account settings 24 hours prior to the end period.

You will need gems to progress at certain points in this simulation game. Although they’re not a necessity at all times, Episode choose your story is very good leaving you hanging in critical situations, such as right before a kiss with your love interest. This peaks users urge to purchase gems and take the required action. This game long term can end u costing you hundreds of dollars. But hey, if you get a kick out of it, who am I to hate on you?

There are always other options for “hacking” Episode and getting gems. The easiest way is to simply wait, as gems are replenished daily. Another avenue is referring friends to the game. You can also get passes from other players that come in the form of codes.

So should you buy gems like, ever? If you lack patience, yes. Otherwise, we urge you to invest your hard earned money into more meaningful projects and don’t be so easy to open your wallet. Don’t let the corporations win man!

Is it any good?

The concept of Episode is great, but it undoubtedly loses credibility when it comes to the actual stories. Most are reminiscent of bizarre soap operas with a heavy emphasis on dating, romance, and sexual behavior. By some standards, this could be considered borderline “trashy” and lacking any real substance or stimulating plotlines. The superficial nature of each story is a perfect example of a fantastic concept executed poorly.

That being said, there are some really cool creative elements to the game, which you’re unlikely to find elsewhere on the app store. Being more suited to teens because of the themes, you’re most likely to get a few short rounds out of it before ultimately becoming bored with the same empty dramas repeating themselves on your screen. And it goes without saying that you’ll have to review the game thoroughly before letting your kids get a hold of it, as it’s rated 13+ by most gaming sites.

A 4.5-star average review out of 2.2 million reviews and 50 million downloads isn’t a bad result either, so you may want to consider this game as a viable option for lobotomizing yourself slowly and painfully.

How to download

If you’ve decided you want to take the plunge into the incredibly bland and superficial world of Episode Choose Your Story, go ahead and press the ‘Download’ button found at the top or bottom of this review. This will direct you straight to the download source where you can grab the latest version of this game without fear of malware or harmful files. The game file size varies from device to device but generally shouldn’t take up too much room on your precious memory.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a bit of mindless fun, go ahead and grab your episode download free here. Just beware that the game will push you for an absurd amount of in-app purchases to truly enjoy the game, so you should be ready for that upon downloading.

You should also be mindful that most stories promote an obsession with appearance, attire, commercialism and of course, good ol’ sexual innuendos. If this sounds like it’s up your alley, hit ‘Download’ now to waste even more of your time than you thought was possible. Do you have anything better to do?